10th Nov 2006, 00:27

I have a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, I had similar issues, but over the years I dealt with it, because the parts are cheap, and easy to find. The car has 146,000 miles on her now and thinking about replacing the radiator because at times the car runs hot and smell like it too.

P.S. The supercharger oil must be check at least twice a year. It is not a part of 3000 mile oil change. The noise comes from there...

12th Nov 2006, 06:23

My 2001 GTP has 75k on it. I drive it very easy. Transmission gave out at 43K. Headlights bounce while driving down the road. Notice many other GPs doing the same. Heater fan only blows on 5. Have read that this is a "resistor" or harness problem. Fuel gauge went wacky a couple of months ago and reads full at random, bounces all over the place, can't trust it. Now the car is sitting in a lot because it shuddered and died last night and won't start now. This reminded me that my 1st GTP (1996) had the same thing happen at about the same mileage and it was a "resistor in the fuel pump". I seem to recall the same problem with the gas gauge, also. What bothers me is that these same problems occur over and over too many people and it's been happening for 10 model years now! You would think that GM would have realized a long time ago that they have a DESIGN problem with their fuel pumps and fixed it. Guess it's cheaper to stay with poorly designed parts that will make it past warranty.

12th Nov 2006, 21:17

I have a highly modified 2002 GTP. I have no problems with it, because I maintain it.

An EXCELLENT website you all should look at is www.clubgp.com, then go to the message forum. That nylon "gear" is called a coupler. You can buy them for like $40 from zzperformance.com. That sucks that you paid 700 for one. LOL.

These cars are excellent reliable cars. I kind of get the feeling that some of the posts above were made by people who just turn the key, drive, and don't really care.

13th Nov 2006, 06:11

I have two 1997 GTPs, one at 170k and one at 126k. I have to say that despite a few little annoying quirks, this is a great car! I haven't replaced anything, but normal wear and tear items (brakes, struts, tires, etc...) on either car. I AutoX / drag race one of the cars, so it does get a good workout on a regular basis!

13th Nov 2006, 09:03

I have a 04 GTP with 51K miles. It is by far the best car I have owned. Sounds to me that some of the people that have problems with these cars just don't know how to take care of them. With TLC your car should last well past 150K miles.

13th Nov 2006, 10:57

I love my 98 GTP. Only problem I have is it's so fast and I can work on it myself. Also, if you want to put a smaller pulley on, a lot more is recommended than an aux transmission cooler (try ClubGP.com).

13th Nov 2006, 12:01

Bought the car (99 GTP) at 57k miles and now has done 120k miles. I have had the following problems:

Fuel Pump resistor, Brakes absolutely suck (gone through 3 sets of pads so far), tranny, power steering pump, struts (norm maintenance id say), bearings, key stuck in column syndrome!, Stupid hvac system whines and screams sometimes and a few other things. The good thing is if something happens, it won't really kill the bank account and parts are plentiful, but it is annoying when things do turn up. Overall it's a good car, I think at this point all the kinks are worked out of it and its on free miles now... well lets hope. I think if anything major goes in the next little bit...she'll be gone!

16th Nov 2006, 20:55

It is all too true. Most of the Complaints I have seen here are related entirely to poor maint. I have a Modified 2000 GTP, and I can't believe how well it runs with the beating I give. I've flushed the ATF, and coolant, Brake fluid, and do oil changes regularly. The car is amazing. It doesn't matter what car you buy it won't last vary long if you don't know how to take care of it. Also a good thing to remember, that money you spent on the car isn't meant to be the only investment. You kinda have to spend some ALONG the way to get a positive result! And spend it before the Sh** hits the fan.

19th Dec 2006, 16:55

I've got a 2000 Grand Prix that I bought used earlier this year. Haven't had any real serious problems with the car, but the driver's side regulator did go out about a month ago. The one thing that is annoying though is the little intermittent buzz that comes from underneath the center of the dashboard. I would LOVE to know where this is coming from so I can fix it. I have a friend who bought a 2000 GP as well and his car does the same thing.

I like my car, but I do believe that GM and several of the other manufacturer's (foreign included) have ignored potential problems with their lines of cars. They ALL need to have a better way to channel customer service. Going to the dealer and having the dealer charge you an arm and leg to fix it when it is a problem the manufacturer knows about is just plain WRONG! Its no wonder that so many people remember their cars from the 50's and 60's with fondness. They were simple and you could diagnose and fix them without ruining your bank account.

1st Jan 2007, 20:52

I bought a 1998 GTP bout three months ago and had some small issues blower fan was out radio display in op heads up display intermittent supercharger rattle, but all and all it has been a good car I am a ford automotive tech so believe me its not just these cars all cars fall apart.

6th Jan 2007, 06:06

I just purchased a '98 Grand Prix and man, has Pontiac come a long way since my 1985 T-top, which I still have. It's black and looks hot; I believe I'm in love.

...got a great deal because the girl I bought it from didn't know what she had. She even 'threw in' 4 brand new tires, because she didn't need them. I'd have sold them separately. I've noticed moisture inside the mis-aligned headlights, but with some caulking, I should be able to solve the problem. Also drivers-side rear window is inoperable and drivers-side door won't lock, But hey, that's what sunny days with a couple of buddies are for, eh?

I'm glad I've found this space. I now have a heads up on some 'stuff' that may be coming and solutions to other minor problems I've noticed.

23rd Jan 2007, 11:27

The gas gauge going crazy and fuel pump problems are common among GM cars with the pump and gauge in the same unit. I've been told this is from overfilling the tank, so when the gas pump at the station clicks off the first time, HANG IT UP!

24th Jan 2007, 10:56

I bought a 98 GTP sedan this past summer (payed 1500cdn). I got it with 130000 miles and the old man let it sit on the grass during the last winter, with little to no rust. I might want to add that I live in Canada so my car has seen extreme weather conditions during its life including salted roads. The only things I had to fix were the four worn out rotors and the O2 sensor. I needed a car to get to work and I figured I would save up for an import as I drove the GTP. My point is that for the past 8-9 months I've been pushing it HARD and it still performs beautifully. I was so impressed that I plan on putting the money I had saved up for that import into the car and make it better than it already is.

P.S. I'm sorry for the people that got lemons, but every car maker produces them. Imports are no different except that they produce fewer lemons. This comment comes from personal experience.