11th Jul 2007, 10:36

I have been a Pontiac customer for over 47 years... Enjoyed the Fiero and Grand Prix the most. But over the past ten years, the cars have come with and developed far too problems.

Seems like a lot of cheap plastic materials, poor workmanship, poor service knowledge and diagnosis. Dealers are fixing things that shouldn't be fixed and taking two or three or four visits to actually correct the real problem. (I've lost confidence in their abilities and diagnostics and product knowledge.) They tell me the manufacturer doesn't make life easy for them either.

Recently my well cared-for 1997 Grand Prix with 100,000 miles decided to lose a head-light cover again, terminate the left driver window (switch or motor), radio volume controls work backwards sometime, transmission slipped away, gas gauge which was unreliable... fuel pump quit, rear bearing noise was actually bad tires, valve cover gaskets started leaking again, front left wheel bearings are complaining, air conditioning stopped, engine temperature suddenly starts running hotter than normal at times for some reason (after three flush and fill coolant replacements plus thermostats), shop suggested a gasket replacement (they are guessing it is the intake manifold, because it is a common problem), air bag light stays on, check tire pressure light comes on and off,...oh, boy...I'm afraid to drive it, because something else will break.

The last super reliable Pontiac I had was a 1987 Pontiac Grand Am... some regular servicing... never burned oil between oil changes... changed fluids, brakes, tires... the car was great, small, but great... then some body rust started showing and we went to the Transport.

I have test driven some recent Pontiacs and am extremely disappointed; brake shutter on a new vehicle, whistling noises in the transmission as it shifts gears, less space for comfort & cargo, performance and responsiveness of power train lacking, style, color, blind-spots, Yuck!!!

Oh, for the good old days of the GTO. (We couldn't buy one in Canada, GM didn't think our business was worth their product.)

Where are all the Pontiac customers going??? Toyota???

16th Jul 2007, 12:54

To the person that posted on June 14th - about the TCS light going off and the Tac dropping to Zero - Engine sputters a little and then resumes just fine.

What did you find out?? Would love to know! I have had this car in 2 times to get this fixed and they have "fixed" 2 other things, but the issue is still happening.

Service engine light goes on now - and the code they say is a Crank shaft sensor - they fixed that and code went away for about 2 days. If anyone has an idea I would love to know. Want this car to last another year. Mine is a 99 GTP and has been pretty good to me so far.

17th Jul 2007, 21:22

We have a 1998 GP/GT. Headlight leaked at 30,000, and transmission position indicator in dash was out for the drive position dealer fixed both at no charge.

Heater blower quit, but started working after bench testing, has worked since. Drivers window regulator failed, but again tested it out of the car and it started working has worked fine since.

Battery failed causing the alternator to fail at 70,000 a friend said you replace both at the same time on the GP. ALso replaced the serpentine idler pulley, good I did factory was plastic and dealer recommended replacement with new steel one. NOTE: the idler bolt is a left hand thread, I broke mine off with pipe on ratchet and had to order a GM replacement.

Factory tires (Goodyear) lasted 75,000, were noisy however, but got better mileage than new Michelin's. Front brakes at 70,000.

I have a current problem/question: After the battery/alternator replacement once in a while the car would not crank. It lights up when ya turn the key, but when the key is in the far right position where it should crank over it does not crank. This has been a intermittent problem, but now it has failed and will not start the car.

I read a post on a different site where it might be the tumblers in the ignition switch or linkage in the steering column. I hooked a test light on the starter and no juice when I turn the switch to the crank position.

Anybody seen this one??

20th Jul 2007, 08:10

I have a 98 GTP Daytona since new and now have 204,000+ miles on her with very minor problems. Had to replace the front wheel hubs a few times and the headlight covers once. Also replaced the driver side window control and the heater fan. Other than that it's still running like a champ.

22nd Jul 2007, 02:03

I am at my wits end. I have a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. I am having problems with the transmission. It has 177,000 miles on it, and now it is having a shifting problem between the 2nd and 3rd gear. The transmission is pulling down the road just fine, but it won't shift after 1st gear. I have been told the 2nd shifting module, or sylinoid is out, but no 2 people are telling me the same thing. Can anyone help me please??

29th Jul 2007, 18:36

I find it to be so ridiculous how you people complain about your very minor problems on your vehicle. I've noticed that people like you's expect your cars to run for ever with out doing any work to them or nothing its crazy. And if your (PONTIAC) is a (POS) them (Chevrolet, Buick, Gmc, and Cadillac are to. What boils down is you don't know how to work on cars, and you expect your cars to run for ever with doing anything to them.

31st Jul 2007, 17:28

1999 GTP would not fire, cranked, but no start, would also quit all of a sudden while driving, or while stopped at a light, was the mass air flow, found a reputable place to diagnose, they also had a 20% off summer special coupon, nice, the part was just about as much as I found it online, about $215, so I figured it included labor also, seems to have fixed the problem for now, in case anyone else has the same problem, If you know it is the mass air flow, it would be easy to fix yourself, located in the air intake line, plug in, I'm sure there are better prices but the one I looked up was between $150 and $200, so the $215 was not bad and it was an emergency situation, It could have been fuel pump/sending unit but the supercharger fired when trying to start with gas pedal to the floor, hope this helps someone,

3rd Aug 2007, 00:46

Well, you could have driven the car to auto zone, checkers, pep boys, or o-reily, and they will hook a scan tool up to your aldl terminal and find the problem for FREE!! And you could have replaced your MAF sensor yourself for half the price.

For future reference; if your check engine light comes on or any light does that, you'll SAVE A FISTFULL OF DOLLARS!!

9th Aug 2007, 09:23

I'm in the same boat with a 2001 Bonny 3.8.

14th Aug 2007, 01:04

I own a 1998 Grand prix GTP and absolutely love it to death. Which is where it is slowly heading due to all the minor problems mounting to major ones. But anyways, I finally did my plugs and wires at 165,000 miles. The ones on the front of the engine were a snap, but the ones on the back were a little challenging. I still can't get the last one (right next to the oxygen sensor, cylinder # 5,I think) replaced due to poor access to it. Does anybody have any tips as to access it, pull the wire, and change the plug and wire out. Do I have to come from underneath??? Any info would be very helpful. Thank you very much.