15th Mar 2008, 01:56

Try checking your fuel pressure regulator. It has a vacuum line going to it. Try pulling that off while the car is running. If fuel comes out of the nipple at the fuel pressure regulator, it needs to be replaced. The reason is that it is only supposed to be a "vacuum line" running only vacuum and not fuel. The diaphragm is ruptured inside which lets the fuel that it is regulating right through it which is keeping the fuel pressure low or lower making the car not run correctly.

You can get one at any good auto parts store, but I do recommend getting an original ac-delco replacement part which will last you a long time.

29th Mar 2008, 18:19

I'm about to hopefully purchase a 2001 Grand Prix GTP, which has 132K on it, and I wish to use for highway driving only as I do an average commute of about 180 km a day. What problems will I encounter and what should I expect?

I have reviewed the car from top to bottom, and I love it. I test drove one and I swear it had a natural feel and felt safe. My only question is what can I expect in fuel costs, and what is the actual mpg or l/km I can expect? Everyone says for hwy driving it averages between 26 to 31 for long distance. My only question is with buying premium fuel, and besides driving with cruise control, how can I make it more fuel efficient?

30th Mar 2008, 15:06

Just bought the same car roughly 6 months ago. I drive it fairly soft and average 20mpg average for city and highway driving. As far as premium fuel, I stopped stressing that because it only costs you an extra $5 for a full tank. As for saving fuel, make sure performance shift is off at all times, unless you are in a racing mood... when it's on your car will rev higher before going to the next gear, thus wasting gas. As tempting as it can be to squeal from stop signs, apply the gas lightly because the extra boost from the supercharger kicks in and really burns the fuel. Other than that, like you said, cruise control helps too. Amazing vehicle, lots of fun, reliable, and not that bad on gas considering the performance value. Hope this helps!

1st Apr 2008, 16:35

I have a 1997 gtp & I love the car. the only major problem I have had with the car is the tranny; it cost me 2500 to rebuild it. Some say these cars are not too bad on gas but mine is only getting 17 mpg. Does anyone know why? I am also looking for a ram air style hood; can anybody help me with these problems?

5th Apr 2008, 17:22

I LOVE MY 97 GTP. I was driving it down the road today and smacked the gas at 45mph, and it chirped the wheels. What a fun and fast car to drive; fuel mileage sucks, but so what hey.

My car has 177,773 miles on it and still runs to the top. Very dependable car; love it.

5th May 2008, 10:53

1998 Grand prix GTP Recall - March 2008.

If you own this car, please take it to the dealer for repair. The front Valve cover gasket is in recall, which can leak oil on hard braking and spill onto your manifold possibly causing a fire. blah blah blah.

I'm just letting you know since I just did it... and since it's a recall, its free. the recall is officially out too. As far as I know.. its the only one.

19th Jun 2008, 10:23

This car is great don't get me wrong, but it definitely has its share of problems. If you buy a cheap set of breaks (under$40) then they will eventually start to squeal. Also my window regulator has just recently died and my supercharger is clunking. I am very slowly losing coolant and oil which could mean my head gasket is going. My origonal rear view mirror fogged over and was ruined. There is an odd squeak in the rear of the car that after putting the car on a lift numerous times I still can't figure it out. The felt on the ceiling in the rear of the car is slowly peeling off. The lumbar knob is broken, and my engine clunks sometimes when accelerating or breaking which most likely means I also have a broken mount. Other than the bads, I replaced the stock intake and coolant bottle with a motor sport intake and I chopped off the giant resonator and changed over to a 190 degree thermostat, the car definitely is quick.

26th Jun 2008, 01:38

I own a '98 GT. =) It's fun. This is my first car and I haven't had any major problems. It's an amazing car and it's got 120,000 miles. Runs like a CHAMP! Besides brakes, struts, tires etc. etc. Everything is peachy king with it.

Does anyone know where to find a good headlight lens besides going through the dealer? I was told you have to replace the entire headlight/turning signal/parking lamp assembly... Is this true?

I just need a new head light lens because it's loose and I don't want it to fall off... Help? =)

21st Jul 2008, 15:18

I have had a 4 door 98 GTP for 3 years now. If it wasn't such a piece of crap, it would be an excellent performance sedan.

Purchased with 142,000 km, it now has 240,000km. In this time, It's hard to imagine what it would cost a person of little mechanical know-how to keep this car running. It was built like a happy meal... no love.

- Rebuilt SC @ 180 KM, $1200

- All cheap plastic pulleys needed replaced, found out the hard way. $450 after tow, self installed.

- Car would shut down while driving, "crank shaft sensor". $240 @ shop

- Original ball-joints need to be drilled out. $250

- Outer tie ends. $90

- Inner tie end recall.

- Lower intake manifold leak, replace and engine back flushed. $1100 @ dealer

- Front gasket leak recall.

- Piece of fascia on passenger side came loose, rubbed against drive belt until it broke. $70 + $50 tow + loss of sanity.

- Passenger door light fell out, crushed when shut. FREE @ scrap yard.

- Passenger mirror fell off, super-glued back on.

- Blower motor. $220 @ dealer.

- Driver side wiper arm striped, put hole in upper hood fascia trying to fix it. $10 for arm, $20 for fascia @ scrap yard.

- Replaced foggy front turning lights. $50 ebay

- Need rear tail lights due to moisture, like every other Grand Prix. Ebay... is SOLD OUT! I looked today.

- HUD fades in and out.

- Seat belt light won't shut off.

- Glove box light wouldn't shut off. Rigged it to work.

- Every nut and bolt needed tightening in the dash. Put in felt pads to stop rubbing & rattling.

- Air bag light comes on and off in winter.

Replaced struts with Monroe quick struts for $980. Dealer would have cost about $2700 for complete assembly!

2 new wheel bearings off e bay for $220 instead of $300 each!

Now all it needs is intake manifolds, CC & mufflers, fuel injectors, fuel pump, alternator, spark plugs & lines, rubber bushings, AC recharge and a paint job.

I'll have a new 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix with 240,000 KM on it.

With gas @ $1.44L and rising for 91 octane, I'll never sell this car... ever.