13th Sep 2008, 11:34

I have a 97 Grand Prix Supercharged, I love this car.

When the car is warm and I try to start it, it starts and runs, but seems as if it is starving for gas and eventually stalls. If I left and came back it started. Yesterday the fuel filter and pump were replaced. Ran fine, filled it up at the pumps, went to start it. Same thing, got it parked on the street left it for a few hours, now it is doing it on a cold start. Anyone have any ideas?

2nd Nov 2008, 23:48

I have a modified 2001 GTP, and upgraded the struts to KYB GR2 and GMPP performance springs two years after I had bought it in 2002 with 19k miles on it.

I have had my share of hesitation and "check engine light" problems in the beginning that dealers could not fix, which turned out to be related to the aftermarket remote starter that it came with before I took ownership of it. I just repaired the ignition connection to where the remote starter tapped into, and it has been good ever since.

Recently, I have had to dump money in to it starting from LIM gaskets, rack & pinion, power steering pump, battery, tie-rods (2nd set), and all six injectors.

I now have 75k on it, and the supercharger is still strong and makes enough boost with the 3.5" pulley with 0* of knock retard.

This vehicle has all supporting mods including larger exhaust, Intense 1.8 rocker arms, DHP 1.0 Pcm, UnderDrive WP Pulley, Alternator Rewire, Front&Rear GMPP Sway Bars, Anti-Pogo Washers, Front&Rear Strut-Tower Brace, MSD Coils, PRJ Wires, NGK TR6 spark plugs,12" Front Brake Upgrade, K&N Air Filter, and Mobil One oil/filter every 5000 miles.

Obviously you can see cars wear down with age, and maintenance is the key, especially if you plan to modify it and do it right with supporting mods as above.

Grand Prixs are nice cars to have, but you have to take care of them as they age overall with time; nothing but patience and TLC every so often, and you'll have a good running long lasting car in the end.

5th Nov 2008, 14:11

I have the 97 GTP, and it's an all around amazing car.

I found that driving without the performance shift saves some gas, along with not flooring, which can be tempting. But on average I'm around 22mpg, which is pretty good for the engine.

Like I said, awesome car, a lot of fun to drive.

1st Dec 2008, 17:05

The key to keeping the GTP alive is taking care of it.

I have a 98 grand prix gtp with 180k on it and it runs just like the day I got it 5 years ago. The only problem I have had with it and the one before it is the trans, going out around 100k, everything else is just wear and tear with age.

8th Dec 2008, 22:27

I have a 1998 Grand Prix GT with a dual turbo charger in it. Boost gauges and mods out the roof.

When I bought the car, I had to put a new engine in it because the gaskets leaked and there was water in my oil, which meant that my intake manifold kit was pumping water into my cylinders. It also threw a rod through the hood of my car.

I would name off all of the parts I put into the car, but it would take forever, and I have to go to work.

But my Grand Prix has 859 horsepower and 500,000 miles on the body. And it is still holding up, and I have to say the 45,000 dollars I put into it was definitely worth it, so if you have a Grand Prix with all kinds of problems, don't get discouraged, keep adding on to it.

I'm only 16 and it was my first car. Me and my dad worked on it, putting old Camaro parts on it at first, but then we just bought new parts from HKS most of them are.

Great car and I will never get rid of it. I will have it until I die. I'll never ever sell this car, it's already ten years old and it will be worth a lot of money when it turns into a antique.

I love my car - 0 to 60MPH in 3.4 seconds. That's right, be jealous hahaha, but seriously a great car.

29th Dec 2008, 21:33

I got a 1998 Grand Prix GTP supercharged. I was driving and it shut off, and I replaced the coilplate / coil/ and fuses / and all spark plugs, and it's still doing the same. It won't start / can someone explain what is going on with my car?

31st Jan 2009, 11:43

I was driving, hit a curb, and the fuel pump stopped working. Is there a fuel cut off switch, and where is at?

29th Mar 2009, 20:21

OK, I just bought a 1998 Grand Prix GTP. It ran great, but now it will start, but shut off after a few seconds. Fuel pressure is @ 40 a little low. Any ideas out there?

9th Apr 2009, 15:03

I have a 2002 GP GT Coupe, it's an awesome car, I've had many cars before and yet this one is very nice.

The car has right under 80,000 miles and the only problem I have is the transmission. It shifts so hard when it's warm. I took it to a million places and at the end it says late shift ($1300) to fix. it cost less to put a trans in it. I'm a GM fan since I was young, and this car's transmission problem annoyed me. I've had no problems whatsoever, even though I have a sound system in the trunk that weighs roughly 180lbs, it doesn't effect the way the car drives at all.

9th Apr 2009, 21:20

It's probably PCS related common problem with 4T65E transmissions. Your check engine might be on. The PCM commands max pressure because the computer reads the solenoid engaging shifts to slow. You should probably go to an automotive forum if you want get detailed info. This website is more for car reviews.

2nd May 2009, 21:40

I have a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix, I just put in an engine from a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix. The car keeps shutting off on me, the mechanic said it was my EG valve. He changed it but the car keeps shutting off. Has anyone ever had that problem before. Can someone please help?

5th Jun 2009, 19:04

I got a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, and my heads up display and radio will go off and on. What's wrong with it?

27th Jan 2010, 22:03

We recently purchased a 98 GTP at a good price, with a bad tranny. Tranny rebuild $1,000, updates $200, and red line clutches $100. The total cost $1,400. Now with tranny installed, starts but will not run 30 seconds. You can hear fuel pump stop before engine dies, but after it dies the fuel pump activates again.

Security issues or any ideas?

28th Feb 2010, 00:17

I have a 1998 GTP with 213,000, and it still is an aggressive car that still has all its light fixtures and what not.

It runs great, drives great, I get 23 miles to the gallon.

I will have to do a tranny rebuild soon, but with that many miles, I can expect that.

My issue is that I wanna change the oil in the supercharger, but I can't find fill specs on it, and they tell me at the dealership it is supposed to be a sealed unit. So why does it have a drain and fill plug?

If anybody can help, I would greatly appreciate it.