25th Aug 2001, 18:59

It's great to hear someone talk of a GTO. We don't have one but are making a nice "duplicate" from our 1987 Grand Prix LE. She's already 400 horse with 400 torque! 80 km/hr in first gear and she's still got room to give. The only problem is my husband keeps the tires going so much we'll wind up replacing them every year and I never get to drive!!! Next is paint and a new rear end. I just wish we had some GTO's to test her out against!!!

3rd Oct 2001, 17:33

I love GTO's and would like to get a '71, '72, but they are sadly impossible to find. Even at exotic dealers with the old Trans Ams and Corvettes. Hopefully I'll get lucky one day.

11th Aug 2002, 20:38

I own a 1969 Pontiac gto 6.6L 400. 650 horse power. I know what you are saying about the rice burners. I laugh at them every time I see them, its great. too bad they don't make cars like this these days!

4th Apr 2004, 23:17

Hey all.

All of us with little imports are doing are best to get to the standard of the muscle cars (we can always try, can't we?) but if you are trying to compare a car with 300 or more hp to a car that has tops 120 hp. you really got to rethink what you are comparing. please give us a break. and yes I am currently working on helping my friend build up a fully restored 72 skylark with a 455. and a 73 (?) GTO with the stock engine (this one needs a lot of work). so I do know what you all are talking about.

5th Apr 2004, 07:56

The reason we put down the rice burners is because we see the degradation of car enthusiast society. All these idiots with their civics and other such crap don't do what they are doing to pay homage to the great cars of the past, acknowledging they aren't as good. They do it thinking they are building cars that are superior to the real muscle cars. Its nice to put them in their place.

16th Jun 2004, 13:19

From 1978 to 1998 I had a 1968 Goat with a 400 bored.060 over. Spent countless hours on it and who knows how much money at NAPA and other parts stores over the years. Needless to say I dumped a bunch of money in it and raced it time to time at the local dragstrip where I ran an 11.56 at 118 MPH and yes it was still street legal except for the slicks used at the dragstrip. Came with a 4-speed muncie, but after 2 broken rear ends, several smoked clutches and broken U-joints, I finally put a turbo 400 in it and a 3,000 RPM super hole shot converter and solved much of the driveline problems. Anyway after being married and kids running all around the place, I found it sitting on jack stands most of the time. No place for such a thing, so I sold it to my best man. His kid took the rev limiter chip out of the MSD and wound it up one day out of the high school parking lot and lunched the motor - rods out of the block, starter in the middle of the street and pools of antifreeze and oil told the story. Now dad is rebuilding a 428 for it to run on alcohol and the kid doesn't get to drive it anymore. Heck, it ought to run in the 10's next time. Who knows how much HP, but needless to say it will be a lot... Rice burners with nitrous and turbos look out... LOL.

25th Jun 2004, 11:39

Strange how only the "classic" car owners feel the need to degrade the newer, smaller imports. Look, and you will see the same kind of family and community in the import world as you will in the older muscle car world. Owning a fast car isn't about what year it was made, or how many cubic inches you have under the hood. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, my 2002 Subaru WRX is highly modified and runs the 1/4 in 12.1 @ 118mph. Oh, displacement? 2.0L.

12th Jul 2004, 10:02

You don't get it. 2.0 L? That is garbage. You can't get respect from classic muscle car owners. Putting nitrous in your car and a noisemaker muffler on your car doesn't make it fast. There is a difference between quick and fast. Rice burners are not fast.

17th Sep 2004, 22:10

20 to 30 years from now no one will care about all the rusting little imports with ill fitting ridiculous looking wings and coffee can mufflers rotting away in the nation's junkyards. Nor will a mass produced ricer economy box with

"tuner" body parts ever cross the Barrett Jackson auction block as a classic collector car. On the other hand, look at what GTO's, SS 396 Chevelles, 442's, 440 Chargers, Challengers, Superbirds, big block corvettes and all the rest of the 60's and early 70's muscle cars sell for now. Sadly, and stupidly, the rice burner crowd delights in throwing their money away on goofy little cars whose real speed is how rapidly they become worthless.

18th Jan 2005, 11:54

800 hp? huh? nice try, but I know you didn't get there without turbos, and good luck getting respect in that rice rocket. I have a 1983 Pontiac Grand Prix with heavily modified GTO 400, it puts down 853 RWHP. Now the fun part, it's naturally aspirated and has no nitrous. Now how about a nice 12 psi supercharger and a 250 shot of nitrous that is going in next? well it already runs 10.07 @ around 140 m.p.h. so you do the math import boy! Read my words, there is no substitute for cubic inches! Period!

24th Jan 2005, 14:20

I have a 68 GTO convertible. Nice car! I recently sold my del Sol VTEC. That was also a fantastic little car in a completely different way. Neither does me much good right now because there is 30 inches of snow on the ground and another 30 expected over the next two days. The temperature might reach double digits today and my favorite vehicle right is my Suburban 4x4 with seat heaters. -in Rochester, NY.

15th Jun 2005, 13:25

First of all... I thought this was a car rating site and not a "slam the guy with a different type of car than I have" site. Comparing a Civic to a GTO is ridiculous. The times have definitely changed and I miss even the old fox body Mustangs that were fast enough and handled well enough to have a blast with. They were still cheap to buy and maintain. The problem today is that american muscle cars are too expensive for the 20 - 25 year olds to get a hold of and the insurance has gotten so out of hand that young people can't afford to own anything with a big V-8 in it. I guess you work with what you can. I just wish they'd stop putting those stupid loud mufflers on the four cylinder cars. I haven't seen any car actually go fast with one of those and they sound really annoying. It is cheaper to take your drill and bore out a dozen holes in your existing muffler! It sounds exactly the same anyway. As far as the 1969 GTO is concerned. Few of us will be so lucky to ever own such a great piece of automotive history. They should be respected and praised.