12th Oct 2006, 10:03

Nonetheless, that version of the GTO is dead. 10-15 years from now, it will be remembered in same light as the '72-'74 versions -- nice cars, but not really worthy of the GTO name.

And if "styling does not matter to most buyers", then pray tell why the GTO did not succeed? (and don't bother claiming it was just beacause thousands of potential buyers failed to realize it was a great car - that argument ain't gonna fly)

13th Oct 2006, 09:30

I really wanted a GTO when news of their release came. I saw the car up close and I was thinking "What the he11 is this"? Needless to say it looked like a suped up Pontiac Grand AM GT and that turned me off. This car has a great engine and power, the interior was cheap though. Everyone I talked to thought that it did not deserve the GTO name and I agree with them on that because a GTO should not look like an average Pontiac.

8th Nov 2006, 20:00

You guys also forget another big reason why the GTO failed in the marketplace, it was too expensive. It shouldn't have come loaded with all the options, a less expensive (but still equally powerful) version would have sold in droves. It has the quality of a $33,000 car, but the problem is nothing competes with it at that price. The car's main competition is going to be the Mustang GT and Hemi Charger (maybe SRT, but that costs even more). The Mustang is available (and was from the start) in the mid 20s for a regular 5 speed GT V8. I know guys say "Oh, it's a BMW fighter." Sorry, but it's not. Most BMW owners wouldn't be interested in it because it's a domestic (well, domestically branded) and when you say, "I've got a Bimmer." you usually sound cooler than if you say "I've got a Pontiac." Don't get me wrong, I love the GTO and am looking into buying one, but I'm just giving the reason that I've heard from most people about why they feel it was lacking.

18th Nov 2006, 15:21

The car wasnt lacking anything. Some people don't like some cars. When it's a macho car, it garners rude comments by the ignorant. You can't feel good about your mustang until you put down a GTO. Man what a piece of junk mustangs are.

3rd Feb 2007, 00:38

Very nice review, but I am some what panicking about the bad experiences from others.

I am in the market for 06 GTO this coming summer. Got some money saved up, but I never bought a new car before.

Any tips you can pass on with buying one?

Had 3 Firebirds, which lasted me 130k -170k miles, and 2 of em cost me 400 dollars each. My last one was $2800 (big spender), so I tend to trust my Pontiac's.

Thanks in advance.

3rd Feb 2007, 14:18

I'm kind of like you with cars. I bought inexpensive used cars that ended up lasting forever. Consequently, I really expect something great for $3,500! Be prepared that going from that world to spending 25 grand on a new/used car. If even the slightest thing goes wrong, you'll feel like you got gypped. You may never feel like you got your money's worth.

13th Aug 2007, 22:51

Original reviewer again.. back as promised for updates.

WELL it's been a year and some.

Still love the car. Have not had any problems, other than the kids handle bars in the garage... :(

I've been driving it nicely for the most part. I've picked up a second car for commuting. The parking lot at work is filthy and dangerous.

SO when the GTO gets taken out, it gets pushed a little harder. Consequently, it looks like I've been getting bad mileage. But when I go back to commuting with it, it pops up to about a 19.5 average; mostly secondary roads, no highway.

Hasn't burned a drop of oil on this oil change, which is 3000 miles old on Mobil 1. Everything still works, except the little sunglass cubby door, which my son used as a step stool.

I recently decided to put a coilover suspension in the car (KW); a night and day difference. I sacrificed a good deal of cushy American ride... but gained 100% more control and traction. I can really put my foot in it around corners with little consequence.

Still no cabin rattles (even with the harsh suspension). If I empty the car of junk, it is perfectly silent.

Have found I get better sound out of the radio if I turn the amplifier down to just above half.

I keep it garaged, but the finish is holding up fine.

Keep in mind when reading about peoples' problems with these cars:

A- all cars are suckin' these days.

B- they are being beat to hell by their drivers. Not every one of them, but a good number of them.

I am an experienced adult driver. My car has had none of the abuse-related failures that others have had. It's a V8 LSX car...it's going to attract some kids, who are going to beat on it, then complain that it's broken. It's a big heavy car, not a Honda. It won't forgive you if you jump a curb with it. But beyond that, treat it as you would any other high performance car, and it will treat you nice.

C- People generally don't go out cheering...they go out grumping.

I generally judge cars by how few posts they have on this site.

Fewer, the better; more positive, the better...has worked out well for me.

25th Aug 2007, 21:42

After reading this review I'm even more happy with my 2006 GTO... especially since I didn't know I could be more happy (even after 22K miles.)

I've read all the nastiness about the bland styling, and I really wonder if people know what GTO means, or what a GRAND TOURING car is. I think they would be surprised to find that it isn't a pony car, a sports car, or a sedan.

Retro-mobiles have already lost their cache'. I can valet my car at the most pretentious restaurants in some of the largest cities in the country, and the valets always feel flattered that I trust them with my beast. Everyone has a red Ferrari.

I love taking road trips in it because of the comfort and convenience. I leave my Mercedes parked at every opportunity and love to run my long-legged sleeping beauty wide open on the highway (which is easy because it doesn't look like a licensed child would be driving).

When I first bought the car, I was concerned about the build quality. After more than 20K in less than one year, I am no longer worried about anything, but the increasing mileage.

Again, thanks for the well written review. I hope you are enjoying your GTO as much as I am enjoying mine.

To those of you who poo-poo'd the stying: You deserve to drive sedans... and that's what the next one is. :D.

5th Oct 2007, 19:16

Great review, great car. I just bought a lightly used, low mileage 2005 GTO M6. Unlike most people I was immediately attracted to the styling. It has a hunkered-down look to me. Mature, understated, but still aggressive. From certain angles you can really see how pronounced the fender flares are. The rubber is sized and set at a perfect offset in the fender wells. I have been into cars my whole life. The people who criticize this car for it's styling do not 'get' it. That's fine. They can sentence themselves to Camrys and Ford Tauruses for the rest of their lives. I have never mistaken this car for anything else.

The power is amazing and seamless, it will pull from any gear and can immediately put you wherever you need to be. It is faster than 95% of the cars on the road and that alone commands respect! Yet the ride is extremely compliant and comfortable. The Aussie's definitely dialled in the right balance of touring and performance. I would not change a thing about the ride.

The interior is so far above anything GM offered at the time (or before) - better than the Corvette even. Except for the burbling rumble (Which is glorious!) the interior is serene and comfortable. (I actually crack a smile every time I fire it up!) The upholstery and interior design are top-notch. Quality leather and materials. Clean and purposeful design. The interior is really, really well done and it will *never* be confused with some run-of-the-mill Pontiac!

The only reason this car did not make the sales goals is price. GM has acknowledged to be competitive it needed to be $7k cheaper. Bringing cars from Oz to here is just not cheap. The Holden Monaro model on which it was based was also ending production, so it wasn't cancelled - it was planned to be phased out.

So I think this car will be a classic in the future. There are only 48,000 'new' GTO's in this world and that's is all there ever will be. The inexperienced and the fools are dwindling that number daily - unfortunately.

But I have mine. :-)