21st Apr 2008, 14:18

Couple years ago bought 2000 Montana as well. Just came across this site, and have been reading all your comments. WOW!! Same problems... just had the rad flushed because of the low coolant level warning, but stays on... MANY of the same problems you are all having as well. Worth the extra money to buy a Toyota or Honda I guess. Bought a used vehicle warranty, will see if that's helpful, but am doubtful.

23rd Apr 2008, 08:51

Holy smokes. *raises hand to forehead*

I could have written every single one of these comments about the Pontiac Montana. I have a 97 and the day after I bought it, used, the heater switch went. "Everything else works" said the dealer. Yeah, right. Bought it in winter and didn't find out for 6 months that the A/C didn't work. I replace directional bulbs by the season. My ABS/TCS lights remain on, but here's the kicker. If I depress the brake before I start the engine, the light won't turn on, until it's put into gear and the brake released. Go figure. My brake lights, save the top strip, won't work and it has nothing to do with the bulbs. I replaced the engine at 101,000 miles. Had oil in the coolant.

My radio has PMS or something. It decides when it wants to work. And forget the display. That only works if the sun catches it just right.

There is this strange, bird-like, sound emanating from the right tire. Thought the brake sensor was starting to show but nope, those pads are just fine. There's this eerie moaning noise coming from the rear wheel well, passenger side. I think my dead Grandma has come back to haunt me because it sounds suspiciously like her.

Oh. and my lighter doesn't work.

So other than that and the frame being almost completely rotted out and the rear sliding door not working and the rear wiper motor being shot... It's a GREAT VEHICLE!!!

Please note the sarcasm.

5th May 2008, 19:40

I'm among the wounded, own a 1998 Trans Sport Montana, bought with about 79,000 miles four years ago. It's made it to 139K, but I don't know how. Oh wait, yes I do - MONEY, and LOTS of it!

It had the head gaskets blow ($1400), then the self-leveling rear shocks (replaced with normal shocks), then some electrical problems that stemmed from a water leak that nobody can find, then some steering gear. The last repair bill was over $600, and that from a mechanic I've used for life. Thought we were getting a reasonably priced, good used vehicle. Guess that's what I get for thinking. Now, the wife is reporting that it "skips" on rough roads, and the steering has a dead spot in it. There's not much left to replace on this rotten thing. Stay away from these vans, unless you like spending time and money at the mechanic.

12th May 2008, 09:41

I purchased a used 1998 Transport Montana and the day before Mother's Day, it died on us. We had the van towed (for free since we have All State Motor Club!). This morning, the mechanic that towed the van said that we had a coolant leak problem and it leaked in the gasket causing some damage.. the amount of damage is unknown yet since he hasn't opened it up yet and just to check it would cost $260.00... I was also told by a prior mechanic that I would need a new water pump, etc...I'm foreseeing a lot of repair costs in theh future therefore, I'm permanently parking the van after only having it for 10 months. I'm not buying a Pontiac brand vehicle ever again!

23rd May 2008, 19:29

I too have had the problem with my intake gasket going at 100,000km. Had to spend $800 for new rear panel seals because every time it rained both rear fenders filled with water. My fuel gauge reads full all the time, rear wiper motor gone. Now I find that both rocker panels have rotted out due to a hole that lets water in, but none to let it out. Now I find an inch of wet sand sitting on top of the inside of my front fender so that's rotted out, and I'm scared to look at the other side. To do the rocker panels, the dealer said they would have to cut out a 4 inch piece, weld in a patch, and same for the other side. Cost of materials $250, cost of labour $1200! They say it's a 12 hour job? I'm no body man, but 12 hours seems ridiculous.

We really love our van, and other than the intake gasket, the motor has been soild, so far. I just don't know if we should have the body work done, and try to get a few more years out of it. Its paid for, and I like not having a $300 car payment every month. Oh, what to do...

10th Jun 2008, 01:45

We have a 1999 Pontiac Montana van we purchased used in 2000 with less than 20,000 miles, and we, too, have had the multitude of problems noted above. When the head gasket went, it was the coldest day of January! It took out the heads, needed a complete motor job costing more than $3,000.

We've had three wheel bearings replaced on the same side, driver side window is a son of a gun to get back up once you get it down. The passenger side only works when it wants to. The tail lights have been repaired numerous times, but always revert back to the signal lights not working if you put on the brakes. The gas gauge works fine when you fill up, but after it gets down close to half, it will go to empty and the light comes on. The rear wiper does not work and the front wipers get out of whack and jamb up, need adjusting and then they're okay for awhile. Sometimes when you first turn them on driving down they highway, the passenger side goes right off the windshield the first swipe, then its OK. Once, that happened and the wind took the wiper right off.

My airbag light is always on, the service engine light goes on and off at will and of late, the transmission intermittently (or I think that is what it is) will whine and slip on occasion, then it will go a month or two be fine, then it comes back.

When the van was new and had warranty, we had it to the dealer twice regarding the power steering and the noises it made. We were assured there was nothing wrong. It still works, but the noise is LOUDER.

We have put soooo much money into this vehicle over the past eight years! I had always found GM vehicles to be good. I had a Chevette for 10 years, new off the lot and never had a lick of trouble other than basic maintenance. This vehicle has been a nightmare.

My transmission is acting up again, only worse this time than previous. I'm nervous...

The body of the vehicle is in great shape except for the rocker panels that are shot, completely rusted out. I personally know a couple of others with the same vehicle and the SAME issues and GM will not own up to any of it. I sent them a letter as did the other person and neither of us got so much as an acknowledgment of receiving the letter!!!