11th Jun 2008, 11:39

We purchased a 1999 Pontiac Montana Ext. Van and we didn't have any problem until a year after. We noticed everything from this post, possessed gas gauge, tempermental blinkers, annoying chirping bird at the passenger side front wheel, the nervous ABS and TCS signal lights and of course the most recent accelerator pedal stuck to the floor while my husband is driving to school with my children. He was descending and the brakes won't work and the accelerator sound kept on roaring and increased speed. He literally had to tell the kids which were 6's and 4's years old to hold on and that he is putting the car on park. God forbid nothing bad happened to anyone of them. The van stopped and my husband pushed it to the side of the road. He opened the hood to find out that the brakes cable were shredded and that a piece of metal part was stuck, which allowed the gas pedal to be controlled by the driver.

We had it fixed for over $1500.00 and the functionality of the van still not up to par. To date we have paid well over $5,000.00 to repair our family car.

Not to mention, my 6 year old don't want to ride in it because of being afraid something may happen. He is terrorized to get in the van.

Let me know if there is a valid class action suit for specifically Pontiac Montana Extended Vans.

Thank you,

The Stewart Family / Nashville TN.

17th Jun 2008, 20:22

I purchased our 1999 Silhouette Premier new in Feb 1999, and maintained it per the manufacturers recommendations.

The intake gaskets went out the first time in Feb 2003, then the head gasket blew in July 2004. It then sat for three years because the head gasket failed a couple days before we were going on a road trip vacation.

We replaced it with a Buick Rendezvous Ultra AWD, which I only bought to avoid the 3.4 engine (it came with the caddy 3.6).

The Buick was a gas hog, so we traded it for a Prius in 2006, which has been trouble free for two years.

My primary vehicle is a 2006 2500hd Duramax, and when diesel started to rise last year, I fixed the Silhouette - what a pain to work on!

I drove the Silhouette for 5 months and 6000+ miles until last Sunday, when I took it on a 500 mile round trip. Within 20 miles of our home, it quit with a shudder and a knocking at 65 mph. I suspected the camshaft based on the symptoms, and this site has confirmed it.

That 3.4 engine is a piece of junk when it comes to long term durability. It runs great though, when it's not broken...

1st Jul 2008, 19:06

We purchase our 97 Pontiac Transport in 2000 with just 15,000 miles.

At 40,000 miles the transmission went out, then at about 80,000, just when the extended warranty expired the engine, we made the same mistake as most of you have made, we decided to put more money into the van.

So far the new engine has been running pretty well, aside for the other common things that are going wrong ie. harmonic balancer gone bad 2x, window regulator, A/C, A/C switch, and the malfunctioning brake lights.

It has been very frustrating, since I try to believe and support in American products, but after this van, I will never buy another American made vehicle again.

22nd Jul 2008, 10:51

We bought our 97 transport new in January 98. Later in year we took 5000 mile vacation from Oklahoma to west coast and back. Service engine soon light came on in west Texas and we had it in the shop in Arizona. Said they couldn't find anything and reset light. SES came back on and we had it in the shop in Los Angeles. They also couldn't find anything and reset it even though we complained furiously about back firing and heavy smoke. Drove to Las Vegas and in hot desert, van coughed, smoked and backfired again. Couldn't drive over 45 to 50. Seemed like no power. Put in shop for 3 days in Vegas. They put on NEW BATTERY and sent us on. SES back on befor we reached Hoover Dam. Cut vaca short and came home. Still no remedy at Oklahoma Dealer. Finally one afternoon as I left work, van wouldn't go over 5 mph and backfired constantly. SES light flashing. Drove straight to dealer and left running and backfiring in lot. They replaced 02 sensor. Stopped that problem. When van had 72000 miles on it began to overheat. Head gasket blew and blew heads also. 1800 repair job. 15000 miles later a repeat but caught before heads were ruined. Now it is dead at 110,000 in driveway with water in oil again after overheating yet not showing up on any gauges. GM will not respond.

8th Aug 2008, 21:23

The SES light went on my 2000 Ponticrap yesterday. Who would like to guess what the problem is this time?

25th Aug 2008, 22:35

I have a 2003 Pontiac Montana. One morning I went out to my car to go to work, when I opened the door the interior lights started flashing, the bell started ringing (strangely), and the locks started clicking from lock to unlock constantly. I drove the car about 3 miles and it quit. The next day, the same thing happened, except this time it took it 10 miles to quit. Now... it just never stops! My car alarm goes off for no reason as well. I don't dare leave my keys in the ignition because the doors lock and unlock even when I'm not in the vehicle. People around me think my van is haunted. I have taken the van into the service department, they have fixed faulty wires under the passenger floor mat, disconnected my alarm system (which still goes off by the way). The service department says they have fixed the problem, and I drive the van away thinking all is resolved... until I get in it a few hours later and all the bells and whistles (and locks and alarms) go off once again! Any suggestions???

25th Sep 2008, 10:51

We have a 2000 Montana it turns over and won't start... replaced the fuel pump and it still is doing the same thing... any ideas?

21st Nov 2008, 13:33

Add me to the list of disgruntled 1999 Pontiac Montanna owners. I had no idea this was a auto-wide problem till today, I thought it was just my bad luck!

Coolant system problems, mechanic thinks it is a head gasket. I am thinking why repair it if only something else will go wrong after reading all this. I might try some of that sealant for a temporary fix and get another care. It only has 68,000 miles on it! What a shame I loved the interior roominess.

Oh and I have haunted windshield wipers! Just go on by themselves, not often, and will only run at high speed!

27th Nov 2008, 00:17

My mother has a 1999 Montana Van. When she got it it ran great, no problems and was great on trips. After about a year, we started to have problems. I took it to a transmission shop 3 times in a period of 3 months... a complete rebuild (just wouldn't move hardly), a transmission leak and a high pitch whining noise. Since then, the problems keep increasing... power sliding door works sometimes, lights on radio keep blinking, stereo control lights on steering wheel are out, brakes every 3 months, a/c doesn't work, rough idle, wore out lower motor mount, 4 power steering pumps, water pump and a clunking noise somewhere in the front. I always thought Pontiac/GM made good vehicles. I am very disappointed in the problems she has had. I think something should be done about all these problems she is having along with everybody else on here who has problems. Its getting out of hand. I am somewhat mechanically inclined and was able to fix some problems, but for the most part, these problems should not be occurring. I think maybe we should convoy to Pontiac/GM (if all the vans will make it) and just roll in with a couple hundred vans with problems. Something might be done then.