1995 Pontiac Sunfire GT from North America


I love my purple Sunfire, it's a very good car


Brakes had to be replaced at 120,000 miles.

Front driver side seat is starting to wear out on one side.

General Comments:

This car is very quick and has good acceleration.

It has good gas mileage.

Very comfortable.

Very pretty car.

No major problems considering the amount of miles on the car.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2002

1995 Pontiac Sunfire SE 2.2 from North America


Way to go Pontiac... another Unsatisfied customer!


My head gasket blew at 105,000km.

My head gasket than cracket 4 months later.

My head gasket now has to be replaced once again due to leaks.

Took it to the Pontiac dealership, and they charged me over $1000 for fixing it and un-neccassary tune ups amongst other things.

Water in back lights cause blinkers to stop working.

Antifreeze was leaking in numerous places.

Now my antifreeze is leaking again, worse than before.

Catalytic Converter needed to be replaced.

My exhaust pipes had to be replaced because of shaking.

Muffler holder "clamps" were welded on wrong which caused the muffler to shift and dig into my back tire.

Car door locks would not open in the winter, had them replaced twice and still the same problem.

Right windshield wiper does not clean good, no matter how many times it has been replaced.

Fan belt has been replaced twice.

Passenger side seat broken, and dealer promised to fix and has not.

My horn has stopped working out of the blue.

General Comments:

I am a college student, and when I first got this car I was happy it was not a old clunker and I wouldn't have all these problems like my friends with their old cars.

The money I earn from my summer job all goes into fixing this car, instead of me enjoying my college years.

As it turns out I have had more problems with this car than anyone I know.

This car is very comfortable.

However I am really disappointed at the service that I have received at the Pontiac dealership in Cambridge, Ontario.

The people who work there are very rude.

They were very inpatient with my parents who are not very good in English.

I have read the other reviews submitted on this page and I know what these people are thinking and how much money they are wasting.

My family has always owned Pontiac, but from now on we never want to see one on our driveway.

Stay away from Pontiacs!

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Review Date: 1st April, 2002

26th Jun 2002, 17:36

I disagree with you completely. We've always had Pontiacs, we took care of them and they were great cars. I've never heard anything like this in my whole life. Just because you bought a lemon and kept putting money into it, doesn't mean the whole manufacturer is bad.

21st Jul 2002, 01:41

I must say your anger is justified, but let me tell you something about misdirected anger. Vehicles break down, if it's a GM or a Ford or any other. You can't lash out at the people who are trying to help you because your car, an inanimate object is breaking down. I work for Roadside assistance for General Motors, I hear all the horror stories, but above all else these people love their vehicles. Pontiac, Chevrolet, GMC, Oldsmobile, Saturn, SAAB, Buick, All Divisions of GM are excellent! Back to the anger, people respond to how you treat them, so if all the guys in the service department of your dealership are rude, think about why. Could it be because you blame the malfunctioning vehicle on them? Probably is, just remember they work there because nothing is perfect and they're trying to fix your problem, not create more.

1995 Pontiac Sunfire from North America


A piece of garbage


Noisy fan belt.

Rusty doors.

Changed the muffler twice.

Problems with the braking system (anti-locking brakes light is always on). Dealer doesn't know why.

Blower fan blew.

Computer blew.

General Comments:

General Motors have no quality in their product.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2001