1996 Pontiac Sunfire Coupe 2.2L from North America


If I could get another with less miles I would


Cooling system sprung a leak. Replaced the A/C hoses. Replaced the A/C Compressor.

Re-did the brakes & turned the drums a couple times.

Replaced the muffler.

Replaced the belt.

Had some minor recalls fixed.

Heater switch has been replaced.

Kids & normal wear & tear on the inside.

General Comments:

This car has been very good to me.

I run it at high speeds all over. It has been in lots of surrounding states and Canada.

I vacation yearly for a week or so with 2 kids comfortably. Everything fits somehow. The trunk opening could be bigger. The back seat leg room could be better.

I have put a lot of miles on it. I will miss it.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2002

1996 Pontiac Sunfire 2 Door Coupe 2.2 from North America


I would buy another one


Very little wrong. Mostly due to my kids pulling on things.

Just normal maintenance.

General Comments:

My first 7000 miles were put on driving on the Autobahn.

This car had at the least 4000 of these miles put on at 100 to 110 mph.

It was then taken to Texas where I thought the heat would start problems. None.

Then back to Germany. Still no problems.

The seats can be a little uncomfortable on long drives, though.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2002

1996 Pontiac Sunfire SE from North America


Piece of crap rub on the carpet and go car


First off, was pushed into this car by the dealership. Did not want a two door, manual small car. Was pregnant and did not want to climb out of a car.

4 months after we got it the transaxle started to slip very rapidly. A day and a half after it started to slip the transaxle had to be replaces costing us over $2500.

6 months after we got the transaxle fixed it went again, had the clutch replaced and everything by the same dealership and this time it cost us $1600 - guess they gave us a discount the 2nd time.

4 more months after we had it repaired the second time it started to go again. Found that it was leaking fluid and then found that the transmission drain plug thing was not put in properly. Replaced the plug ourselves for $15 and added fluid ourselves for $10 and have not had a problem since.

General Comments:

In my personal opinion I would NEVER buy another Sunfire in my life, not even if my life depended on it.

Since we have gotten rid of that Sunfire, we've acquired a Ford Windstar which runs perfect.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2002

19th May 2007, 11:02

Hahaha you will regret the ford windstar comment, they are pure junk, 3 transmissions in 1 year of me owning it I dumped it for a few grand and very glad! I now have a '96 sunfire and its OK, not too special, but better than a windstar by FAR!

7th Oct 2008, 17:14

Your problem was with the garage, not the car.

1996 Pontiac Sunfire GT 2.4 L from North America


Sporty dependable bargain


Water pump bearing just went, I received an estimate for $600 - $700.

Motor mount is bad, have not replaced it yet.

General Comments:

Excellent running car.

Very quick for a 4 cylinder.

Exterior and interior styling is great. Not cheap looking like some other manufacturers.

Very comfortable seats and easy to reach controls.

GT model comes with great looking 16 inch rims.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2002

1996 Pontiac Sunfire GT 2.4 DOHC 150h/p from North America




1) Water pump leaked all the coolant on the highway, and we overheated.

2) R/H side power window crapped out, no longer works.

3) When I run it hard it doesn't idle right until you turn it off and back on. It almost stalls (5-600rpm) when it's usually @ 1000rpm at idle.

4) Noisy valves.

5) Oil is always too dirty even a week after changing it, black.

6) Bent control arm, had to be replaced.

General Comments:

Nice looking car, fun to drive, quick, lots of torque in first gear.

This is my 3rd used car.

Good on tires (Goodyear Eagles, still lotsa tread after 3 years).

Amazing on gas!! I get almost 600km on a full tank (60L) and I drive fast.

Beautiful on the highway to drive.

Top notch air-conditioning so far.

Solid built car.

I added a custom performance exhaust last year to replace the stock one. They wanted like $1700, the exhaust system on the 96 model is crap, one piece from the front all the way to the back including the mufflers, so you gotta change the whole thing if you get a leak. Go for a performance one, it sounds great with Dynomax mufflers and a 3" stainless pipe.

I like it... worth buying, lots of them out there.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2001

6th Sep 2001, 08:46

I have a sunfire gt and I love it as well.

10th Feb 2002, 09:25

I have a 1996 Sunfire GT and I love it! The water pump just went out, and I need the motor mount replaced. I received an estimate for $600. Those are the only problems in over 100,000.

27th Feb 2002, 17:44

This is my first problem with my car. Not sure what it is yet. But from reading I believe it could be the water pump as well. I'm loosing coolant and have been slowly for awhile now. The coolant light has been on most of the time and once in awhile goes off? I was told you can get an air bubble or a faulty light but I don't believe this is so anymore. I also have a noise when turning my wheels. I thought it could be the breaks. It may even be a mount? I was looking to see who else had similar problems? Other than needing brakes more with this car than any other car I had it has been great.