21st Oct 2005, 01:01

I have had the same problem with my 02 carrera- twice.

Great car, but the extended warranty is a cost you should build into ownership.

21st Oct 2005, 12:57

I agree, my Porsche dealer offered to extend my warranty, at a cost!!, $1900 AUD per year. I declined the offer and presently trying to sell the car. Great to drive and lots of fun, but reliability and build quality should go without saying for a vehicle in this price range. I shouldn't have to think and worry about what else can go wrong. Most other manufacturers of cars costing a fraction of what I paid for the 911, offer 5 year warranties as standard. My GS300, which I bought new in 1998, has close to 150,000km and apart from scheduled servicing nothing has gone wrong!! Driven by myself and the good wife, on occasions abused, and still drives like it was new. I admit its not an exciting vehicle to drive, but appears to have been put together rather well. Maybe Porsche should take a leaf out of the Japanese assembly style, there current methods appear to be producing inferior cars, that will not stand the test of time, or run without problems.

29th Oct 2005, 02:43

I've heard from a mechanic (who is also a relation) that works for a Porsche dealership in Sydney, he was advised by the service manager not to spend too much time on client vehicles. There was a productivity policy of the dealership to spend minimal time. He advised me that cars where leaving the the service shop, that were not 100% and the knowledge and technical expertise of most technicians was average to say the least. On one particular vehicle 3 items were changed before the fault was found, at the clients expense. I personally take my car to an independent and watch the work been carried out. Over the years I've established a relationship with the shop I'm very happy with the work and not charged a fortune.

13th Jun 2007, 09:11

I am very surprised - and disappointed - by this review, particularly as I am in a position to upgrade my (VERY reliable) 2003 Subaru WRX to a 2000-2004 911.

Would love to know from the original reviewer: have you serviced your car regularly? (and yes, I know that the handbook probably recommends relatively long intervals between servicing). Did you buy the car new and if so, did you follow a prudent running in procedure? How hard have you driven it? (e.g. any track days?)

Having said all of the above, I can entirely understand your disappointment if you are comparing it to the experience you have had with your Lexus. No German car (Porsche included) ranks as highly as a Lexus (or most Japanese cars for that matter) when it comes to reliability. But even so, I have always heard that Porsche ranks a lot higher than your experience seems to suggest.

26th Apr 2008, 20:53

LEXUS more reliable???

I can make LEXUS a service nightmare in 2000km of edge-on-edge driving.

Porsche is 10000 times more reliable and cheaper to run if you drive cars hard.

Well maybe the owner just don't have the guts to put down full throttle everyday.

19th Sep 2009, 06:38

So why would you, and where can you' legally drive a car "hard"?