1984 Porsche 944 2.5L from North America


There really is no substitute


The oil cooler seal blew.

The radiator started leaking.

General Comments:

The best driving car I have ever driven. Highway driving at speeds well above the speed limit was very relaxed and comfortable. Handling of these cars is so balanced and forgiving, due to the perfect 50/50 weight distribution. Driving in rain or snow is no problem.

While not powerful by today's standards, the 150HP inline 4 is relatively peppy and powerful enough for fun, spirited driving. I had my car a little over 130 MPH, and it was amazing how smooth and planted the car felt. My car was pretty reliable and never left me stranded. It even got me laid once. I had a for sale sign on it, and when I was leaving a bar one night, a sexy cougar (I was about 24 at the time) approached me and inquired about the car. I ended up taking her for a ride in it, and we had a wonderful time together.

I miss my 944 more than any other car I have owned, and I will own another one day. Good times in my old 944... It makes me sentimental to think of it.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2010

1984 Porsche 944 4 cylinder from North America


It wasn't a good car, and I was totally disappointed in Porsche at that time


Replacement of electric window switches.

Replacement of water pump at $2950.00 CD dollars.

Electrical problems, replacement of wiring.

Timing belt rupture causing internal damage to the cylinders, resulting in almost a $5,000 rebuild of the engine, as it sat for 3 months waiting for parts and somebody who knew how to fix it to come in.

General Comments:

When the car ran good, it was a pleasure to drive. But on the whole, this to me was an expensive version of a VW, and not worth the money. I was sorry that I ever bought it. Not to mention in the location I lived in Canada, there were no dealerships, so proper service and parts could rarely be obtained.

Taking the t top off was a pain as well, including attempting to store it in the hatch.

Today I would buy another Porsche, however it would be in the Carrera line, as I moved on to BMW M3s and expect performance and reliability, which I do believe Porsche now has.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2009

5th May 2009, 06:44

Replacement of electric window switches: The switches are easily removed, and the contacts can be cleaned simply by the owner in a couple of minutes.

Replacement of water pump at $2950.00 CD dollars: Water pumps are typically replaced at the same time as the the belts as part of routine maintenance. The amount paid is way beyond what a full belt and water pump service normally costs. The 944 engine is very robust, and adherence to recommended services avoids the engine damage and rebuild costs incurred by this owner. A knowledgeable mechanic is also a real asset.

1984 Porsche 944 Lux 2.5L from North America


Fun sporty car, best value ever, "sex on wheels"


Seals are going bad.

Drivers seat is torn.

Carpet is totally faded.

Just lots of little stuff. Extraordinary shape for a 22 year old car, the engines are bulletproof.

General Comments:

Can't say enough about this car. It is almost impossible to buy a car like this for as cheap as they are (usually 2-4k). They would be worth the price at $8000. One of the best values ever!

One of the best handling car ever made, and this is the NA if you want a faster car get the turbo. Handles like it is on rails, arguably the best handling car ever made and currently made. Braking is amazing also.

The car is pretty slow compared to now a days standards, 0-60 9.3sec. But remember this is a 20+ year old car.

These cars if not well maintained well can cost a lot. The trick is to keep it well maintained, and do the work YOURSELF! Dealers rip you off. The parts are also relatively cheap because much of it is used from VW. These engines are virtually indestructable, if well maintained they can last up to 300,000 miles.

The body styling is dead sexy, chicks totally dig it.

I love this car. handles like a dream. There is little you can buy for the price of this car that can deliver as much fun. If you want a fun, sophisticated, and cheap sports car, this is your car.

And finally preventative maintenance is the key. There are too many horror stories when you combine a rotted out t-belt with an interference engine.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2006