1984 Porsche 944 from North America




Replace timing belt and all rollers.

Replace water pump.

General Comments:

The 944 is sometimes referred to as "the poor mans Porsche", but for me, it is a wonderful and exciting car to own and operate.

The only problem I have with this car is, I cannot keep it under the speed limit.

It just wants to GO!!!

The handling is super, on highways or on country roads.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2006

10th Apr 2006, 15:12

I don't know as I agree with the 944 as being referred to as the, "Poor man's Porsche." The 924 & 914 maybe, but not the 44'.

Mainly because of the genuine all aluminum Porsche motor.

If anyone ever comments that they think your car is of the "poor man" variety, just say, "Try being poor and maintaining this thing!"

1984 Porsche 944 Lux 2.5 from UK and Ireland




Electrical system for windows on passenger side; electric window lift on driver's side leaking power steering pipe; battery; side plate rubbing on brake disc rear n/s;

General Comments:

1. Galvanised body doesn't rust - useful in wet UK climate with salt on roads in winter

2. Engine is rugged and underpowered/tuned so not stressed and 30-40mpg

3. Noisy - transmission is under your seat; seems to be a lot of wind and tyre noise

4. 'Clunky' switches; switchgear all over the place - illogical

5. Don't trust it driving fast round corners -no 'feel' for the limit -may just be me.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2006

1984 Porsche 944 2.5 petrol from South Africa


Best handling car of the 1980's


Engine mounts needed replacing. Water pump had to be replaced. Rear brake pads had to be replaced.

General Comments:

Stable at high speed, a definite head turner. Can cruise at 140km/h all day long. The faster you go around a corner the more the car grips.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2005

1984 Porsche 944 2.5 gasoline from North America


Solid, simple, and sexy looking


First and foremost, the odometer was inoperative when I bought it. Hence the unknown mileage info.

Oil cooler replaced. (Nasty problem) $600+ repair bill.

Rack & pinon steering leak. $500+ repair bill.

All belts and hoses (reasonable cost).

Needed variouse engine seals & o rings (reasonable cost).

Removable top motor died (learned to live w/out for now).

General Comments:

In my opinion the Porsche 944 is one of the best handling cars in the world.

My father owns an 89' Corvette and one afternoon we decided to chase each-other up a mountain with lots of twists & turns.

Needless to say, the Vette easily closed the gap on the straight aways. However, in the turn filled portions, the Vette quickly fell behined the 944.

The power output is fairly respectable.

The top speed is surprising. 120ish estimated.

I love the exterior design. Very inspired.

The car also feels very solid for its age. I attribute this to higher quality parts. This is why I don't mind paying slightly higher prices for them.

You don't need to be rich to own this impressive sports car.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2005

1984 Porsche 944 2.5 Gasoline from North America


Beautiful unique look, Wonderful drive


Upon buying it, The oil cooler went out

@ 100,000 miles. (common problem with this model). This manifests itself as the mixing of oil & coolant. $500. repair cost.

Leaking balance shaft seals. @ 100,000.

(again $500.)

Clutch slave cylinder. @ 110,000 Mi


Brake M.C. @ 115,000. $300.

General Comments:

The car looks and feels fantastic on the road.

It's feel and handling are superb.

It's not real fast of the line

However has ample mid range power.

Has never left me stranded.

Pay attention to problem area's & it will never let you down.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2005

1984 Porsche 944 2.5L from North America


A love-hate-love relationship


Odometer gauge non functioning - was stuck at 110412 miles.

Air conditioning does not blow cool air at uncertain miles.

Suspension (bushings) damaged at uncertain miles.

Non metal parts (i.e., visor clips, sun roof latches).

General Comments:

This car, despite damage to the suspension, handles better than my 2001 MBZ s430 on corners at high speed.

Although a smaller engine displacement than my ex 1985 BMW 325e, it runs faster (can still go 110 mph) without problem.

Racing type seats, surprisingly more comfortable for my body type (67" and 75kg) than my 2001 Camry XLE.

Despite all the small repairs it needs due to wear and tear, it is well worth it.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2004