1986 Porsche 944 2.5L 8v SOHC from North America


Porsche on the street, Le Mans race car on the track


The oil pump failed.

The water pump failed.

The power steering sprang a leek.

General Comments:

Considering how this car is 18 years old; I would say it held up very well.

This car is Amazing. The car has surprising mid and high RPM grunt for a 4 cylinder. The engine really starts to shine at about 2800 RPM, and it stays strong all the way to the 6500 RPM red-line. In normal everyday driving conditions, the car is great. The engine remains relatively quiet when cruising. However, when you get on it you know it. The engine starts screaming "Porsche-Porsche". The car does not have quite the pep as newer cars, but it has enough. Where the car really starts to show it's colors is in the curves. It has been said that this car is the best handling car on the planet. Now, I don't know how accurate that is; but, in my opinion and many others, that is not far from the truth. The steering is heavy and very responsive. When the road starts to bend you can almost feel the car start to smile. Because you certainly are. The handling on this car is nothing short of amazing. This is a true Porsche in every respect.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2004

1986 Porsche 944 Turbo from North America


A high performance bargain!


The timing belts have been replaced. Air-conditioner needs to be recharged. C-v joints, brake line, engine mounts, needed replaced. The interior was not up to par. Dash board cracked due to armor-all.

General Comments:

This Porsche is the best handling sports car I've owned so far. I just bought this car not too long ago. I feel I was at the right place at the right time. I bought my 944 Turbo for $6,000 even. The miles are good, I have every service record done to it. It has a modified racing chip, plus beefy 968 rims. The front tires are 245/45 17's and 255/45 17's in the rear. I did have a 99 Honda Civic Si. All tricked out, but hell if any of those little rice rockets can keep up to this 944. I believe this is the best car for the money, if you could find a good one! But make sure it's a turbo because personally the plain 944 is just too slow.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2003

9th Oct 2003, 19:28

Yeah I'm 16 years old and my first car is a Porsche 944. OK OK its not turbo, but still. I paid $1400 dollars for it from a guy that had to get rid of his toy because his wife wanted a house. I've had it for a year and it has had no problems at all. I just got a paint job and I have to say its the best car in my highschool parking lot. I'm very glad that I put a 1400 dollar investment in this car (all my money my parents didn't pay any).

21st May 2004, 07:05

My "86" 944 Turbo came to New Zealand from the US. It was converted to right hand drive and from all accounts a lot of money was spent on it. It was a great car to drive and worth putting up with all the bad jokes about porsche drivers. I had a bad run which cost me a lot of money. I had trouble with the fuel gauge not working all the time (that was a minor problem). I had to replace an engine mount (not cheap). But the major was that a balance shaft bearing broke and damaged the inlet injectors etc. Basically I had to get parts from Germany to fix it. The last straw was when the clutch packed up. I got that fixed and traded it in the next day. Repairs aren't cheap... But what a ride. I loved that car just the same.

22nd Mar 2005, 10:24

I'd say the n/a 944's performance is good, as I have owned an '88 S (16v), but it pales in comparison to the turbo. The average n/a doesn't have the brakes, transmission, suspension, aerodynamics, looks, or turbo. N/A cars are rewarding, and are definitely superior autocross machines, but for open road performance four-cylinder engines need forced induction to really shine.