2001 Porsche Boxster 3.2 L flat six from North America


A hell of a car for the dollar!!


Not a problem yet!!!

General Comments:

I love this car. I previously had a miata and that was race-ready. The Boxster handles better than the Miata did with a Tokiko Illumina 5 way adj racing suspension, stiffened springs, new anti-sway bars, and beefy 17" wheels and tires. The only complaint is that the seats could stand to be 2" wider.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2001

27th Sep 2001, 03:15

I found the seats to be quite comfy - the car wraps around you like a clamshell. However, the standard seats could have better support - a lot of people have been retrofitting lumbar support. Also, if your upper body is long it is quite possible to hit the roll-bar during collisions because the seats are so flexible.

26th Aug 2003, 01:52

For all the people that said the seats are too small, the your probably too fat!!! I find the seats to be quite comfortable. I just have the standard seats in my car, but I must admit, the upgraded sports racing seats are a little more comfy.

But overall, no problems with the car. Porsche Boxter is a great automobile!

3rd Sep 2004, 10:24

Sept.3,2004.. The seats in my 1999 Boxster are indeed too narrow. I am small, 5'5", and 150 lbs. The seat side bolsters cause soreness in my kidney areas, and no lumbar support makes the seat uncomfortable. I am going to try to get the seat modified...otherwise, I love this car!

2001 Porsche Boxster 2.7 liter from North America


Poor service fatally flaws this fun car


Was hit by 17-year old driver on driver side rear quarter panel. While friends with similar problems in Germany got their car repaired in three weeks, the original estimate at IRA Porsche was two months.

The Boxster has now been at IRA (Danvers, MA USA) body shop for FOUR months.

Damage was not severe, however delivery times for some replacement parts over 1.5 months. Some due to bad design, others due to unknown reasons.

Example #1: The inner door panel and the side impact airbag are integrated. Thus, if the airbag deploys, the door panel has to be replaced too (hence, your interior will no longer match). Since the airbag contains explosives, it has to be shipped via sea-mail. With the time required to make and ship it, your door panel/side impact airbag will take at least 8 weeks.

Example #2: Air box and snorkel for engine. This part was not available in the USA for over 1.5 months by Porsches own admission. For some reason they were able to continue building cars...

These examples are simply not acceptable for a car that is currently in production, particularly when the factory is making twice-weekly deliveries to the USA.

Furthermore, the part delays do not account for the four month wait period alone. The body shop at the dealership evidently took a cavalier attitude towards the repair of the car.

All in all, I am terribly disapointed. Porsche let me down by not delivering current parts to the USA, the dealership has done the same by drawing out the repairs as long as possible. That the dealerships is now trying to cover its tracks is a further aggravation.

Thus, I would stay away from Porsche in North America. Evidently, the parts distribution network is a utter joke and if it is this bad for current parts, I don't even want to know what it will be like in five years. The IRA dealership also has a bad reputation in Boston (which I found about too late). I would steer a wide course around them.

General Comments:

However, when the car ran, it fulfilled almost all my wishes.

The PCM (traction control) helped a lot during cold slushy drives to work (I live in New England).

The engine is a lot of fun to drive hard and listen to. More power would be fun but in the US, what is the point unless you want to race on a course? (in which case you wouldn't use a Boxster as a basis anyway).

Shifting is smooth and short, don't really understand the point of shift kits.

The hard-top is a great idea in New England and other places where glass rear windows with defrost are a must in the winter. It's also very quiet with the hard top.

The Litronic (HID) headlights are a dream, really light up everything on the road for a long way out.

The Becker audio package is outdated. The DSP controls are a joke, the CD player does not accept CD's with MP3s, and the CD-changer is in the front luggage compartment. The indoor radio/controller unit has a cassette mechanism (how quaint!).

The folding roof has a PVC rear window in it, which requires a lot of tender loving care. Otherwise, it will split in no time, requiring expensive rework. A glass panel with defrost would have been appropriate in this price class.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2001

5th Aug 2001, 18:57

Dealer Service varies with all makes. I'm fortunate to live within 20 minutes of four different Porsche dealers.

The rear window does require care but, I've only heard of one splitting and it was repaired quickly under warranty.

A heavy glass window is not appropriate in a sports car which, last time I checked, the Boxster is.

Unfortunately the consumers have stopped comparing vehicles on their merits instead, looking at price only. If you're looking for a luxury car, buy one. Porsche is a very refined sports car but it is not a luxury car.

If you're looking for luxury, you'd be better off with a Lexus or SLK.