3rd Aug 2009, 19:05

Oil leaks from rear main seal (RMS) failures have been a commonly reported problems with the Boxster and the 996 (911). I have heard that these problems occur less often in the 2003 and newer cars, but they are still a potential problem.

I just bought a 2002 Guards Red Boxster from the local Porsche dealer - it came with the 2-year, up to 100,000 mile CPO warranty, which provides considerable peace of mind.

The upgrade from the pre-2000 2.5 liter engine to the 2000-2004 2.7 liter engine transforms the performance to another level. It feels closer to the Boxster S of those years than to the pre-2000 base Boxster. The rev-happy engine makes a "wail" over 5,000 RPMs that is addictive!

For the money, a pre-owned Boxster is a great deal for a Porsche and as a sports car in general. I couldn't be happier with it.

If you're in the market for one, just be sure to have a Porsche mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection.

25th Oct 2015, 18:10

Other Porsche cabriolets have a glass rear window. Sports cars??? Yeah, I'd say so! SHOULD have a glass rear window in this price range!

26th Oct 2015, 17:38

I liked the older air cooled 911 model the best. The guy that picked the 68 Corvette chose the worst year ever as far as quality. If you ever go in a C5 to C7, they are exceptional. Bulletproof drivetrains and very fast. I have a glass window in mine. Porsche makes some extremely fast sports cars with great handling and braking. This review isn't one of them, and combined with maintenance issues reported, I would pass on this one.

27th Oct 2015, 03:39

It was interesting reading an earlier comment using feet for transportation on the other side of the globe. We drive a new sports car and then use our feet for recreation. We buy air tickets to travel across the globe to then do a lot of walking and hiking. As well as running for fitness. It's nice living well in a land of opportunity. If you work hard and earn the dollars for a great car, enjoy it. Especially after you paid off a home and educated your children. That's my take on it.