4th Jan 2011, 07:09

Is there any comparison between F348 1992 and Boxster 2002? I have just tried the 348 and it was like a masculine car to rock the road, but not sure if it's worth the maintenance. Thought it would be more convenient to use and maintain the Boxster and to ride it on my weekends. Am I correct??? TJ.

22nd Mar 2011, 11:42


I can highly recommend the 3.2s manual to anyone, I have driven a lot and owned many fast cars, I have done test drives for Ford Motor Company, the noise from the engine when you accelerate is like a finely tuned orchestra. The car certainly has the wow factor.

I have had 3 911 models, and no comparison with the Boxster, roof down in 12 seconds, admiring looks, the noise, what more can you ask?

5th Apr 2011, 05:40

I have had the Boxster S for a few weeks, and all I can say is amazing.

I have polished the bodywork and the wheels, the car is gleaming. I have also used the Autoglym cabriolet hood cleaner and then applied the sealer spray, now the rain rolls off in beads, also a special polish for the rear plastic screen, which now shines like glass. I have cleaned the leather with Aston Martin Leather cleaner. The car drives and looks like a million dollars.

I got the car with 24000 miles on it in 2002 with special Boxster registration number for £12,000 all in. What can you get for this kind of money that gives so much pleasure; bring on the nice sunny days, and the sun tan is a bonus.

5th Apr 2011, 06:05

I totally agree with your comments, I used to drive a 348 before the Boxster, and the Porsche is a much better car to drive, and faster as well. Also the maintenance on the Ferrari is a lot higher. The 3.2S is a fantastic everyday reliable car that still thrills every time you get behind the wheel.