12th Mar 2005, 12:58

I work for Porsche as an apprentice tech and would like to help.

1) The rear hatch is a 5 min fix book it in

2) I'm sure if you ask your dealer they will do their best to help with any problems.

The Cayenne is full of new technology to the company and teething problems have occured, It is however the best on road 4x4 available and I'm sure if you persevere you will not regret it.

4th Dec 2005, 19:37

You are not seriously suggesting that someone paying $50K USD or more for a luxury SUV should be a beta tester, are you?

If Porsche or any car manufacturer can't get it right the first time the car/SUV should not be released. PERIOD.

28th Jan 2006, 09:52

Porche should not released the car if it is in beta stage. See sale of goods and services act.

28th Jan 2006, 14:00

All European manufacturers today treat their customers as beta testers.

Even executives of the BMW Car Club of America, BMW's biggest supporter in the states, recommend its members not buy a first year model BMW, something they had never said before.

19th Feb 2006, 03:27

If you work for Porsche and you promise better services I suggest that you stand for what you write and help with solving these problems. Like providing your email for example.

19th Nov 2006, 22:20

I have never owned a Porsche, but my girlfriend has a 928 in her garage and I have driven it quite a few times. We got engaged recently and were out shopping for an SUV/crossover. We test drove the Cayenne S for two hours and were terribly disappointed. The performance was adequate, nothing to write home about, but still above that of your standard SUV. The interior SUCKS!! I couldn't get over just how primitive this top-of-the-line SUV's was. It looked like something out of the 80's. We bought an Infiniti FX 35, saved a bunch of money and have everything we want for that vehicle. I really love Porsche, but this was outrageous, can anyone relate to what I'm saying?

10th Feb 2009, 23:55

I bought a Porsche Cayenne Turbo 2005 model just under a year ago and have had nothing but problems.

First of all the turbo wasn't firing and I wasn't getting the power that I was expecting. I had it fixed.

Next thing went was the alternator, which they had told me was the water pump that needed changing.

Next was the air compressor, which I still haven't had fixed because I don't get to use it that often.

Other thing is the headlight connection keeps on disconnecting and my headlight go off if I happen to drive over a bump.

Now I'm getting a message that my air suspension is faulty and need to take it to the workshop.

Can anything else go wrong with this thing. I'm sure it can.

Did I mention that the rear panel of the front drivers seat came apart and was sitting against the back seat which had to be re-glued into place.

Also other bits and pieces of the interior is starting to fall apart, such as the front ashtray, the rear centre console cover and some of the timber trims are starting to come unstuck.

I had a Honda Civic for more than 7 years and had not one problem whatsoever. What is going on with Porsche, and why can't they get it right. When I bought this car, I trusted that the german engineering wouldn't let me down. They've been in this business for donkey's years and they are still making such flagrant mistakes. We are paying big money for a car that we have nothing more than constant disappointment.

12th May 2009, 12:12

It's crazy, I am reading this, and I am like wow I should put a for sale sign on my Cayenne LOL. My alternator recently went off, I get the error messages for the tail lights off and on as you guys do, and my air compressor is working 50% of the time LOL. Seems like it's all same parts that are not working LOL... very disappointed in the Porsche...

7th Oct 2009, 13:35

Nothing but problems as well... 2004 Cayenne S. Let me see, seat motors inoperable, had to replace drive shaft, numerous problems with brake lights; had to replace electronic console (speedometer, rpm gauge, etc), check engine light on to find out I had to repair $700 in "hoses". Back door won't go up all the way, the Cayenne wording on back door broke partially off... too many things in only 14 months of ownership. Definitely the WORST vehicle I have ever owned. I will NEVER buy a Porsche again because of this one car. IT SUCKS!!!

25th Nov 2009, 09:08

I have a Porsche Cayenne S 2003 model. Me and my wife adore the car, so please stop saying bad stuff about it.

25th Nov 2009, 12:17

It's fine that you and your wife like your one. That's YOUR experience. It isn't your review. You don't go on telling off people who have a view contrary to your own.

25th Nov 2009, 15:53

This site is intended for the owners of vehicles to bring up problems they are having with their cars in attempts to find out remedies. If it hurts your feelings, don't come on the site.

2nd May 2010, 11:08

I have a 2004 Cayenne S and it is a monster. No problems whatsoever!

29th Jun 2010, 10:02

I have a 2004 Cayenne which I purchased for my wife from new. She likes the vehicle but I don't like the repair bills. It has been towed in twice due to brake problems. The electrics have been difficult, now the coolant leak pipes have gone. The dealer is taking out the engine: 7.7 hours, then 5.7 hours for the job, and now they have just said that the water pump is noisy. The dealer charges 3120 plus vat for labour, so the bill will be over £2500. Th mileage is 80,000, it has never been driven hard and never off road. It eats tyres, generally don't buy a Cayenne!

11th Jul 2010, 08:36

I am about to buy a 2004 Cayenne S V6 (was looking at the V8, but killed by the insurance!) but now a bit worried after reading this!

Will be checking water pump & other issues prior to paying, that's for sure!!

23rd Sep 2010, 18:18

Thanks guys! Without these comments, I probably would have closed the deal for a used 2004 Porsche Cayenne.

Every time I saw a Cayenne, I was really dripping and dripping to have one, but when I read all those comments, I felt like you guys saved me from trouble, because I can't afford to sustain those expenses.

2nd Oct 2010, 04:24

There is no car that I've owned that has had the presence/practicality and performance. I made the mistake of buying one nearly new, and had problems with my coolant too - cost £3500... I then sold the car. BIG MISTAKE. I should have kept it and not freaked out, as this would have spread the cost over the other years of ownership, and I should have had the work done at my local garage.

I have now bought a V6 Cayenne S, and very happy to get back into one, as all the other cars I've owned haven't measured up to a Cayenne (Hummer H2/Range/911/BMW/ etc. If I was buying with my head, I would say get a 5 series BMW, but where's the fun in that - plus 4x4's are sooo much more practical with the kids and snow.

Get the V6 and drive chilled out, and you will see 25mpg easy. You'll keep it longer than the V8-S or turbo.

11th May 2011, 15:01

Hi everyone.

I own a 2005 V6 Cayenne and feel extremely happy with this car. No major problems or repairs so far and I have already driven over 80K miles on it. Maintenance is more expensive than other cars, but rather than that it's fast enough for me. I get 20-22 MPG.

If I consider selling it I would buy a new one and stay on the V6 engine. It's hard to hear all these terror stories when this has been a great SUV for me.

Regards to all...

22nd Jul 2011, 07:05

I know this is post is old, but I live in Ontario Canada, and own a 2004 Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Porsche America just sent me a re-reimbursement form for ignition coils that I originally had paid for. They now admit the coils were made of inferior materials, like most of their parts, and are willing to compensate the owners as long as you have a receipt and had the work done at a reputable mechanic. One other thing, you had to have the work done prior to 80,000 kms. I spoke with many 2004 owners, and they had the work done around 90,000 kms. I'm sure Porsche knew that before sending the recall out. What a bunch of rip-offs.

Hope this helps.

8th Nov 2011, 01:06

Hi. Seeing as you are with Porsche... I own a 2004 Cayenne 3.2. The turning signal beep and the seat belt warning beep have gone funny. (Irregular Beeps). What part needs changing do you think?

30th Mar 2013, 01:57

You need a new speaker. Common issue. They are like $15 from the aftermarket Porsche parts sellers, as Porsche will only sell you a new cluster for ~$1500 USD...