Proton Savvy reviews


Savvy AMT

Not reliable at all (especially the AMT batch)

149 words, Malaysia, 3 comments


Savvy Lite 1.2

Great ride and handling for the money

139 words, Malaysia, 1 comment


Savvy Manual 1.2


124 words, Malaysia

Savvy AMT H-Line 1.2 D4F 16v

A malay proverb comes to mind "biawak hidup"

226 words, Malaysia

Savvy Lite 1.2

Great handling car and best value

86 words, Malaysia, 4 comments


Savvy 1.2 AMT

Acceptable, not bad

134 words, Malaysia

Savvy 1.2

For the price and handling, I can put up with the noise and niggles

212 words, Australia and New Zealand

Savvy AMT- R3 1.2

Excellent small car

235 words, Malaysia, 91 comments


Savvy 1.2

It is an affordable and suitable compact for youngsters

122 words, Malaysia

Savvy 1.2

Low installment, low consumption and low maintenance. El perfecto

248 words, Malaysia


Not a driver's car

63 words, Malaysia, 8 comments

Savvy 1.2

Economical car

51 words, Malaysia, 35 comments