Savvy AMT

Not reliable at all (especially the AMT batch)

149 words, Malaysia, 3 comments


Savvy Lite 1.2

Great ride and handling for the money

139 words, Malaysia, 1 comment


Savvy Manual 1.2


124 words, Malaysia

Savvy AMT H-Line 1.2 D4F 16v

A malay proverb comes to mind "biawak hidup"

226 words, Malaysia

Savvy Lite 1.2

Great handling car and best value

86 words, Malaysia, 4 comments


Savvy 1.2 AMT

Acceptable, not bad

134 words, Malaysia

Savvy 1.2

For the price and handling, I can put up with the noise and niggles

212 words, Australia and New Zealand

Savvy AMT- R3 1.2

Excellent small car

235 words, Malaysia, 91 comments


Savvy MM 1.2

Nice car, parts expensive, costs too high, wait until Proton has been in Australia for a while

465 words, Australia and New Zealand, 1 comment

Savvy 1.2

It is an affordable and suitable compact for youngsters

122 words, Malaysia

Savvy 1.2

Low installment, low consumption and low maintenance. El perfecto

248 words, Malaysia, 1 comment


Not a driver's car

63 words, Malaysia, 8 comments

Savvy 1.2

Economical car

51 words, Malaysia, 35 comments