24th Nov 2005, 21:22

Hi, I own a Wira Sedan 1.5GLi Auto. It is registered 2001 but bought my on Jan 2002. The car has been great since then. It did give some minor little problems like the fog light not working, to which a small nudge under the bonnet will make it work.

The electric window is also a problem as both back windows died on me on the third year, though I rarely use it as it is only myself and my spouse.

At the moment, I have just got some problems and need anyone's advice on this; I fitted a slight larger exhaust, which create a slight increase in noise. But now the problem is that my accelleration up the hill is so cumbersome as I feel there is no power to go up the hill. Went to Proton Edar after a mechanic's advice on cleaning the air intake and engine tuning. The problem persist. I am also using the K&N filter.

Anyone have any idea what this problem is?

11th Jan 2006, 20:06

Why on earth do Proton even continue making these dreadful cars? I give Proton 5 years maximum before they are history.

16th Jan 2006, 06:39

Hello Proton user out there. I m looking to purchase a proton wira 1.5 but I need an advice is auto recommended and economical to go for. I m aware that an auto will have an increase of fuel cost, but what I want to know if anyone could advice me as in what kind of mileage I may get for every RM10 worth of fuel for city driving. Is there any shortfall with protons 1.5 auto models.

Do advice


23rd Jun 2006, 18:50

I am sure honorable Dr Mahathir will feel very sad if he reads this forum. Nevertheless, he is the one resulted this due to protectionism.

Looks like Pak Lah is opening up the car market and Proton will become junk car category soon.

Good luck all proton owners. It is time to switch Perodua, I have done that 3 years ago. Continue to support local car industry, but Perodua only.

27th Jun 2006, 09:45

If we read through this forum on the other car makers like Toyota, HOnda, Nissan, and even Perodua, you will realize that these cars makers have very little bad comments from the owners. Proton should ponder and should trying to understand why they failed so badly?? 20 years in car industry, what have we achieved so far? Feeding the Brits and Italians? The infant brother Mr China is coming out many wonderful models, the outlook and reliability are far out beating the very very fashion old Perdana!!! Malaysia BOLEH??? Malaysia is REALLY BOLEH??? I think we should ask Dr Mahathir........

17th Aug 2006, 20:42

I own a 1.3L y2000 Aeroback Wira injection. Everything was in an acceptable condition except that for the past 7 months, that each time after starting the engine, some weird sound can be heard. It really annoys when parking near beautiful ladies, they all stare at me, why not, it sounds like a stupid clown.

I've had the timing belt set changed, spark plug and even brand new engine oil, not to mention a fully syntetic one. Even had the starter serviced.

Please advise.

2nd Sep 2006, 01:24

Hi there...

I'm new here..

Just wanna share you my experience with my waja..

I bought it in august 2005..

Now, I used it for more than a year...

Luckily, my car didn't give me any big problem yet...

But yes, there's some noise with the power window..

Maybe it starting to make trouble...

And also, there's something wrong with the alarm system..

Something to do with the boot...

Each time I opened the boot and close it, the alarm system will be effected... the alarm sound is on, but my car won't lock..

And also, the paint for my both side mirrors are already peel off... maybe due to low quality paint used to spray the side mirrors...

That's all..

9th Sep 2006, 19:47

Seems that you are very tolerable to small problems. Have you calculated how much money that you had spent to repair those trivial problems? U should set your expectation, 5 years trouble free!

26th Sep 2006, 08:38

Well mate!! if you've changed all the belts (air-cond, timing, and etc) and make all adjustments to tighten it, but the sounds still persist.. i suggest you check on the pully bearing and the air-cond compressor bearing cause it might be the cause... try using a candle to slide at the side of the belt while the engine is on or the belt is running.. it might reduce the noise... if there is still noise... all pully bearing should be changed...BEWARE!! don't apply grease or any other oil on those belts... it would become worst!!!

6th Jan 2007, 09:40

I own a Proton Wira Sedan 1.5Gli year 2002. For the first 3 years, it went trouble free. But after that, the car is quite terrible. I always encounter engine die at second gear or when I want to stop at traffic light even I have my clutch push on. I have change spark plug, but the situation didn't get better. The suspension also a big problem, causing my tire to fail in just one year. Now have weird sound when travelling at 90km/h, feels like the tire will fall off. Very scared and stress when driving at fast speed, like no safety. It cost me a lot of maintenance last six month. I am very sad to own this car. Hopefully I get some money to upgrade to Honda or Toyota.

13th Aug 2007, 00:59

I do encounter this problem before.. engine die off when I stop at traffic lights... your engine timing has been offset.. get it tuned with a computer at any proton service outlets.. by just pressing a set back to factory setting everything will be fine, but it will cost you RM80++ haha... maybe you should look for some outside mechanics to tune it for cheaper price..

30th Jan 2008, 10:18


29th Jul 2008, 19:13

I have 1995 model of Wira 1.3 - until now I'm still using it as my first car. Even though it is not cool enough, old car tho - 13 years I just having minor problems which is should be changed after period of time.

I believe 75% of the total body parts are from Mitsubitshi.

24th May 2010, 00:32

Hi everyone!

I bought a brand new Proton Wira Aeroback 1.3 GLi in 2001, and it has NEVER give me big or major problems at all. True, it is slightly under powered, but that has been solved by changing to a 1.5 Wira exhaust system. I can really feel an increase in power without any side effects at all.

Minor problems are common to all cars, and my car is no exception. I've driven my Wira all the states in West Malaysia (for holidays) and it never gave me any problems at all. I'm truly satisfied with my car - it gives me confidence, reliability and comfort. It is true that it is underpowered, but then what do you expect from a 1.3L and a heavy body car?

19th Jun 2010, 14:16

Hi, I own a 2001 1.3i Wira. Till this comment was written, that car gave me many happy experiences. Although it gave me some problems, it still can compare with other new Wira cars.

First, my car broke down after 2 weeks. The speed sensor was faulty, my engine stopped running, and I was nearly hit by a truck behind me at a red traffic lamp. I felt angry because the service center couldn't trace why, but after my fourth claim at the service center, it was OK. TQ for that service center.

My engine was knocking when it was in low gear running. For more comfort, I changed to G Power NGK spark plugs. Using the Y code spark plugs from a different company. Now, I feel different. Very powerful.

There was oil leaking between head and cylinder block. So, I carried out a top overhaul service. The cylinder head bolt for that area (no 4 cylinder) shrank. Overtightened on production. Changed the new second hand cylinder head bolt from a 4g13 Mitsubishi engine, sealed with threebond silicon sealant. Till now my engine is still in good condition.

To get a better car, I don't make any modification on the exhaust system. Still original. But, maintaining the wear of tyres every 6 months, and check the pressure daily.

Lastly, I'm proud to my Wira. I won't sell it. Maybe some people are unlucky with Proton cars, but not me.