10th Jul 2010, 14:31

Hey guys, I bought that Wira 1.3 fuel injection car.. I'm really afraid to have bought that car now.. I hope my car doesn't give me any problems... help me god.

20th Sep 2010, 05:01

My 2002 Wira 1.3 GLi never gave problems to me.

I just made soft modifications to my car like changing the clutch to a 1.6 super touring set, 4-2-1 extractor with standard piping & Japan used muffler, 15" sport trim & racing lowered spring.

I'm satisfied with the pickup after making that modification, my car can challenge a Wira 1.5 until 4th gear.

Fuel consumption, I can get average 60km for RM10 ron95 petrol, whether in soft or hard driving conditions.

I have flush the radiator (without used coolant) and changed the timing belt two times and never re-tuning my engine. Until now, no problem with my car.

For maintenance, I just replaced the engine oil every 5000km, air filter & clean the throttle body every 10000km, Bosch super4 spark plug every 30000km (the plug cable is still standard).

The air-conditioning is still cold, whereas I never serviced or the refilled the gas until now.

For long distance journeys, I trust my car.. I'm proud of my car and won't sell it, but if I have extra money, I want to convert it to a Wira 1.6 engine.

21st Dec 2011, 07:32

I own a 2002 Proton Wira 1.3. Everything is fine, except the power loss, which is common due to heavy body weight. The car pickup is better when the air conditioning is turned off. Is it true the Denso compressor is very heavy and drags some power from the engine? What is the best and light power consuming compressor for the 1.3 engine to improve pick up and engine performance?

4th May 2012, 06:31

I own a 2004 Proton Wira 1.5 VDO.

After so many years, I have changed the rear suspension and radiator fan.

No major problems, but recently I found my gear knob bush misplaced with an Iswara 1.3 type, and causing a vibration when traveling at high speed. Weird, all this while I thought it was the cable problems according to the mechanic from the service centre.

Now (starting when I first bought this car) my RPM is low when the air conditioning kicks in, causing steering vibration. My tuning doesn't help, and I asked someone who does car wiring. He suspects it's the whole wiring that went wrong, because my air conditioning switch does not turn on the air conditioning, just the fan ONLY!!!

27th May 2013, 19:32

I need help regarding oil. Which standard of oil should I use for a Wira 2002 1.3? Can anyone give me some advice please? I have no idea what is wrong with the engine; it is consuming oil. After 2 weeks or a month, the oil is lower.

15th Dec 2014, 13:52

I don't know if you ever solved your problem, but oil consumption isn't tied to the type of oil, it means a failure elsewhere. Does the engine smoke? You can have bad valves, bad valve guides, piston rings. Has any major work been done on the car?

12th Oct 2015, 00:05

I bought a new Wira 1.3 GLi (basic line model) in 2003. It was OK for many years till lately it started to give me problems with the alternator. The original unit burned out in 2013. I replaced it with a reconditioned unit, but it lasted only 5 months. I was advised to replace it with a new set, so I invested it with a new APM, costing a whopping RM580. Now the coil burned again. I did add a set of bumper sport lights and a reverse sensor. Checked with three repairman who say the current supply is fine with all the electrical components switched on at full blast. What happened? Can anybody help me! My KM reading is only 97,540. YY. Teluk Intan.

11th Dec 2015, 06:50

Trying installing a grounding cable & alternator booster cable (a cable that is connected directly from the alternator to the battery). I guess this will help to lighten up the alternator load & prolong its lifespan.

19th Dec 2017, 11:59

Currently I'm using a Wira 1.3 2001. All is fine... but I'm having a problem with petrol when I'm using the A/C... too much petrol is used. Recently I installed a Surbo... which helped the car to improve the pick up. But I can't find solution for this A/C. Because of this issue, I don't use the A/C... any solution for this?