1994 Renault 19 16v Cabriolet 1.8 from UK and Ireland


My boyhood dream is better than I had hoped


Nothing as yet, but only had the car for a week!!! But I know the pads need changing and the cat is blowing!!

General Comments:

I have wanted a 19 16v since being a teenager!!! Now at 29 I finally jumped and bought one, not just any, I splashed out (£500) and brought a cab!!!

Even with high miles, this car pulls like a train from 3600rpm!!

Handles like a dream, especially being wrapped in full leather seats, which grip you as if your life depended on it, yet are so comfortable you would be forgiven for thinking you were in an armchair!!

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Review Date: 20th July, 2008

22nd Jun 2011, 10:23

I've had my '92 16v cab now for 6 years and 55k miles, totalling 125k.

It still goes like stink, engine first time starter, slickest gearbox I've known.

The bad news is it uses a lot of front wheel bearings, suspension ball joints/TREs, and front tyres, but I blame that on it's gecko-sticky cornering ability, and those figure-hugging comfy seats. On winding country roads (O bliss!!) or motorways, it is so rock steady and placable, you can drive it with far more confidence than my wife's equally well maintained MGF, whose handling and driver-pleasure are renowned.

The other bad points are: rattly windows on bumpy roads, (with the roof down), poor handbrake, snapped clutch cables (3!) and the need to remove the engine and gearbox to change the cam-belt and clutch, which I did last year. Even changing the oil filter is awkward and is easier if you move the steering reservoir and alternator support bar.

I got LPG put on mine when I first got it - no regrets, it gives diesel economy with a slight loss of power, but just switch over to petrol when you want the adrenaline rush! And having seen so many power hoods that do not work, I am quite happy to take 40 seconds to stow my hood manually under those 2 curvaceous bumps!

Little wonder that I call her my French mistress: high maintenance, but a lovely mover and gorgeous topless!

1994 Renault 19 16v Executive 1.8 16v from UK and Ireland


Its got something, but I don't know what.


These cars can be generally problematic like most old hot hatches, but they have something about them that keeps you going.

Top strut mount drivers side,

Rear brakes including the calipers, discs and pads.

Damn wheel bearings go quite often on these models.

Had rust on the sills (due to the side-skirts) so I cut them and replaced them with new ones before it got too bad.

These were the jobs I carried out when I bought it, they're not terribly well maintained anymore like most older cars.

General Comments:

Used to be the car to have when it came out. Still has good looks, but has lost near all credibility, require regular maintenance (which isn't cheap) and with second hand value so low, a lot of badly maintained examples around (don't buy them off e-bay)..

Leather interior is second to none and is probably one of the cars best points. I have the executive model which was available in 5dr version and had leather seats, air bag and cobra alarm as standard.

People say that they are quick, but don't be surprised to be wasted on the lights by most modern cars, in its day it wasen't bad, but compared to modern hot hatches it has no chance at all.

It has a nice throaty roar at high revs, but you really have to trash it to get performance which is a shame. Also hasn't followed its hot hatch rivals in to the classic hot hatch books, the likes of the Peugeot 205 GTI and Astra GTE 16v, which are holding value and credibility much better than the Renault.

Sadly a car that will probably fade into obscurity as time goes on, but I've got a soft spot for them and I don't care if its not the coolest car anymore.

To sum up a good looking, comfortable hot hatch which can get going when you put your foot down. But your mates won't think your cool and you won't win many traffic light grand prix in it anymore dispite what people might say. But they're cheaper than you think and a good one will serve you well.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2006

25th Feb 2008, 18:22

Hi there. Just reading what you were saying. I also have a Renault 19 8v (only 1400i).

I have put a K&N on it and a Powerflow back box on it.

I know it's not going to come close to what your R19 16v does.

But have you got any ideas how to make it faster? Thank you.