1994 Renault 19 RN Biarritz 1.4 Energy from UK and Ireland


This car has been my best buy yet!


There has been very little gone wrong with this car so far.

The only major fault that I have seen so far is a tendency to overheat in slow moving traffic jams.

This may well be due to a fault with the fan which does look to be very worn. This has been a problem since I've had the car, but is soon to be rectified.

Immobiliser warning LED no longer flashes (although immobiliser does still work so no real problem there).

No other faults so far.

General Comments:

So far this car has been a dream to drive (Except when sitting in traffic jams due to overheating problem).

It came with loads of standard kit that I would not have expected this kind and age of car.

Power steering came as standard, as did remote central locking, immobiliser, electric sunroof, seat height adjustment, front and rear fog lights and tinted windows.

A rather good stereo was also fitted.

Although it is not a particularly quick car the performance is more than adequate.

The fuel economy is great. With careful driving and a light right foot 42 miles per gallon is easily reached.

The 1.4 Energy engine is quiet and refined (Especially when compared to my old Vauxhall Astra).

The seats are very comfortable with the driver receiving both adjustable lumbar support and seat height adjustment.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2002

1994 Renault 19 16v 1.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Fast, exclusive, reliable


Blown exhaust back box (twice).

Front wheel bearings (enthusiastic cornering? Surely not!).

Front suspension arms.

Generally only wear and tear items associated with spirited driving.

General Comments:

Best non-Recaro sports seats I know of, and the offset position is not really a problem.

Pretty quick, but needs some revving to get the most out of it.

At the end, I was doing 3000 miles a week and returning over 40mpg.

Motorway cruising was just too noisy in the end.

You can go for days at a time and not see another one.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2001

30th Jun 2003, 05:38

I have just bought a "H" reg 16v model off of a friend of mine. it has 122000 miles on the clock. I paid £300 for the car and have since fitted two rear shock absorbers, full leather interior, sony door speakers and a new heater control switch box. all of this cost me £130 which in total is £430. it has a years MOT and 6 months tax and it flies! these cars really are cracking!

1994 Renault 19 RT 1.9 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


A pleasure to own and drive


Radiator corroded at 113,000.

Rear dampers at 130,000.

Clutch stiff since aquisition.

Rust on the leading edge of the bonnet.

General Comments:

Excellent fuel economy and good drive-ability compared to the Mondeo/Astra diesel.

Comfortable and quiet with the performance more than adequate to overtake as required, always my first choice to drive against a company Mondeo.

Build quality good with no defective trim falling off, unlike a Dagenham dustbin.

Shame it didn't get the modern fascia of European phase 2 models.

Ride could be stiffer, but should be improved by new rear shocks to be fitted ASAP, although I carry approximately 200lbs of equipment in the rear when used for work.

Audio disappointing, but the steering stalk is excellent, now coupled with Sony mini-disc, Kenwood 160w front speakers and Blaupunkt 80w rear speakers, pardon???

By far the most satisfying car I have owned, and yes I have had a few, and I still have it unlike the Ford!

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Review Date: 10th August, 2001

1994 Renault 19 RTi 1.4e E7J from Portugal


A very good family car


Clutch at 100000 km.

Alternator 110000 km.

General Comments:

Safe and easy to drive.

However lousy brakes, the disc are too small and not ventilated.

Very comfortable, the best seats I ever know in a compact family car.

Standard pieces are cheap (ex: bumpers).

Very nice equipment, such as air conditioning, power steering, alloy wheels, fog lights, radio with controls behind the wheel, which is partially in leather (from 16V).

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Review Date: 8th May, 2001