1990 Renault 5 Campus 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland


Another excellent car by Renault


The horn unit went shortly after buying the car - this is a common design fault on the Renault 5, the horn traps water and rots away.

General Comments:

The Renault 5 is an excellent first car providing comfort, reliability and most importantly it is very cheap to run. Mine has only done 42 000 and it is 14 years old.

The service costs are very cheap, I had the timing, timing belt, brakes (new servo and pads), horn done for £160!! This is just general wear and tear though.

It picks up quite well for a 1.1 and maintains its speed very well on motorways no problem.

I used to own a G Rover Metro, a total rust bucket. I would recommend a Renault 5 to anyone who is looking for a cheap, but cheerful first car or a runabout.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2004

22nd Oct 2004, 20:09

I totally agree that the Rover Metro is a total rust bucket!

The Renault 5 is an excellent car, great fun to drive with a sturdy long lasting build compared too many of todays models.

I have had 4 renault 5's throughout my time and each one I have owned I have had great times and fond memories.

My latest Renault 5 is a 'H' reg, 2 door automatic.

It needed quite a bit of 'minor' work doing to it, such as interior light replacement, steering alignment, bulbs replacing on the heater control (a total pain to replace) plus several bulbs needed replacing on the actual dashboard clock display, thermostat replacement, spark plug replacement, and a good interior dash, and carpet clean due to oil and dirt. (i done a proper job by removing the seats completely)

I removed the door panels which were quite dirty and cleaned them and I am quite impressed with the results now everything is in full working order and is nice and clean.

Now I have sorted the many minor annoyances, I now need to find time to 'patch-up' a couple of very minor rust spots forming around the rear window, and the front bumper needs replacing due to a minor crack, but apart from that she runs fine, starts first time and is a pleasure to drive.

Renault 5's can be slightly expensive on parts from time to time with the lack of suppliers, but well worth it to keep your pride and joy up to scratch.

Renault 5's are a great little classic car, and a joy to drive, and I must say that this one I recently brought for just £300 is a bargain, despite the time needed to bring her back up just a little, and she even has the latest in audio technology - a D.A.B head unit!

15th Jan 2005, 05:45

Does the 1.1 liter have a timing belt?

I'm 95% sure as it is basically the same engine as the old 1.4 unit it has a chain which should last engine's life time all being well.

Watch out for Renault service they are very nice, if you don't know about cars, but quick to take your money.

21st Apr 2006, 11:32

I have just bought a Renault 5 campus and I'm finding parts very hard to come by. is anyone else having this problem or am I just unlucky?

4th Jul 2006, 07:13

Parts shouldn't be any real problem. Dealers should have most stuff, but otherwise most motor factors will have general wear and tear items (filters, plugs). I have also found ebay a good source of bits and pieces too. And scrapyards of course.

1990 Renault 5 TR 1.4 petrol from Netherlands


Underestimated, reliable classic to be


All sorts of regular wear and tear; and some things that really shouldn't have happened (Like the engine mount!). I've kept the bills!

* Broken engine mount, km 130000.

* Intake manifold gasket replaced, km 145000.

* Front disks replaced, km 150000.

* Dynamo replaced, km 155000.

* Tired and rotten exhaust replaced, km 160000.

* Horn replaced, km 163000.

* Three out of four wheel-bearings replaced; front suspension overhauled, yet another replaced horn (they trap water and rot away), km 170000.

* Glazed front-braking pads and broken right-side headlamp-unit replaced, km 179000.

Recently (over the past year or so) general squeaks and rattles have become more audible; especially from the rear suspension, the driver's door locking-peg (amazing how much noise it makes! Deafening! Solution is to lock myself in while on the move...), and more worryingly from the steering column. Just today, I said to myself "my dear fiver is getting a little tired".

I must however add that it NEVER let me down in such a way that further driving wasn't possible. Biggest trouble so far was the exhaust that almost came off while on holiday in France. Best country to have such a problem BTW; a major Renault dealer can be found in just about every town.

My previous 5, a TL, tended to rot away merrily, but the TR just refuses to do so. A few superficial corrosion-spots here and there, but really nothing serious.

General Comments:

This is my second "5" and that's because my mum kept passing them on to me! I still have the current TR not so much in a way of being polite to her, but because it's really a great little car.

It's very light, so the 55 HP feel like quite a bit more and I'm quite sure it outruns my classic Lancia Fulvia; which has 92 bhp - but weighs in over 220kg more. The 5 has very light and especially precise steering, with absolutely NO slack at all. Straight-line stability is amazing.

It corners extremely confidently; and on a recent trip to Germany, longer stretches at 160 kph (100 mph) are no problem at all. Engine noise is only audible from 120 kmph upwards and even at almost top speed - it will go on to 167 kph with a little patience - doesn't ever become anywhere near deafening. Up to 120 kph, wind and tyre-noise are all you hear and they're not bothersome.

Seats are rather soft, but in the right way, and it takes long motoring-hours before my own "chassis" starts to ache by sitting on the driver's seat! Interior is rather sparse and feels a bit "budget" but the driving position is fine.

The clutch on my car is on its way out and with cold engine tends to slip while starting off. It always was a little bit "edgy" anyway.

Did you know that this isn't a wind-tunnel-designed no-name thing, but a true Design by Marcello Gandini? Think Miura, Countach, Diablo, Montreal, Stratos...

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2003