1990 Renault 5 prima GL 1.1 petrol from Italy


Can easily compete with quite a few new model cars


Steering bearings, due to wear and tear, driving up in the mountains.

No real problem at all.

General Comments:

Very reliable, and nippy car. Would keep it for ever if it lasts.

It can still keep up 150km/h for a non stop 6hrs, fully loaded!

I'll really get myself another Renault.

Totally satisfied for a cheap running trendy and reliable little car.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2002

1990 Renault 5 GTR 1.4 injection from Netherlands


A luxurious version of a legend


Drive shafts worn-out (common problem with Renault 5s).

Rear brake cylinder leaked.

Control lever defect/worn-out, replacement is quite expensive!

Passenger-side electric window went defect, quite easy to repair.

Lots of maintenance costs due to previous owner, he didn't take care very well of the car.

Lots of squeaks and rattles from the dashboard.

Remote control (central locking) defect.

Bumpers and paint fade, probably because my car is flame red.

Engine support rubber broke, causing exhaust connection (to engine) and gear rubbers to break down as well.

Leaking fuel tank (inexpensive to repair)

General Comments:

This GTR is one of the last luxurious Renault 5s. After 1991 only the Campus was left over (inexpensive, but also sober, with a Renault Express dashboard).

This Renault 5 GTR is basicly a GTX, with a less powerful 60 HP 1.4 engine (same engine is used in the Renault 9/11/19 and Volvo 340). Engine is very reliable.

Road behaviour is averagely, but much better than the pre-1987 Renault 5 generation. Suspension is comfortable.

Lots of standard features, e.g. central locking with remote control, electric windows, tinted glass, injection engine, velour upholstery, fog lamps (yellow, typical French), re-designed bumpers with metal striping, good sound system, comfortable bucket seats, etc.

Pretty fast car, especially in 2nd gear, but acceleration after 70 km/h is quite slow (despite its 1.4 engine). The same engine is still used in the new Clio, but of course with 16 valves technology.

Nowadays it's not easy to find a Renault 5 in good shape. Watch out for corrosion, especially at the bottom of this car.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2002

24th May 2004, 09:32

I have a TR in the same color - and, yes it fades. Recently, it had gotten so bad that the big annual polishing-exercise had become a necessity, in order not to drive around in a coarse-feeling satin-pink painted abomination.

Get Comandant 3, 4, and Sonax Extreme Wax. Any similar brands could be used as well of course, but these brands are in a league of their own, really. Just spread the work over several days in order to re-gain your arm-muscles' strengths... :-)

I've just finished mine and it's deep, shining red again.

1990 Renault 5 GTX 1.7 4 cylinder from UK and Ireland


A real Hot Hatch!!!


Rear brake cylinders leaked, lifted the braking surface off the brake shoes!

Gears sometimes clash, quite possibly just the clutch in need of adjustment.

The rear window de-mister doesn't work (or not very effective)

Lots of squeaks and rattles, mainly because the interior is quite plasticy (but hey! that's a French car for you!)

Central locking seems faulty e.g. sometimes different doors lock/unlock and sometimes they don't. (accidentally broke the passenger door panel trying to diagnose the problem...)

Polyester bumpers fade and look shabby.

General Comments:

Looks quite stylish in black, factory alloys look great too.

1.7 model - beats my friends Golf off the mark (not to mention a few Jap cars as well)

Nice upholstery, rather comfy, it is one small car that I don't mind driving long distances.

Starts OK in the cold (thank god for that manual choke!!) -although don't forget to turn the choke off as it isn't economical to use it all the time... remember to turn it off before you turn the car off as the engine keep seems to keep firing!!!

Runs much better with a tune and some engine mods.

Great handling with new shocks fitted.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2002

8th Sep 2005, 15:46

Had a 5 GTX now for 5 years, having had 2 great GTT's. GTX not as fun unless toyed with. Mine lowered, K&N, straight through exhaust, GTT interior, bare metal respray with 2 metalflakes, alloys and low profiles,2 doors and boot replaced (rotten). 20 year old wooden steering wheel, ice install and great fun. Just spent £1k on engine rebuild due to cam bearing seizure, but worth every penny. 153,000 and loving it. Long live the GTX.