1990 Renault 5 GT Turbo (Phase II) 1.4 ohv turbo from UK and Ireland


Performance bargain!


I purchased this car very cheaply with a blown engine, so immediately there were a lot of things I need to rectify and replace.

The reason I got the car was because it was a late model GTT on an H plate and was totally original and undamaged, with virtually no rust at all, which is excellent for a 12 year old car. Was the ideal base for a project.

Have done a full re-build of the engine myself and it started at the first turn of the key, which was both surprising and yet very satisfying at the same time! :)

Then I have also replaced the radiator (with an up-rated copper cored one), which was the cause of the engines demise in the first place and also fitted a new low temp rad fan switch, a high speed rad fan motor and a low temp thermostat to keep things running cool.

This is *very* important with R5 GTT's and is the cause of a lot of problems.

I have also fitted a kevlar heat shield, new anti-perc fan, new sensors, a Pipercross cone filter, a full Scorpion stainless steel exhaust, a dump valve, new dizzy cap & rotor arm, new HT leads, Splitfire spark plugs, etc... all things to keep it running well.

Have also cleaned and sorted out the interior as the seat bolsters were crushed (as per usual), but these have now been repaired.

General Comments:

The car came supplied with some 15" Team Dynamics alloys, Avo adjustable coil-over suspension, an adjustable front strut brace, cross drilled discs & uprated pads, a hybrid turbo, silicone boost hoses, a copper cored intercooler and so was already well specced up before I got it.

Now the car is on the road and in the process of running the engine in, so the boost is backed right off and I am driving it gently for 500 miles.

Once run in and I can get it set up on a rolling road and have the boost and the fuelling set, it should be running about 170bhp, which gives a *very* impressive power to weight ratio of 205bhp/tonne!

The R5 GTT is now a rare sight on our roads and a mint one is an even rarer sight, so I am proud to own such a fine example.

I bought this car as a play thing and I can see that I will have a *lot* of fun in it!

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Review Date: 17th June, 2002

1990 Renault 5 GT Turbo 1.4 turbo petrol from UK and Ireland


The one and only true hot hatch!


Nothing yet!

General Comments:

Tend to run very hot and very tempremental starting when hot.

Sticks to the road like superglue and goes like a bat out of hell!!!

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Review Date: 29th May, 2001

1990 Renault 5 Turbo Raider 1.4 turbo from UK and Ireland


French tin can rocket ship


Head gasket blown at 30 PSI.

Wheel bearings worn, 17"s may not help.

Seat side bolsters worn.

Engine cooked at 84000 miles... Kinked radiator pipe to blame.

General Comments:

These cars are wicked.

Ultimate street car winner, Santa Pod 2000.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2001

5th May 2001, 22:22

Wow! What a car. It is simply the best GT Turbo I have ever seen!

25th Feb 2002, 16:54

Hi I've owned 3 Tenault 5 turbos and all of them went through wheel bearing like hot cakes, changing wheel size might help matters but not too sure. As for the 30 p.s.i boost, that's way too much for a little 1.4, maybe a Cosworth can handle that kind of boost pressure. But I would agree that the cars are little pocket rockets and I look forward to getting my 4th. So keep the 5 alive :)

1990 Renault 5 TL 1.1 petrol from UK and Ireland


Low cost reliability


Faulty distributor cap.

Rear drums leaking fluid.

Speedo stopped/started working by itself.

Leaking drivers window is hard to wind up.

General Comments:

Very good car. Had to get it electronically tuned to get the electrics right. Otherwise it's a good car for city driving and open roads. I got a cool 86mph out of it so it's able to keep up with traffic!

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Review Date: 25th January, 2001