4th Jan 2006, 15:23

I have a Renault Clio 1.2 16v and it runs like a dog I was having problems with the engine management light, but that was water getting in the computer now the revs have dropped can they do that on there own? does anyone know.

19th Jan 2006, 04:41

I purchased a Renualt Clio 4 weeks ago 02 plate and since buying it when its ticking over it judders like its going to stall, if it does stall I have real problems starting it again. I have just taken it into the garage and received a phone call from them telling me the spark plugs need replacing, the tdc centre has loose wiring and the wiring loom and the rear axle bushing is loose, too, sounds like all Clios get these problems!! luckily mine is still under warranty although they we're refusing to cover the spark plugs!!

30th Jan 2006, 14:54

Many Renaults have a |____| shaped vacuum pipe at the back of the engine. We have come across many that have chafed through where rubbing on the bulkhead.

If yours is fitted with one and it`s 'holed' it will allow too much air into the induction system causing really bad performance and uneven running. Get a new one (£6) and fit it so that the fault can't reoccur. ie cable-tie it out of the way.

3rd Feb 2006, 04:20


I'm having problems too. I have a Clio Extreme on a 02 Plate.

The car seem to stall when I start it unless I rev it to the 3000 RPM line which for a cold engine can't be doing any good.

Its also got the rattling roof, the oil consumption is 1L for 1500 miles which is stupid and I'm getting pretty fed up. Whats covered under an extended Warranty from a dealership, guessing the electrics aren't and I'm not looking forward to some large bill coming through if major work needs to be done.


15th Feb 2006, 09:04

I have a Y reg 2001 1.2 16v Clio. It is OK to drive until I come to stop at junction etc and orange light come on (the one with a coil in).

Unless you rev engine car stalls.

Taken it today to local garage and was put on machine - fault code came up as ID141A1 - but this is an un-defined code!

Anybody know what this is or having the same problems?


23rd Feb 2006, 07:33

I have a Y reg 44,000 miles 1.4l 16V Renault Clio and have recently been suffering problem of misfiring and loss of power. I replaced the plugs and that improved it a bit, but it was still misfiring intermittently. So after a couple of weeks I took it to the local garage. When I collected it he said that one of the ignition coils had gone and was replaced. I drove 10 miles, but then it started missing again, but worse than before. So I just managed to get back to the garage and the mechanic said two more coils had gone and I might as well replace the final one as well, which I did and now the car seems alright at the cost of £240! The mechanic said it was a common problem.

25th Feb 2006, 16:28

I have a 1.2 Clio Rush (11 months old) and also have been experiencing difficulties. When I slow down eg. approaching junction or roundabout, the revs drop right down and the car just cuts out. I am driving around like a nervous wreck with my hand hovering over my hazard lights every time I brake, as I'm concerned that the car behind me will plough into me not realising that I have lost all power!

I find myself dipping my clutch and trying to rev while braking and its just not an acceptable or safe way to drive. Its booked in for next week and I will post the outcome.

1st Mar 2006, 03:30

Hi, I also have a 1.2 16v y reg Clio! Reading through the posts I'm having sooooo many ov the same problems!! Revs dropping, Misfiring, car cutting out at the most inconvenient times!! I brought the car Sep 05, Since then its been in the garage nearly every other week!! Getting this sorted is becoming costly! As one problem gets solved its back within a week or I have another fault to deal with!! Can anyone help with the juddering and revs dropping, My lights have also started flickering! I've been told to change the Spark Plugs, but not sure if this will solve the problem!!

(Engine Managment light is on) Can anyone help I'm at the end of my tether with the thing!!! Thanks if anyone can help!!

10th Mar 2006, 04:14

I see that many of you guys are having electrical problems. My 2002 Clio 1.2 Dynamique is in the Renault dealer having the engine management software re-loaded, the engine loom replaced along with the throttle control and a bunch of engine sensors (really costly!).

All these things happened to me in the rain on the M4 motorway, obvious cause - water in the electrical system. I have been in touch with V.O.S.A. (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) about this; they have a record of many electrical faults related to this model of Clio.

IMHO the problems have to be engine loom related (especially seeing as the loom seems to rub against it's own brackets see an earlier post from the 22nd December 2005). I recently received a reply to a post on the Parkers.co.uk web forums which said:

"I think that if you probe the local dealership gently, you will find that there is a Yellow OTS regarding the wiring loom. This means it is a known fault and I just suspect that VOSA might have already called Renault in on this, who stated that it would deal with it as a "goodwill" matter."

I only hope that something can be done to persuade Renault to address this problem in the correct manner.

17th Apr 2006, 17:53

I have a 1999 Renault Clio Grande RN 1.2 that has just started to cut out when I am driving it. The problem seems to occur when I ease my foot off the gas. When the engine cuts, the engine management light comes on the dashboard. This happened one time a few months ago and I thought nothing of it because the car started again no problem. But it's happened 5 times in the last week and it's beginning to really annoy me. I'm going to book the car in for a service tomorrow to get it checked out. I'll post with an update.

18th May 2006, 15:34

I have a 52 Clio 1.2 Expression. The electronic warning light came on and fault was found referring to throttle angle sensor. Report from garage states 'found wiring rubbed through by security bracket. Also found continuity of map sensor not up to spec. Had throttle body, upper engine loom and map sensor replaced. Garage advised they have negotiated 75% discount off parts from Renault, but so far I've not had bill - work has been done and car returned - so I was getting suspicious. Seems to run OK, but yesterday airbag warning light flickered on, trip recorder returned to zero and approx 300 miles came off clock?!

27th May 2006, 07:09

Hey, I got told by a garage that I needed a new loom for my clio and he said it wld cost 700/800 plus labour and vat.

The best thing you can do is ring up a dealer or another garage and get a quote from them.