30th May 2006, 13:46

Following on from my comment on the 26th May, I called Renault and they said the wiring Loom was £200 plus, so I asked a garage and they said £150 + VAT (getting closer, but I wanted under £100) so I looked round on the Internet and I have just bought a full engine wiring loom for £46 + VAT. It's being delivered Wednesday so I'm having a garage fit it Thursday and if the fault still occurs I'm going to have to cough up £500 for a new E.C.U and then sell this car as fast as possible before something else happens to it!!! I love this car so much, but I have paid out as much on repairs as I have on the buying the actually car so goodbye my French friend!!! (Any one want to buy a Lovely Black Clio 2001 1.2? It's an awsome little runner! Ha!)

31st May 2006, 01:16

I have a Y Reg Clio and every since I have had it (9 months) I have noticed that the air bag light has been on. I have spoken to the guy from whom it was purchased and he assured me that it was some wires beneath the seat that was causing the light to come on. I went to a garage and after using a LAUNCH diagnostic machine it discovered that the fault was a problem with the manifold pressure sensor. This sensor I am told cost £173!!! Does anybody know what this sensor regulates as I cannot seem to find any information on the internet?

1st Jun 2006, 19:52

Every one with the Rev dropping and cutting out problem just take your car to your local garage and ask them to clean the Manifold Sensor as it's probable covered in carbon. I did it and the problem hasn't come back since (touch wood) It cost me £38 all together!! I hope it's that easy for everyone else!!

2nd Jun 2006, 13:23

In response to the message left on the 31st May: The computers on most modern cars take inputs from a number of sensors and use that information to calculate fuel injection, timing, transmission operation, and a number of other actions. Not all cars will have all sensors. Computers in modern cars will have a range for expected readings for the sensors, if one falls out of the expected range, the computer can store an error code. Sometimes, this will also trigger a SERVICE ENGINE or similar light. A mechanic can read these codes, or on some cars you can do it yourself.

MAP Sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure) Measures the air pressure in the intake manifold. Changes in engine operation and speed will affect the MAP sensor reading, which the computer uses in fuel and timing calculations. Often it will have a single vacuum line connection plus an electrical connection. Some turbo charged cars also use the MAP sensor to measure barometric pressure.

Hope that helped.

6th Jun 2006, 16:33

I have an 02 reg 1.2 16v Dynamique, and she has been a lovely runner, until something goes wrong, aside the usual rattling sunroof and Passenger Airbag sensor light, which with a wiggle and few choice words, gets resolved, there have been few problems. The pick up is usually fairly nippy and handling is pretty good.

Last year though after its first MOT and Service, the coil pack and HT leads failed resulting in a variety of lights flashing on the dash, It was resolved fairly quickly and the local garage, were very helpful.

Then the temperature sensor (the one on the passenger wing mirror) started to read temperatures, closer to that of the Sahara than a cold snowy day in England! – Then the displayed temperature disappeared altogether. Following this the interior lights went on and off as they pleased, sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn`t. – This was due to the grease the garage put on the boot catch during its last service. (I think, when I WD40`d it, it cleared and hasn`t happened again!) There is a sensor which controls the lights inside the lid, which had got caked in gunge.

The most recent problem is that it doesn`t want to start, the starter motor fires and it churns away, but it seems like the engine doesn`t want to pick up. Eventually after several 10 – 15 goes it will catch and function normally, until I turn it off, and the same will happen again. It was so bad the other day, I had to call out the breakdown company to rescue me, and low and behold it started without a problem! I took it back to the garage, who also couldn`t find a problem. I have checked almost everything and have noticed the rubbing on the black box at the back, and am beginning to wonder what else has packed up or in need of repair, I certainly don`t relish paying for a new wiring loom or even worse an ECU!

Overall not very successful! – I used to recommend them and Renault to people when they asked what`s it like, but now, I would have serious reservations what with major parts failing due to a lack of design and thought.

7th Jun 2006, 15:32

All of the comments I have read seem to have one thing in common, electrics. Though I do not have the true cause, my 1.2 '06 Clio 6 weeks old has gone up in flames. It started when I parked the car, turned off the ignition then put the radio back on. From noticing smoke coming from the bonnet to total burn out, 5 minutes. The fire officer initially thinks possible battery connection fault. My Renault dealer says he has never heard of this happening before.

12th Jun 2006, 11:05

I have a 1.2 Renault clio expression. In the past month both at the same time the warning lights for airbag and service have come on. The car had supposedly been given a service by the dealer when I bought it back in February this year. Has anyone any info on how to get rid of these warning lights. It's not due its next service for a while and it's first MOT is due this September. Would be grateful of any comments.

12th Jun 2006, 12:40

Can I state once more.

If you are experiencing these problems please see my previous post before once more slagging off Renault in general, massive generalisations are unfair and each case needs to be treated individually.

If your car is not covered by warranty:

You want to know how to remove the black engine ecu cover at the back of the engine? You need to contact me as this cannot really be made public.

Also take note that local garages diagnostic equipment is not very useful, you're better off paying half an hours labour rate at a Renault dealership to get a proper diagnostic check with Clip.




15th Jun 2006, 14:19

I have a Clio 1.2 RN T reg and I recently had a problem with the air bag light. Lots of people said the problem was to do with the wiring under the seat, but it turned out to be the air bag module that cost £200 inc labour repaired by a non Renault dealer. Also had problems with vehicle refusing to turn over, diagnosed finally as something called a crank sensor which cost around £80 inc labour. Today, the injection warning light is staying on. Car seems to be running well, but at idle, the speedometer seems to have a mind of its own. Can anyone give me some advice to save me another big bill.