15th Jan 2003, 14:42

I run my Cup mainly on regular unleaded with the odd tank of Super for good measure. I have not heard too many good reports about the optimax. My mate put a tank into his Scooby Turbo (slightly modified), and it 'pinked' like mad. Don't think its all its cracked up to be.

16th Jan 2003, 07:00

I thought I'd mention that I have a 172 which I have had for over a year now. I have driven other sports cars, and I would agree that it doesn't have the performance that some people here seem to think, however it really does have a blinding performance for the money. I've not driven the 172 Cup and I'm not sure that I would swap now that I have done just over 9000 miles in mine. The performance has been slightly improved by simply using Shell Optimax petrol, OK so it costs a bit more, but after you've used about 3 or 4 tank loads you'll notice the difference. Pulling away at speed is smoother, and the engine just feels more responsive. As for the niggles with the rear brakes, I also get this, but then I got it with my old 206 GTI, but then I can live with it. One thing to note, one set of Contisport Contact 195/45 16R, only lasted me 9000 miles.

17th Jan 2003, 11:30

Guys I'm in the same boat, the car rattles especially the dash board on my cup the windows also rattle.

On a full tank of unleaded the trip computer shows 320 miles, using super unleaded it shows 300.

Whenever any of you floor your cars does it pull to one side, the power is mad. The cars body work feels like it is made out of plastic, if you go to the front wheel arch and push the body in it can actually go in by 3/4inches.

Don't ever park your cars at tesco, your screwed if you do the car dents so easy it's a joke.

17th Jan 2003, 12:21

I have had no probs with my Cup. I shut the bonnet by laying it down and then pressing on the outside front corners, no problems so far.

The guy that damaged his, sounds nasty... But, for the 'brakes to lock' at 5 mph you must have hit them quite hard. In the snow I thought it was normal to avoid brakes use little speed and gears to slow? I actually like the lack of ABS and its lightness, that's why I bought it!

20th Jan 2003, 09:47


I've got a problem with my mark 1 172 that has just done 36000 miles. I love the power, but at about 45 - 50mph it gets really loud with a sort of throbbing resonance coming from the rear.

The noise seems to be something to do with the rear wheels as opposed to the engine/exhaust as it doesn't change with different revs.

Has anybody else seen this problem? I've never heard anyone complaining particularly about the 172 being noisy so wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions.

It's due a major service so I'll check with the dealer, but thought I'd ask anyway.


21st Jan 2003, 01:56

Mine has giving up the ghost this morning. All the light are on on the dashboard, some lovely cliking noises coming, started once and then died again. 10 Months old and I'm not a happy chappy, supposed to be 100 miles away at work by now. Nice man from the AA is on his way.

22nd Jan 2003, 02:08


I'm the guy who is greedy and owns two 172's. I was interested to hear your comments on the 205BHP conversion. Sounds interesting, but reading comments on the owners club web sites they say bolt on parts are fine, but start playing with the internals of the engine and your looking for trouble. I assume your warranty will be invalid as well, the same as it is on one of mine which has some Janspeed work on it. Unless of course a seat or something breaks which the garage cannot blame on your engine changes.

With regard to 17's I have seen cars with them on. Do a search under 172 clio and there is a site with pics of loads of them with 17's on.

I think lowering the suspension would be a big mistake, the ride on the car would be altered dramatically and would no longer be remotely comfy. I had the same thought as I thought it would improve handling. A friend of mine who is a rally driver then took me out in my own car and showed me how it should be driven fast. The end result was that we both consider the car to be perfect as it is and I want to go on rally driver training. I was probably using 65% of what the car can do, he got 90% and there is another 10% hidden in there somewhere.

Oh and 90mph sideways round a sharpish long bend is only a good thing when a clean pair of trousers are readily available for the passenger.

Keep the comments coming guys they make great reading.

Oh and number two 172's fault has been diagnosed, a melted alternator and a burnt out wiring loom. This after 15,000 miles and ten months. Anyone else had similar?

29th Jan 2003, 15:49

My friend has just bought a Scooby Prezza 2 litre Turbo, should I be worried??? - Do you think my clio cup will keep up with him or should I just admit defeat before I start?!


6th Feb 2003, 07:41

My clio cup has been in the garage now for two weeks since I damaged the suspension, they still have not sorted it out, the service is crap, it took them 10days just to realise that the car was in there service car park.

I saw quite a few damaged clio cups due to the snow we all had a few weeks ago, you should have seen some of them, I thought my damage was bad. All the accidents were caused by locking up the brakes whilst trying to turn corners, I love the clio cup, but would prefer it to have ABS. The clio cup is a drivers car you never know what the limits are, it's a wonderful car to drive, I miss driving it, and sick of walking to and from work.

Becareful of them alloys it is so easy to damage them when parking, I noticed that the clio cups that were there all had alloy damage.

There will also be some warranty work done aswell, both driver and passenger seats jam, a few rattles aswell, and the driver door squeekes when opening and closing the door, but apart from all that lovely motor cheap and very powerful for the price, all us lucky people that own these pocket rocket cars are lucky.

7th Feb 2003, 05:40

I agree that the service is totally crap. Once you have paid your cash, they don't want to know you. Very poor.

I sent a nasty letter into AC Renault two weeks ago and have still heard nothing back. The car was there more often that what it was sat on my drive.

I had to have a new seat back ordered. Simple procedure you would have thought? 2 wrong seat backs latter, a broken seat clip and an overnight stay in the garage car park, the car was fixed. I am dreading it needing anything else!