4th Jan 2003, 09:37

Read your last silly comment and see if makes sense.

Surely you have noticed how many doors your car has??!

If you are a 'real' Cup owner, we welcome your comments and interest. If not, please don't waste our time.

4th Jan 2003, 17:31

Hay, I've owned a clio cup now since they were 1st out, I had to have one and traded in my 1.2 clio which was only 6 months old to get one. The performance for such a small car is amazing. I've driven my friends MG TF the 2 seater sports cabriolet, doesn't impress me at all, has not got the punch like my car, and you could buy a lot better with the money (in my opinion). I've read all the posts here and I've noticed that all the problems that people are having, my car seems to have as well?? There are a few things which annoy me... 1: Brakes sticking when pulling off in the morning from a cold start. 2: Seats for entry into the back are dodgy, they stick and don't slide back unless the seat is folded down. 3: Suspension squeaking, even when driving slow. 4: Interior seems to rattle from time to time from different areas of the car. 5: Sometimes when you floor the throttle (only happened 3-4 times) you need to pump the accelerator before it bites. That's it really, I should take the car back, but I need it for work and I can't leave it with the garage for more than 1 day! One last thing, How old are you people that own 172's and How much are you paying for insurance? I'm 21 with 0 no claims discount and I'm forking out £2000. Thanx.

5th Jan 2003, 09:00

I owned a 1.2 dynamique before also! I got renault free insurance and after one year I sold the 1.2 and bought the cup, renault insurance offered me the equivalent of 4yrs no claims and I only had one! I am 21 and I pay £1100!

5th Jan 2003, 15:16

Same suspension squeaks as I am getting. I am going to take mine back to the dealer shortly with a list and tell them to get it all sorted.

As for insurance, I am paying about £900. Being 23, 3 years NCB with 5 points. Oh and ma girlfriend (21) is on it. (Think she has driven it about twice!)

Insurance is with D. Line.

5th Jan 2003, 16:09

Hey, I’ve just bought a new clio cup, but have decided to wait until 01/03/03 to collect it in order to give me time to sell my clio 1.2sport privately. Following on from the last comment I am 21 with 2 years no claims discount. The cheapest quote I have got so far is with Renault insurance at around £1800-£1900. Can anyone suggest any other companies that you 172 owners are insured with? Would be much appreciated. Cheers.

6th Jan 2003, 03:20

Mate I was one of the first in the country to get mine, believe me I do have a clio cup. I'm not on your case, but in one of your comments you said I had no idea, a bit rude mate, we are all entitled to make our comments.

I am also having problems with the seats, and when you release the handbrake the car makes a noise.

It also rattles on low speed, the other day I floored the car the wheels started to spin on first gear, there was such a vibration noise under the gear box I thought something exploded. Have any of you had any problems in low speeds going round a corner the suspension makes a clicking noise or some kind of rattle.

7th Jan 2003, 08:33

Yip. Its all been low speed squeaks will my car.

Car is going in to the garage in the next couple of days. Will let you all know the response.

9th Jan 2003, 05:25

Hi all, forgive me for a quick question (rather than a comment), but:

What's a typical waiting time between placing your order for a Cup and actually getting the car?

Looking to get one in June, just wondering whether I should place the order now.


9th Jan 2003, 07:44

Good afternoon all.

Just thought I would add my comment. Call me greedy, but I own not one, but two 172 Clio's. One is bog standard and me other half drives it, the other has the prototype Janspeed exhaust on it and is mine. The exhaust was free from Janspeed. They had my car for a week, built the best they could, from both performance styling and sound points of view. Then I get to keep the exhaust and they keep the jigs and fixtures to mass produce it and sell it on to you guys. I would recommend it 100%. The car was rolling road tested to give an extra 5BHP after the exhaust and I then had the CAT taken off. This should be good for another 5BHP again I reckon. She gives out 94 DB so its loud, but not obtrusive on long journeys.

My next stage is a piper cross induction kit. Does anyone have any facts and figures as to whether these work. I don't mean does it sound or feel better either, I would like real figures. No point putting it on if it don't give more power through the range.

Oh and by the way, my other car is a TVR. She growls like nothing on earth.

Happy driving.


10th Jan 2003, 02:15


The guys at Janspeed did a graph and the power difference was at the flywheel, they did the calculations to what that meant at the wheels. I Can't remember the details, but they have a graph which shows the gain throughout the range. She still pulls strong right up the rev range when the standard car is starting to peak and drop power.

To answer the do I notice the difference, yes I do. I have raced my other car and with me in front and my friend trying to hang on behind I can pull away from him. This is with him in my slipstream, so YES she is quicker. It also makes a gorgeous noise which turns heads, something the standard car never does. The 'is that the one down from the 172' comment is now restricted to the second car alone, it never gets said about mine. The twin round pipes at the back finish the job off to perfection.

Any news on Induction kits guys? Do they provide more grunt or do they mean power lose? My mechanic friend reckons they are OK until the weather gets hot and then they become restrictive and you loose power???


12th Jan 2003, 07:59

Yeah the Pipercross kit looses power even at this time of year! had it on the rollers last weekend and it lost 5bhp after 5 runs! the viper is supposed to be really good though, but at £250 it's a bit of a rise from the £80 paid for the pipercross.. the sound is twice as nice though!

Viper kits come with cold air induction pipe!

15th Jan 2003, 04:53

Question for you all.

What fuel do you run you 172 on? Up until a couple of weeks ago I have ran both of mine on standard unleaded. Having read an article on a web site and the note inside the fuel cap I have changed over to Shell Optimax (or whatever its called. I'm not sure I can feel any difference other than my MPG has dropped of by approx 2.

Any comments???