25th Nov 2002, 11:02

You will not be dissapointed with the Clio cup. I've had mine for about 6 weeks and it is brilliant fun. You just can't help, but put your foot down all the time - It sounds amazing.

Don't think the front tyres will last very long though.

8th Dec 2002, 05:52

My Cup has covered around 3500 miles now and I had the pleasure of going game on with a Civic Type R. The R was slightly modified with a stainless and a filter.

We were both the same through 2nd, I pulled up alongside through 3rd, both the same through to 120mph, but then the R edged back in front after that. By 135mph, he was almost 2 cars ahead. The meet was done fairly, side by, and slightly up hill then flat. (thank god for the green shift light, I couldn't hear a thing over the tune of the R!!)

It was a close drag even with the R being slightly modified. Power to weight ratio???

I would highly recommend the Clio Cup to anyone thinking about owning one. It takes a bit of getting used to, especially the brakes, but it a huge hoot to drive once you get the hang of it!! (if only we had better weather up here in Scotland!)

12th Dec 2002, 03:15

CAN ANYONE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE. I pick up my new clio cup on the 2nd January and can't wait after reading all the reports. However. My best friend owns a Type-R with a induction kit and back box and I won't be best pleased if his is faster than mine. Because of this I asked Renault in Solihul if they do a performance pack for the 172. There answer was no. However K-Tec Racing suggest fitting a Viper induction Kit and possibly an exhaust system or back box and would be pushing 190bhp. I went back to my dealer and asked them if this would be OK. They said no and that it would be likely that the head gasket would become suspect. This is where advice is needed. Would it be likely that I would suffer from reliability therefore lose warranty. + if not what can I do with out having hassle with warranty and gain that Type-r beating performance. + is the Viper all what it is made out to be for 250 hard earned pounds. Any advice would be brilliant as mechanical knowledge is not the best in the world. 1 last thing. I am a self confessed 205 fan and it has taken something special to make me go from a dimma turbo. is the cup the car to make me think different.

Thanks Jamie.

29th Dec 2002, 13:38

Oh and another thing, all this arguing about how fast the car is compared with M3's etc. If the Clio was as good as an M3 it would be £40,000 but its not.. its just a good little car for £12,995, so chill! we all have friends that tell us they have raced this that and the other, but I know there lying (Because they probably drive fiesta 1.1's) so lets take the whole performance thing with a pinch of salt!

The real owners here know what the cup is capable of and this board is to review that not tell about your recent conquests! People who purposely go out and race are fools, these are the people that put our insurance premiums up and cause real accidents! save it for the track if your old enough!

What about the styling of the car?

Has anyone had any major problems yet?

29th Dec 2002, 16:51

Previous Comment.

It looks as though that you came across this site by accident mate! Do you know what sports cars are?

Incase you haven't noticed, this board is all about giving honest reviews and comments on our shared interest of the Clio 172/Cup.

Whether or not people compare their cars on the track or otherwise, is not up to you. It is their choice to choose the time and the place. It is also unfair to compare the price of 2 cars when deciding which is 'better'

And don't talk to us about insurance premiums! I would put it to you that more accidents are caused by young boy racers in 1.1 Fiestas and the like. We take care of our pride and joy. I think I can speak for all 172/Cup owners.

30th Dec 2002, 17:04

OK, I have read all the reviews and I will be owning a 172cup in early Jan! in fact within the next 10 days, I was putting the point across that theres no need to go on about M3's and cars like them because the Clio just ain't in the same league! yes its fast and it may have them occasionally, but that's it.

As for sports cars it seems that you have no idea, as a true sports car dosen't come in a 5 door hatch model! an M3 is not a true sports car! nor is the Clio! there after thoughts!

31st Dec 2002, 07:36

I have now owned my Clio Cup for three months, the car is performing very well, but I am only getting 28.5 MPG all you cup owners is it only me or is the same happening to you aswell.

The thing is that I don't thrash the car every day I drive pretty sensibly so I don't know why I am not getting around 32MPG or higher. I only use Super Unleaded as the car performs better, I have to say the car handles fantastic, although the drivers side door has started to rattle which is due to be fixed within a couple of weeks. Do you guys also have problems with the front seats. If someone wants to jump in the back the seat rest locks up and jams.

I have pushed the cup to 132mph, but it still has to loosen up a bit as I have only done 2800 miles.

Lovely car to drive gets a lot of attention from other sports car owners, a lot of them like to race too.

1st Jan 2003, 10:09

Good point, 28.mpg seems to be its average MPG I don't think it matters if you thrash it or not? does it have something to do with the engine being a VVC? are you reseting the trip computer every time you fill up?

3rd Jan 2003, 07:19

My Cup has just turned 4400 miles and I am also getting a couple of niggles with it.

I know where you're coming from with the front seat being quite annoying if someone want to get into the back. The handle on mine (especially passenger side) sometimes will not open. It feels like you are going to rip it off! As for MPG, if I don't use the car for anything except work (55 - 60mph average), then a tank will average at 41MPG. However I have seen it read late 20's at other times.

Anybody had any problems with back brakes binding on first thing in the morning? Even with the handbrake just taking the weight of the car and no more, mine bind on and need 2000rpm to move the car. Suspension squeaks?

3rd Jan 2003, 08:57

Mate it seems as if you don't know your sports cars, who said anything about a five door sports car.

Everyone knows that Clio 172's and Cups are two doors so keep your opinions to yourself buddy.

If you don't know what your talking about don't speak.

We all know that M3'S are in different leagues especially the models over the last seven years.