25th Jul 2002, 02:31

Some people do speak some rubbish. I think my point is simply That straight line speed is irrelevent as i`m sure any of you 'drivers' will know. Also Whether its got faster top end on a motorway is a silly exercise too. If you really ejoy driving and really want to find out how good a car it is then take it to country roads or the track. The experience of owning a performance car is about all elements, cornering, braking, accelerating, not just about 'it does 0-60 faster than my mates'. If you haven`t learnt that then you don`t deserve to be driving such fine automobiles.

31st Aug 2002, 08:11

Folks, a question if I may... and without any laughter to!!

Forget about the likes of the Type R, the WRX etc etc blah di blahhh... I pose this one for a little thought, the 106 GTI, whats better, as in what would win? I would say the 172 but I have a mate who owns a 106 and he tells me that nothing can compete - Muppet!

So does anyone know? I would tell you myself, but I haven't got my 172 yet. :o (

Granted the 106 is a bit of an animal and I've seen it smoke plenty of cars including keeping up with a WRX at 100+mph, but what do you think?

After reading all of your comments I can't wait until I get the car, and if its as good as everyone says which I'm pretty sure it will be, I'll be a happy camper!!!

An amazing machine!

15th Oct 2002, 03:51

I have just got my clio 172 cup last Thursday and it is amazing. I haven't really put my foot down because I'm running it in, but I can tell how fast it is even low down in the revs. Inside the car the noise of the exhaust is great - the only problem is that you want to hear it all the time. There is also a noise which comes from the passenger foot-well area of the air being sucked in to the engine. The ride is actually not as harsh as I thought it would be and the interior noise between 70 - 80 is easily drowned out by the stereo and not really irritating over a period of time. The back seat is rubbish, but who cares cos I'm not sitting in it (I wonder if people will suffer neck injuries in the back due to no headrests!!!).

I don't really mind not having the leather and air con - most people (including myself) buy the car for the performance anyway.

I am aware of the lack of ABS which will probably make me leave bigger gaps to the car in front. This will maybe become a problem for people who use there brakes while cornering if they are used to a car with ABS. The lack of traction control may be a problem in the wet - Does the standard 172 have traction control? and if not how do people find it?

How long do the front tyres last on the 172's?

Can't wait till it is run in!!!

18th Oct 2002, 09:23

Just become the proud owner of a new 172 Cup last week.

Like the previous comment, I am too running it in.

It was the unique look that capped it for me. The performance of the Cup is second to none in its class and it has already gained great respect from various sources. Having read all of the all of the above, I have to agree that even though the Cup canny do 155mph, it would still whoop a M3 (any model, any age) on a back road! (Autocar has already made ref. to this M3 war whilst the Cup was giving it large to the new Cooper S.

And I am also looking forward to going head to head with my old man who has an Integra Type R, when its run in!!

Stevie Mac

Central Scotland.

20th Oct 2002, 09:53

Guys, I also recently purchased my clio cup at the beginning of the month, actually I was one of the first in the country to get it.

The car is fantastic to drive, but lets not get carried away, even on back roads the new M3 is far superior. Trust me I know I was in one last week it was amazing, I also had the pleasure of driving a Subaru sti prodrive, it is different class and would leave the cup for dead. The cup on the other hand is also amazing to drive, I have done around 900 miles since I got the car, and have started to floor it every now and then, the power from 4000rpm and up is wicked. You only know how good the car performs once you have done around 5000 miles or higher, but don't get carried away because you can easily loose it as the brakes are solid. I would like to race a current 172 sports and see if the cup would actually leave it as it is meant to be over half a second faster. I have test driven a clio sport and would have to say that the cup is far more responsive and smoother to drive, better handling and slightly quicker. My local dealer has told me that a couple of people have already had accidents so be very careful.

Enjoy the Clio Cup its worth the money.

By the way you should hear the engine... wooow.

24th Oct 2002, 20:53

About the 172 vs 106. The 106 isn't bad I raced one the other day. It was close behind until 80mph+ then I started gaining. A 206 GTI however seemed to do better.

28th Oct 2002, 15:55

I've had several Hot Hatches working my way through a Saxo VTS to a 106 GTI and have recently purchased a 172.

It is farcical to suggest any of these will leave a WRX or M3 behind, it is simply not going to happen.

I loved my VTS and 106 GTI having loads of fun throwing them around corners/roundabouts and catching out loads of sales reps etc... this is what Hot Hatches are all about, not straight line speed or 150 MPH, if you wanted £5k supercar performance in a straight line you'd buy a MR2 turbo.

The 172 is a great car against cost, but it's not streets ahead of a 106 GTI or VTS merely more modern, luxurious and a tad quicker.

The small difference between the cup and the standard 172 isn't going to make much of a difference as you'd lose it in a poor gear change, it's not all down to horses, but driver ability as well...

18th Nov 2002, 03:42

If you were to buy the Clio Cup you would be very happy, I know a lot of you think that why thrash cars etc etc, I own a clio cup, and recently had a race with an Audi S3. As soon as the lights turned from red to green we both went, I stayed ahead of him by a cars length all the way to 100mph, he could not over take me, so you can have a rough idea on how quick the cup is. An Audi S3 does 0-60 in around 6.6seconds, but has a higher top speed than the Cup. You can't help racing against cars like that, they look at you give you a big smile and give you that look (lets go mate) so it has to be done.

My cousin has driven my clio cup, he owns a Subaru Wrx 2.0L Turbo new shape and thinks that the subaru is slightly quicker to 60mph, but feels that the Cup has more mid range power, and according to most magazines, Autocar, Evo etc the cup is quicker to 100mph than the subaru. I know a lot of you think what are you talking about, just read one of the magazines.

You will enjoy it, it is also lovely to drive without thrashing it.