6th Mar 2003, 07:02

Having read through all the previous posts, it makes me feel even prouder of owning a clio cup!

Haven't really had a chance to race any proper cars yet, just the occasional nova dreamer!

I got my cup as an ex demo car with 1500 miles on the clock, and I'm sure it was driven hard for that time, but at least I can now push it as its past the running in mileage.

Only problem I've had, (now done 2200 miles) - when moving the passenger seat it caused the service light on the dash to light up. This is due to a wire under the passenger seat being loose. A friend of mine told me of this fault, so I'm not sure if it's a very common thing. Get it checked though as it turns off the air bags!!

What a car is all I can say! the performance is breath taking, such a shame that they decided to hide away the exhaust.

Are there any owners clubs for the cup?

Great site and great discussion chaps, keep it going.


14th Mar 2003, 15:42


Am I right in saying your the one with the prototype janspeed exhaust system?

I want to get an new exhaust system on my cup, its such a shame that its hidden behind the bumper.

Can I get just the exhaust or would it involve changing other components?

I'm not really looking to enhance performance, my insurance is high enough as it is, but I would love to get a more throaty head turning note coming from the back.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


24th Mar 2003, 10:42


I've got a questions on the subject of exhausts - I was sure I'd read that the 172 came out the factory with a stainless exhaust, however my back box has just fallen off after the pipe going into it rusted through.

Have I been had or did I just misread? Either way I need to replace it - it has done 37000 mls or so. I'm looking for something low key, but wouldn't object to a couple of extra horse being free'd up. Anybody had any good experiences?


Ps in case anybody is interested I posted a while back about a loud throbbing/resonance from the rear - it turned out one of the wheel bearings needed replaced. Along with a service, a shock and a complete set of disks - £800 ouch!

26th Mar 2003, 07:58

I've had my Clio Cup 172 for six months now, and believe I have raced most things in it.

Results are:

Kept up with a BMW 740 up to 130mph.

Stayed on a brand new Evo's ass until 125mph, then it sped away.

Wiped the floor with a Porsche Boxster off the lights (not the Boxster S).

Got beaten by a Celica GT4 Turbo, who had an extra passenger.

Beat a Merc CLK Coupe up to 80mph.

I think it's definitely up there with the big boys on acceleration, just not top end. Anything like VTS's and 106 GTi's it kills, especially from 0-100mph.

Cheers, Rich T.

29th Mar 2003, 03:37

Question about faults on the clio cup.

I have recently noticed that when in 2nd gear and at the top end of the revs there is a high pitch noise coming from the engine.

Anyone else had this problem? Is it a fault or characteristic?

The car has done 2800 miles (I've had it since 1500) and its the first time I have noticed it.

Any help appreciated.


4th Apr 2003, 01:02

Morning all.

Gary here with the two silver 172's.

Its black arm band day today guys because after 1 year and 1 month and 13,000 hard driven smiles per miles I have sold my beauty. My Janspeed car and maybe my TVR have to go to make way for an Imprezza turbo STI8 with 300BHP performance pack. I didn't mean for it to happen, but test drive at a dealership did the trick. Much as the Clio is a great car with great Janspeed sound and performance the STI is just a couple of leaps in front of it. The whack in the back when I nail it is something which just has to be felt. 0-100 in 12 seconds dead and 0-60 in 4.6 seconds. OH MY GOD!!

Anyway enough about that. Can you believe the dealer doesn't want the Janspeed kit!!! If I can retreive it off of the car before she goes early next week then I will and i'll get shot of it to one of you guys on here.

But I can still make comments on here because I still have my other halves 172 to zip around in. So I get the best of both worlds.

See ya.


5th Apr 2003, 07:28


I am very interested in getting hold of the Janspeed if you are up for discussion. I have also been looking at a viper kit from Pipercross to sweeten up my 172 Cup. I think the 2 should work hand in hand nicely!

Let me know ASAP and we can swap details etc.

Cheers the now mate,

Stevie Mac.

7th Apr 2003, 03:29

To the guy that is having problems with the second gear change, if you are worried about it take it back, if it was an ex demo car I am afraid that the car would have been thrashed. I know that all clio cups and 172's (demo) have been driven hard, not even run in properly. Take it back to them, I also have a clio cup, but don't notice a high pitch on the high end revs in secong gear. You better deal with it now before its too late.

Honestly all the demo cars are thrashed quite hard, I know quite a few sales men that have told me first hand that most of them get to have loads of fun in these particular cars.

11th Apr 2003, 01:46

Stevie Mate.

The new Scooby comes today hopefully (Friday). When the 172 goes in I will ask the dealer if they want the Janspeed or not. If they don't and they are going to put the original back on again I will let you know on here and maybe we can sort something out.

Can't remember if I told you, but she is a full de-cat job so you will have to bear that in mind in a couple of years when the MOT comes around.

I will let you know shortly.


11th Apr 2003, 10:28

Cheers Gary.

Just quick question though. Is your 172 a phase 1 or 2? It is just that my Cup has (as you will know), a lower rear bumper than the phase 1 - with the Cup being of the phase 2 variety. And also, what about the tail piece? Twin round 3" or what?

Look forward to hearing from you.


16th Apr 2003, 16:42

Yeah if you plant your foot down to hard when pulling away, especially if turning at the same time, the car will try and steer itself - but it's a great involving drive!

I'm getting my cup looked at now, as I said previously it makes a high pitch noise from the front nearside when in 2nd and 3rd gear above 6000rpm.

Anyone else had this problem?


20th Apr 2003, 15:19

Renault say that the cup does it in 6.8 auto express have had it down to 6.5, depends on the conditions I suppose.

Its craig by the way with the high pitch whine on the car.

It makes the noise in 2nd 3rd and 4th above 5500rpm, so I'm getting it looked at pronto. Luckily I'm not doing many miles at the moment so hopefully, any potential damage is kept to a minimum.

Should get fixed under warranty. Will report back.