21st Apr 2003, 15:34


I posted on here about a year back when I first bought my mk1 172. I've been very pleased with it, and it's gotten better and better with more miles (28,000+ now).

You seem to have created a small community. I'm wondering if you've located this fine website that I frequent www.cliosport.net? It has a free discussion forum and it's very addictive. There's around 700 members, with about 60%+ being 172 owners. We share stories like you guys and chat about general Clio stuff! I'm not advertising or anything by the way. It's free! I've been posting on there for over a year (about 2000 posts so far...). I can't believe you lot haven't seen it?

For those of you asking about Clio clubs. This seems to be the one to join. They're currently on a Europe trip, and have many 'meets' and track days. Frequenting Santapod for 'comparisons', and there's lots of friendly rivalry between models of Clios! Particularly the 16v, Williams and 172s!!! He he.

23rd Apr 2003, 15:30

Sounds like a Glendevon Challenge is on!

Ian, good to hear a man who know a good road one when he sees one. I used to drive the Yetts to Gleneagles everyday in my race prepared XR2. Took out a couple of big powered motors on the bends, and also scared my mate into the bargain!

I've got a Cup now, but unfortunately changed jobs. My daily run to work (and back), often ends up in a boring 130mph for 15miles or so. Miss the fun on the bends at 6am though!

Take it easy mate!


To Gary: Any word about that exhaust yet mate?

24th Apr 2003, 03:29

You beat 2 Clio Cups, and blew away a Civic Type R, and lost to an Audi S3. I own a Clio Cup, and have beaten an S3 from a standstill up to 120mph. I think that the Clio Cups were not giving it any, because the Clio Cup is half a second quicker to 60mph, and around a second and a half up to 100mph than the phase 2 Clio 172 Sport. Just read the figures in any magazine.

Without a doubt, the standard 172 is quick, but the Cup is quicker and you can feel it. Handling is better, and so is the acceleration. The car weighs 90kgs lighter; unless the Cup owner had 4 people in his car, and you were in your car alone, when you might have a chance. Civic Type Rs are just as quick to 100mph like the Cup, and have a higher top speed of 146mph. I love the 172, but bought the Cup because it was quicker and better priced.

30th Apr 2003, 07:38


The dealer has my clio with the exhaust on at the moment. He is trying to sell it like that, but if he can't and it has to come off he is going to give me a ring. If he does we can sort something out. Don't worry mate you are first in the queue.


30th Apr 2003, 07:42

To the comment about the cup 'v' the standard 172.

Not sure about your comment saying you will beat a standard 172 with a cup unless the cup has 4 people in it. I think the weight difference is only 90KG, everything else is the same. So ignoring the driver that means your other 3 cup passengers weigh 30 KG each. Where do you come from mate little people country?

Sorry couldnt resist that.


1st May 2003, 05:51

OK here goes. I'm 18, wanting a clio 172 (which i'll soon be getting). I was wondering about the average miles per gallon you get out of it?

Also when/will there be a new model of the 172 coming out...


2nd May 2003, 11:54

I must be the only cup owner who, s trying to find anyone who has had lads conversion, does anyone know anyone who own, s acup 200.

The bingster.

and if so how do they rate it.

3rd May 2003, 07:52

Check out the new May edition of Cars and Car Conversions. (CCC), as this has got the 205bhp Clio Cup conversion. I had an e-mail back from LAD to confirm this. Unfortunately I do not know if the May edition is out not or if it is the one that rolls into our shops on May 11th.

Another couple of etches on the garage wall. On a good stretch of A - class road, a Calibra Turbo and Saxo VTS were left trailing by the mighty Cup. I think they were having a wee race to there selves - but I came along and spoiled their fun!

Gary: Cheers for the info on the exhaust mate. Tell the dealer that a couple of your mates are looking to, but your 172 but don't want the noisy pipe! That should get things rolling a bit quicker!


Stevie Mac.

14th May 2003, 18:42

I've had the MK1 172 for a bout 8 months and yes its true what they say about the rattles and the sticking rear break in the morning, However I getting more & more concerned about reliability.

The cars done 28000 miles and I've just replaced three wheel bearings (1 front n/s and 2 rear) along with disc & pads all round.

I've now got a loud noise coming for the drive belt location when idling, it sounds like a bearing on the way out. I've taken the auxiliary belt off and the noise goes away, but of cause it hard to get in & check the bearings without taking the engine out!!


16th May 2003, 22:58

Hi, I've got a 2002 cup and I'm having a few problems with it, just wondering if any of you guys have had anything similar with your cars. 1: When you put the windows all the way down, the rattle inside of the door frame. 2: When you turn with the wheels in full lock, the front wheels make a shuddering noise. 3: When driving the dash rattles from different places. 4: When you use the internal door lock you can still open the doors from the outside.

Anyone else had these sort of problems? I hate taking the car back in to the garage all the time, But I suppose I did pay £13k for a car and its got problems, so I'm well within my rights to expect it to be fixed quickly!! thanx.

29th May 2003, 04:56

Go to cliosport.net. You will find all your answers for the Cup/172 on the forum page.

19th Jun 2003, 13:00

Re problems with your cup, here's my list.

(1) Supplied with a german handbook.

(2) Rear hatch loose after 60 miles.

(3) Checked the power steering fluid at 500 miles it was well under the minimum.

(4) Car returned to dealer at 1300 miles with an oil leak. they replaced the cylinder head as a precaution.

(5) Vibration noise from the rear was traced to loose pipe in the engine bay.

(6) Car supplied with 2 chips on door and scratch on bonnet Subsequently touched up.

I've had the car 3 months and it's been in the dealer's for a total of seven days.

Even after all that it's still a great car, it's just the dealer that's cows muck.

I was thinking of getting the L.A.D 200 conversion, but with the sort of luck I've had the engine will probably blow up.