18th Nov 2008, 08:39


Grand scenic 1.9dci 2005, car from new: 28,000kms barely run in!

So far:

Starting motor ripping (could be ring gear)

Brake noise from new, and never addressed by Renault Ireland.

Bonnet catch, faulty from new and never addressed.

Shock tops front, (common fault)

Master/slave cylinder, causing clutch burn out (common fault)

Safety trap windows, worked for first week, sick of getting it sorted.

30th Dec 2008, 05:21

2004 Scenic Privilege 1.9.

Had for year or so now, up until last few weeks no real problems.

Headlight went, no problem I thought, I tried to change bulb and unless you have spider arms (long and really thin) no way you can get to them. Called Renault, will cost £48 to change bulb... However the nice lady did point out that they didn't charge extra for the bulb! Found another garage who were able to do it for the discount price of £35. They itemised the bulb at £2.45 + VAT...

Then, driving down the road and started to hear wind noise. Looked behind and rear window had dropped. Tried to wind up and wouldn't shift.

Didn't bother going to Renault as would need a new mortgage. Same garage that did light have quoted £318 inc VAT - BARGAIN! Apparently Electric window mechanism gone kaput, garage told me that Scenics are notorious for it, did also mention that Renault would want £450 + VAT to fix. (not sure if he was trying to make his sound like a bargain or not)

31st Mar 2009, 13:32

Renault Grand Scenic 05 Plate.

I've had this piece of junk 8 months and regret the day I set eyes on it.

LCD display went off totally and had to be replaced, which meant the timing belt needs replaced as the garage need to remove it to access the panel apparently.

Loud rattling noise on startup, this was due to "cam dephaser unit" needing to be replaced, which I was told Renault covered 40% as it was a common fault, (still £650 to fix both problems).

Last of all, I came out of supermarket to find that rear window had dropped to be half open. Got in car and control no longer worked, leaving me to drive to garage in pouring rain with window open!! Another £300 to replace window regulator. Brakes now starting to squeak and it's due an Mot next month, what next?!!!

7th May 2009, 12:45

I bought a Grand Scenic 04 plate 2.0L petrol auto cat d, tried to save money, I thought. No problem in bringing the car all the way from Poland; over 1000 miles, not a thing.

Had to go a Renault garage to get it diagnosed due to: air bag light, check parking brake light, check gearbox light, check ABS light popping up on the dashboard. Been told that 4 sensors need to be replaced + labour + vat is in total £1100.

Then last Friday my battery started to be drained out after a night, thought the battery may dying, however a smell of burned insulation developed, same day within the cab (driver side mainly), and today after the visit at the Renault garage to order the parts, while driving the power steering fault came on dashboard. At the same time, no power steering while driving. Got it home, switched the engine off and on again, and the power steering came back to life with no fault on the dashboard. However hours later, went to the shop, switched the engine off, come back after 10 minutes, a new fault developed on the screen.

Just can't stand that piece of... must switch back to german cars, especially VW. It has never let me down, even after a 7k miles trip did not even opened the bonnet with temperatures from +30 to -30 C, it just proves that the french car industry know how to make money while the credit crunch bites everyone.

2nd Jul 2009, 15:55

Had our Grand Scenic 05 for 6 months.

During that time, I have had 4 new engine coils £80 each, Now I have lots of errors showing on dash i.e. CHECK EMISSIONS, my brake light showing as well as the engine management light stays on. Have just been told I have a faulty ECU. I know it looks good and feels great, the kids love all the space, but what a heap.

If any one knows the part No of my ECU, let me know, as I will hunt for reconditioned one, as a new one costs around £900.


23rd Aug 2009, 15:47

Renault Scenic 2004 petrol.

Looks good and plenty of space, but what a piece of crap. I have read so many articles about the faults they have, and the majority come back to the instrument panel being faulty, which somehow acts like a second brain over the piece of crap computer. Now if I were Renault, I would want my customers happy, not degrading their car and company to thousands of people. I know for a fact that all the people I know will never buy a Renault; they have seen enough from mine, and they're all common faults that Renault won't acknowledge.

1. Windows faulty El fault

2. Instrument panel faulty

3. Brakes squealing

4. Radio controls on steering wheel not working

5. Tail light intermittent fault

6. Cutting out at idle

7. Emissions fault

8. Lacking power before all the electrical faults

9. Child locks faulty

10. Faulty cam

And that's just for starters. It's going cost more than the car in repairs.

31st Aug 2009, 05:22

Renault Grand Scenic Dynamique 2L 56 plate.

Bought this car used 1 1/2 years ago. Within 6 months there was a high pitched whining sound when in biting point - a fault in the clutch, which was replaced under warranty.

Then we had a recall, saying a blockage in the air compressor could immobilize the car, so went in for an injection reprogramming. Been back several times since then.

Air conditioning and cruise control stopped working - computer trouble.

Air conditioning stopped again few days later - loose wires.

Check emissions and toxic filter warning lights appeared a few weeks later with a smell of petrol - nothing wrong apparently.

Now 2 months later, the check emission warning is back again (still smells), with days left under warranty am wondering if there's something wrong with the computer or something else, and they're trying to delay any major repairs until we have to pay the bill!

On top of that - dash board and various other things rattle, plastic around inside front passenger door keeps coming away, black on the trims around windows is peeling off, which looks unsightly. Wish I had listened to everyone when they said stay clear of Renault!!!

28th Oct 2009, 04:53

I have a 2004 1.6 Scenic Dynamic.. have read these reviews and have become very concerned.

Bought this 2nd hand 1 owner. Now has 40,000 miles.

After 6 months out of warranty, the electric sunroof stopped working. Dealer I bought it from, agreed to take it to local Renault dealer, who said they took the roof off and inspected the motor. Said motor was u/s and 450.00 for new one. When I got the car back, I couldn't see where they had done any work. Looked at forums who mentioned a resetting code.. contacted ex renault mechanic told me resetting code. Worked 1st time. No problems since (hence I won't use that dealer).

Only other problem is clutch start switch didn't work. 2 small wires snapped. Did DIY fix.

Windows regulator snapped, 200.00 for 2nd hand one inc fitting.

Fingers crossed for the future.