20th May 2014, 19:01

Did you manage to sort your issue with your car?

3rd Jan 2015, 22:07

I am having problems with my 05 plate, Renault Grand Scenic.... Here's the list.

Black smoke coming out when I put my foot down up a hill

Loses speed as I am driving.

It's saying STOP check injectors.

Won't read on a diagnostic machine.

And NOW it won't start and is saying card not detected.

So now I have no car.

I have read so many negative comments. I am afraid I will not be buying another Renault, which is a shame because I do love my car :-(

24th Feb 2015, 23:56

I have owned 05 plate 1.6 Grand Scenic since 2008, and I think I have had just about all of the issues mentioned above. We do cover a lot of miles in the car and have found it unbeatable for comfort and versatility; unfortunately the cost of keeping it on the road is crippling.

The car had 58,000 when we bought it, and by 65,000 the electronic dash had failed; this was replaced under warranty, but we were told it would have cost £400+. The electronic handbrake failed shortly after, out of warranty. I was quoted £1200, but found another garage that fixed it for £800, but the car was off the road for a month while we saved enough money and hunted for this lower price.

The car lacks power and needs 2 or 3 attempts to start the engine. The cheaper garage advised this can be rectified with a dephaser pulley replacement, and it would be advisable to change the cam belt at the same time; they quoted £450. I am still putting up with the poor fuel efficiency and the power issue, and crossing my fingers with the cam belt.

The rear passenger window dropped, and does not respond to the switch. Repair is a couple of hundred via a dealer, however I found a trick on Google to get the window back up and am prepared to live with it stuck closed.

The wiper bearing collapsed; this would be £120 at a dealer for a new wiper arm. However, another Google search and I purchased skateboard bearings for £2, which after removing the wipers from the car, some careful tapping with a hammer and a great YouTube demonstration, were replaced. This has been my greatest success!

The key-cards have both stopped working, however, another YouTube success! If you stick a normal cutlery knife in the slot with the card and gently squeeze it against the card, you can fool the car into reading the card, another freebie, hurrah!

Interior fan heater resistor was suspected faulty, however, once it was in the garage, it turned out that this had already been replaced before I bought it and the fault turned out to be the fan motor, another £450.

Then there has been the general wear and tear, cracked front offside coil spring, replaced steering arm (£450), both ball joints, new brake discs front (£450), (the rear ones need changing too before its MOT), track rod ends, wheel bearings (£450). There is a problem with one of the front brake calipers, it's only pushing against half the disc, which I think has warped the new disc (another thing that will need fixing for the MOT). Finally, the clutch is on its way out. If this follows the Renault rules, it will probably be another £450.

Anyone who has owned one of these cars for any length of time will soon learn that every time the car goes in the garage, there is a magic figure on each bill of £450. Finally, anything electrical that requires replacement apparently has to have a replacement wiring loom as well? (is this true? Who knows!).

If you put "Grand Scenic breaking" in an eBay search, there are hundreds of people selling every part of their car one nut and bolt at a time, no doubt in an attempt to try and recoup some of the thousands of pounds they have lavished on their cars.

When I bought the car, I traded in two Suzuki Wagon R, believing that I would save money by running only one car. Unfortunately, owning this Renault has led to a maxed out credit card, a loan to pay off the credit card, a remortgage to pay off the loan (and another garage bill) and depending on the results of the next garage visit, possibly another loan. If I could turn back the clock, I would never have purchased this car.

Buyer beware!

15th Apr 2015, 20:57

I too agree, this is a fab car, but have experienced all the same problems you list. Currently got the worry of the power steering fault. Mechanic says he can have the torque conversion repaired, but not sure what this means. Hope not to have to pay for this, only to find it's the steering motor in the end. Just had to have four injectors and a new battery at the juicy price of £1725. Where will it end? Feel I have to keep it now having paid out so much to get it on the road again.

17th Apr 2015, 18:08

I must agree with you on servicing the Scenic every 9 to 12k, especially with a turbo. I don't fancy the idea of even good quality oil washing around a diesel engine for 18k without a change. Just my opinion, I'll be servicing it every 10k, thanks.

2nd Jun 2015, 13:12

I feel I have to add to the long list I have just read my way through.

I too have a Grand Scenic on a 04 plate. Same problems as everybody else: Broken window regulator clips X3 (repaired myself with parts on eBay), injection fault (I have ignored this for 3 years), keycard problems (an online company will repair for £20), the centre storage box will no longer move as the motor has gone, which means you can't get at the service computer connection underneath (why is it electric?), wiper arm bearings (another eBay purchase of a repair kit for £5) and now the clutch has gone. Mr Clutch has quoted me £1,179 to replace!. A company in Slough who replaces engines has quoted me £1.495 to replace the entire engine with a reconditioned one guaranteed for one year with a lifetime warranty. How can a clutch cost £1,200 and a whole recon engine is only £1,500?

My quandary is as it stands I'll get scrap value for it, or working I'll get a part exchange value when I get rid of it and buy another car.

Just to reiterate what others have said, NEVER BUY ANOTHER RENAULT.

29th Mar 2016, 19:02

We bought a Renault Grand Scenic 10 months ago and it's cost us £2500 in total. Issues from injectors through to dash. It's finally given up with low oil pressure stop light and has died. Would never buy another Renault as we are left in debt and with no car.