27th Jul 2012, 07:16

I've done a lot of research recently, as I am looking to replace my car. There seems to be evidence that the newer Renaults are much better in the reliability ratings, but this won't be of help to those who've experienced a poor one.

The tragedy is that the traditional Renault styling has been dumbed down, and they are too normalised now. I would like a Laguna, maybe one of the very last imported ones, but I can't accept the styling. Why should this be so, when the previous Laguna was such a handsome car?

There's so much competition out there, and I am not sure what a Renault represents anymore. Comfort and safety were always strong selling points, but most cars score highly in NCAP - maybe we have Renault to thank for raising the standards in that area.

I still think Renault could have a good market share in the UK, but bring back the stylists who worked on some of the previous designs such as the Megane MK2 and Laguna. I will probably end up with one of the new Clios when it comes out soon.

1st Mar 2013, 05:10

Could be an ignition coil. Undo the 10mm bolt on each, and the one that does not affect the tick over is knackered. Unclip the low tension wire and replace. It takes 5 minutes.

28th Apr 2013, 09:49

Just to say that we have a 2011 Grand Scenic Bose Edition, and we are having trouble with the car going into crawler mode, max speed 30mph. Stop the engine, restart, and all is normal for a short while until the next hill. Stop, restart, and carry on with our journey.

The car has been back to Renault three times, but they are unsure what is causing the problem. Obviously it's another journey to the workshop, causing lack of car, expense going to and fro from the workshop, and frustration.

Our third Renault. Would we buy again? DEFINITELY NO.

30th Apr 2013, 11:26

Well the problem happened three times over the weekend. Got the RAC out on Monday, who thought it may be a fuel pump problem. Was taken into the Renault workshop. They can find no fault. Will just have to carry on the stopping and restarting routine when it happens. Would love to be able to tell whoever buys it that they are buying a whole heap of expense in the future.

23rd Jul 2013, 07:02

Hello, I have the same model. Just wondering if you were able to solve the check emissions injection? I have had similar problems with my windows not working, and now there appears to be a steering fault. It is in the garage at the moment, but they don't seem to be able to get to the bottom of it. Just wondering if you have had any experience of solving these issues, and if so, did it cost a fortune? I am pretty nervous, waiting to hear what the outcome will be!

30th Oct 2013, 16:32

I own Renault Scenic 1.9 dCi (production date 2003). It's a family car, plenty of space, practical, not so comfortable in driving.

It loses power in the same manner as other members have described in the above comments.

The main problem is:

Oil leaking. Strangely it started to leak engine oil from engine, and is obviously losing oil.

Service changed one semering (metal ring) and a timing belt. But then suddenly it started again to leak oil, but this time from the intercooler, in much smaller amounts than before. Oil is disappearing, and now it is at the minimum. From August of this year, it has lost about 8 liters, and now the service place is asking me to send the car again to be checked and maybe to clean the intercooler, and put in 15/40 oil. Now I'm using 10/40, but I think 15/40 is too big for this car.

Sometimes I think maybe it's better to sell this car and buy a different model, and never again a Renault.

9th Nov 2013, 19:56

My Renault Grand Scenic 55 plate auto 2L has been so expensive to repair time and time again.

Failed dash, incorrect mileage.

Faulty window (Renault paid 70%).

Overheated child lock switch (wasted diagnostic... told "Mine does that too!" by Renault Mechanic!!).

Loose passenger door handle (that just fell off! Renault want £171 for the part!).

Check parking brake light after changing the battery.

Check airbag (?).

Low MPG - only 18 MPG!

Impossible access to headlights.

Annoying fuse box location.

Intermittent 'Check Gearbox' service light accompanied with a LOUD THUD!!... which disappears when the car is turned off and restarted (that Renault say doesn't show up on Diagnostics!?!).

Faulty key card (£257 to replace), and now it's refusing to start even after a new starter motor. Cheeky Renault want £95 to run diagnostics again... Aaaargh!! Never ever EVER again!

17th Dec 2013, 06:44

I will never ever, ever buy another Renault again.

I have a 1.9 diesel Grand Scenic on an 08 plate, and it has been a complete money pit since the dealer 3 month warranty ran out.

You can't even change a headlamp bulb without taking half the engine components out. Luckily my 11 year old has tiny hands and we did eventually managed to change the bulbs, but it took 2 hours!

Then the automatic handbrake failed and took with it most of the braking system components. Rear and front discs and calipers seized because of the computerized handbrake box. Total cost £2000!

Now the engine has started to race and I'm afraid that another hefty bill is on its way. The clutch has started to slip when pulling away in the lower gears. I just know that this is going to be expensive.

I've had the car less than 1 year (purchased in Jan 2013) and I thought that on an 08 plate with less than 45000 miles on the clock and bought from a reputable dealer, I would be safe from heavy repair bills for at least 50000 miles.

So far:

Automatic handbrake box and most of the braking components: £2000

Steering rack: £650

All in less than a year of ownership, and now it's looking like I need a new clutch. The car has got less than 60000 miles on the clock and it needs a new clutch, steering rack, and handbrake computer box. Come on Renault. This is just extracting the urine!!!

Never again.

Predict Renault to go bust by 2016 if they don't sort out their design and maintenance issues.

25th Mar 2014, 12:26

Hi, I have a 55 plate Grand Scenic, bought at 32000 miles in 2010. Since then at 60000 miles, to date had the dashboard fault, the window fault, the fault with the blowers, had to change coils every few months, and now the garage can't diagnose the 'check injection' issue and it's no longer driveable, plus the key card is starting to fail...

Garage can't tell for sure what's needed to fix 'check injection' and say "it's a wiring issue somewhere, or maybe a 1k new ECU would fix it but not sure". So the potential cost to fix is likely more than it's worth?

So disappointing, as other than all the costly faults, I really like the car. But thanks to all of this, and the Renault dealer's sympathetic and slightly aggressive money grabbing tactics, I won't ever buy a Renault again, and need to decide if I can salvage or scrap this one.

Such a shame.