18th Apr 2008, 09:10

Bought a Renault Megane 1.6 VVT Dynamique 55 plate about a year ago. 2 days after picking up from dealer there appeared a rattling noise on startup. The dealer replaced a timing belt dephaser and the belt itself. Fine for 11 months. Last week, same problem. Returned to dealer who said it was a water contamination problem and "fixed". I was not convinced as I left- I was sure it was the same old dephaser problem- the noise was identical to the first time. Sure enough, next morning, same old noise- after it was "fixed". The car is booked in again for next week. As this is becoming most annoying, I am writing to head office. Good car in general though, but the problem lies with the dephaser I think. Anyone technical out there- Am I right?

7th Jul 2008, 13:22

Renault Grand Scenic 05 Plate. Have had the car for a year. Have had no major problems till now. The electronic display for the speedoo etc has completely disappeared. so have no indication of what speed or revs we are doing. So took the car to local Renault dealer. On the way to the garage the lights stopped working and then the windows. The car is out of warranty by one month. Renault turned round and said this will cost £850 for a new display but we said that does not explain the lights or windows. they turned round and said it is all linked. I am not mechanical, but that to me says the on board computer has gone wrong. I think they are just trying to get as much money from us as possible.

21st Jul 2008, 15:38

Renault Megane Scenic 1.5tdi on 04 plate. Had it just under a year. Filled it with supermarket fuel last week to go on holiday to the New Forest (live in Cornwall), got 5 miles and conked out. AA towed us to the local Renault dealing who diagnosed fuel contamination. Cost to repair ~ in the region of £3,500. No one wants to know. Local trading standards says no other complaints locally, but is a know Renault problem, but dealer says not. No response from Asda head office as yet but don't expect much luck there and insurance sent a man to look who just grunted and said nothing to do with them. How do we get some satisfaction. What do we do now - no car, no money for repairs and 3 years still to pay on finance.

5th Aug 2008, 16:09

I bought Renault Grand Scenic, reg: 55. Have had since January 2008 with 46000 miles.

The ECU wasn't indicating any low oil level. The turbo failed and then the engine. Renault refuse to repair it under warranty.

I was told I missed a service at 36000 miles when I only bought the car at 34000 miles, whilst the car was saying it wasn't due for service till after 52000 miles.

I was issued a bill of £6000 - by Renault. Took the car back home and bought all the parts for the last 4 months.

Spent over £5000 off my own pocket and me not being a mechanic, but with the aid of Haynes manual step- by - step guide on how-to repair a car. I managed to take the engine apart and all its other components, and with no aid from a pro mechanic got the car starting today.

All these after 4 months and 1 day dated today 05/08/08. My last hurdle to climb is the clutch which is not functioning (when depressed is doesn't return) and should still be repaired under warranty.

Bought brake fluid today, filled the reservior and kept pumping but the clutch is not working. and am so lost.

Suggestions: carltabi@hotmail.com


10th Sep 2008, 05:59

Crikey. After all those problems and you still call it a 'good car'?

13th Sep 2008, 05:12

Bought a Renault Grand Scenic diesel in 06 second hand from a dealer. Had the car one day, the car stopped, dead battery.

The dealer replaced the battery, 6 months later the car stopped dead; the battery. Charged the battery, brought it to the Renault dealer, told all OK.

Next day the car stopped, dead battery. Brought to a different Renault dealer, told no problem with the car, drove it away, twenty minutes the car stopped, dead battery.

Brought the car to an independent garage, told the battery boiled due to faulty alternator, battery replaced.

Renault dealer checks the car; faulty alternator, replaces alternator, bill for 1400 Euro as the car was 2 months out of warranty. Renault agree to pay 70%.

6 months later car stopped with a readout saying low battery, back to Renault dealer, told wiring damaged from battery acid. Battery taken out in Renault main dealer by independent garage mechanic, checked and found to be in perfect condition with no loss of acid. This was verified by battery supplier. damaged was caused by faulty alternator when the car was under warranty.

Renault Ireland and dealer refused any responsibility. I've had to pay 1050 Euro to have wiring loom replaced.

Renault cars are designed to fail, so dealers can charge huge sums for small repairs. Never buy a Renault; I learned the hard way.

Anyone want a cheap unreliable diesel car, as I have one for sale? Next car will be a TOYOTA.

8th Oct 2008, 08:36

My Grand Scenic 1.9dCi 130 FapIV is a 55 reg and will be 3 yrs old at the end of this Oct 2008. I ordered it from Renault dealer and opted for the sunroof and ESP as extras.

With the Renault warranty almost expired I feel cheated because for the whole THREE years and 50,000 miles I have not had to make one single trip to Renault for any faults!

Headlamp bulbs can be replaced DIY (remove the plastic cover plate, L or R, to see down through to the back of the h/lamp units). At each service Renault want to replace things like brake pads and wipers but a bit of savvy fends them off.

Tyres (16" Michelin) lasted 42,000 miles. Brakes still okay, front discs and pads still OK.44.8mpg still.

I would buy another but for the depreciation. Will keep it, extending the warranty via Warranty Direct for 27.50p.m (new dash is £750ish), until it dies.

MOT looming, it will be interesting to see if it passes.

Reading these posts I suspect I've been lucky (for once).

26th Oct 2008, 02:46

Like many others I bought a 1.9 Renault Grand Scenic 04 plate based on design and seating arrangement. I have had the car for 10 days and so far the rear passenger side motor has broken with the window fully open. The alarm consistently triggers itself throughout day and night. A headlight has failed and a warning light come up for the injection system and the car is extremely rough. The brakes squeal.

Avoid - the bills could end up higher than the value of the car. My last car was a Nissan - started every time and didn't cost a penny over two years.

4th Nov 2008, 07:57

Hi, we have just brought an 05 plate Grand Scenic Dynamic from an independent dealer. Having had it for the first week it has started to have squealing brakes which is becoming very annoying. We have a 30 day warranty with the dealer who has offered to have it back to 'clean the brakes'. My question is, will this rectify the problem or is it a known fault that I can get in writing off Renault for the dealer to put right properly. Anybodys help would be appreciated.

E-mail calvr1ch@aol.com.