7th Dec 2006, 10:36

I have a 2.0 VVT Scenic Maxim.

The overall comfort. level of trim, ease of driving, parking etc. are very good, BUT since new (Sept. 2005) there has been a slight, intermittent misfire.

Dealer has been unable to identify the problem. Sometimes an error message results in a coil and spark plug being swapped. Sometimes not. "Can't reproduce the error".

There is a definite lumpy idle, which at times is worse than a very rough diesel tractor, BUT intermittent.

Now there is an acknowledgement that there IS a problem, especially after it didn't want to start. So now, after one week in the workshop, they are re-programming the computer and changing TWO coils.

Hopefully that will fix it.


11th Jan 2007, 05:36

I purchased a Dynamique 1.6VVT back in July 2005. Loved the car at first site, great styling, and all the gadgets are a bonus. started to encounter break squeal within a few months, especially the back brakes when you do a slow reverse park maneouvre. this was rectified by Renault fitting some dampers on the calipers. Then the front brakes started to squeal which was rectified again by Renault by fitting larger brake calipers, all under warranty.

Started to get a cold start fault, the engine became very unresponsive when cold, some time resulting in the car stalling or kangarooing up the road until it warmed up a little. they re-mapped the ECU which seemed to sort it, but then the problems began to arise again. it developed a grating noise when cold starting as well, which I have been subsequently told, was part of the cold start problems we'd been having. this has just recently been in and they have fitted a new dephaser unit and cambelt which I have been told will sort this problem. lets see!!!

I'm getting returns of 34MPG so can't complain about that from the petrol engine pulling a larger than the normal chassis.

14th Aug 2007, 19:04

Hi I'm back (the original review writer).

The car has been in the Renault dealer more times than I can count.

Since the last update I have had:

Emissions Fault.

When starting in the morning it smells very fumey similar to body filler smell!!

Stereo fault (again)

Windscreen seal fell off.

The child locks on the rear doors went into reverse - two new locks

The carpet under the middle row of seats has shifted forward.

The fan stopped working on speed 2.

Part of the wiring loom melted - third time this has happened.

ABS warning light came on a month after I had a crash; I hit the brakes hard and the wheels just locked up; the dealer checked it out and told me everything was fine.

Total battery drain whilst the car was parked up.

Injection system fault.

Both front suspension mounts failed; they told me it was a very rare occurrence for this to happen.

The engine sounds like a diesel.

After a window lifter recall notice, the car had the required work done and now they squeal like little pigs when opening/closing them.

The two front windows failed to close when activating the dead locking.

Fuel consumption is low only giving 22/25 MPG if I'm lucky. On a long motorway drive this can reach a staggering 28MPG.

The car has recently had its 36K major service and it has come back with more problems. In my view this service was not done fully. (I planted a few small markers.) The brake fluid was never checked as the cap still has the fine layer of dust on it, the tryre pressure was not checked.

A bit of advice for other owners; insist on a printout of work that has been carried out.

27th Sep 2007, 03:26

Hi, I have a Renault scenic 1.5 Dci 2004. The fuel pump has failed twice once under warranty in 2005 and again in sept.2007 this time I am faced with a bill of £3000 because the car car is out of it. s 2yr warranty. It has only done 25,000 miles and renault do not want to know. They don't like the fact that I had the car serviced elsewhere although this has in no way invalidated the warranty. How do you get justice for what is after all a common fault and asks the question is the fuel pump "fit for purpose". I have lost all confidence in the vehicle and am left with the thought and possibility of a new pump failing again. my car has only done 25,000 miles so where is Renault's claim of reliability.

Dejected and skint.

8th Nov 2007, 04:14

We've had our 54 plate Grand Scenic 1.9dCi for a year now and it has only needed a service (the 36k "B" service at £260) and a pair of front tyres. A far more reliable car than the 51 reg Golf GT TDI it replaced which is ironic considering the reputation of both marques.

It's a delightful family car. It gives total reliability, a 5 star NCAP rating, acres of space, superb ride quality, low noise levels, stacks of gadgets, a punchy, refined diesel engine, 40+ mpg and all-day comfort. And compared to anonymous boxes like the Touran and Zafira, both of which we looked at, it's got a bit of flair about it as well. Well, for an MPV anyway, but at least they made an effort.

I have a few minor gripes. Although build quality is fine, some of the more minor fixtures and fittings inside are definitely on the cheap side of durable. Also, a pair of front wiper blades costs a staggering £60 from a dealer and are not widely stocked in motor parts stores. You have to trawl the internet to find them. Finally the electric power steering is completely devoid of feel spoiling what is otherwise a surprisingly capable, if softly sprung handler.

On the whole though, it's comfortably exceeded our expectations. Both my wife and I find it a pleasure to drive, and the kids absolutely adore it.

6th Feb 2008, 08:11

We've had a fraction of the trouble you've had in 5 weeks in over three years!!

I couldn't bring myself to buy a Zafira or Touran - they're just so bland in comparison. The Touran's reputation for reliability is also no better than Renault's. My neighbours have an 05 plate Touran 1.9TDi which has suffered a gearbox seizure (which nearly resulted in a massive accident at 60 mph with the kids on board), a complete electrical shutdown, and persistent problems with uneven tyre wear. The build quality is also no better than Renault's.

7th Feb 2008, 14:24

Renault Grand Scenic 2004 1.9 Dci.

Owned from new. Looked at Zafira, Touran, Verso, and others and still found the Scenic the best looker, best handling and most comfortable.

Love the car, but the faults, poor dealer support, and a total lack of acknowledgment with known faults is driving me spare - car is only 3 years old with 36,000 miles!

Average 45mpg on a combined cycle - not bad by all accounts, and I don't hang about. Nearly 60 on some motorway runs!

Faults/ Problems so far:

New sunroof after 3 months/3K - 'imploded' while going OVER a bridge - insurers had to pick up bill for roof and full body respray as renault said 'stone chip'???

Brake Calipers & 'Yokes' all round for the known brake Squeal - took a year! Took mechanic out for a drive in the end - his comment 'that bus over there has a loud Squeal' - no that's ME!

All confirmed known issues:

Brake Squeal - known fault,

Bonnet release catch - known fault,

Bonnet alarm sensor - known fault,

Glove compartment light sensor - known fault,

Sump oil leaks - known issue,

Rear seatbelts - safety recall,

Electric Window winding arms - even made a new type!

Issues where I cannot get a comment - although they picked up the tab...

Glow plugs,

4 door handles/sensors (handsfree locking),

Master and Slave clutch cylinders (clutch peddle would not fully rise),

External temperture probe,

Rear wiring loom - requires entire interior strip out - not properly secured to body work, hences 'rubs' causing random electrical faults.

Awaiting repair:

Rear demister,

'Check injection fault' - possibly alternator.

Car spends entire weeks at dealership. Local dealer so poor I know drive 45 miles to another one - local dealer suggested opens doors 'in a special way' rather than replace an acknowledged failing door sensor.

Note: Renault only replace on 'failure' not 'failing'!!!

Hope this helps you succeed in making your dealer understand your frustration at a fault they refuse to acknowledge. Keep at it, its not the car, its not the build, its the 'after support' and customer service. If they know about the fault - they should recall, or fix at a service interval or sooner!! - or g.