2002 Renault Laguna Privelege Sport Tourer 2.2 dci from UK and Ireland


Excellent design, appalling quality and reliability


Headlamp washer fell off.

Engine mounting unit failed.

Internal headlining kept falling down.

Exhaust gas recirculation valve clogged.

Undertray fell loose.

Seat recline mechanism broke.

Exhaust gas recirculation unit clogged completely (all pipework replaced)

Gearbox noise - needed new bearings.

Clutch slipped and needed replacement.

Bottom pulley on engine disintegrated.

General Comments:

The car is a superb design concept, practical and smart.

Performance from the 2.2 diesel is excellent with reasonable economy.

Many features make driving easy and comfortable (panoramic sunroof, auto wipers, folding mirrors, auto dipping internal mirror, cruise control etc)


Dreadfully unreliable - many failures, some of them serious and some requiring recovery to dealer. Off the road for a number of periods ranging from 3 - 10 days.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2005

2002 Renault Laguna Privilege 1.8 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


A modern, stylish design with plenty of "toys"


Rear right passenger door - lock replaced as it wouldn't unlock properly. Replaced under dealer (not Renault) warranty.

Air conditioner - ambient air temperature sensor replaced (20p!)

Major service at 80,000ish miles -

Cam belt changed.

Track rod ends worn - changed.

Rear suspension bushes changed.

All in all about £1,000 or so.

I broke the triangle trim off the rear seat. Replacements only available as a set for £70!!! - anyone have one spare?

17" alloys scuff easily against curbs.

Tyres expensive - but you get what you pay for. 225x45x17 - about £90 each inc fitting.

Must be changed within 1 hour or the pressure sensor has to be reset by Renault. (Never happened so far)

Bonnet release lever is hard to operate. Feels like it's going to snap off!

Average around 28.8mpg (town driving).

It costs about £50 to fill the tank.

General Comments:

Over all a very reliable specimen.

No problems at all with regards to driving it. Reasonably quick for the size of car. I managed 122mph on a local track before I ran out of road.

Steering can get "heavy" at times if you change direction very quickly (left - right - left). Only noticed this on the local race track! Could be a safety thing to stop you doing it.

The 225x45x17 tyres provide a very comfortable ride and it takes a lot of cornering to get you into trouble.

Some nice touches with the keyless entry, auto dimming rear view mirror, dual A/C controls, electrically folding door mirrors, 6 disk CD changer, Mercedes style sunroof controls and finally, the onboard fault sensors through the voice announcement system.

Never drive around with one brake light ever again!

Now, off to fill the washer bottle...

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Review Date: 11th April, 2005

26th Jun 2006, 08:38

I have renamed my Laguna II 'THE SPONGE'

Not because of performance, that's great, but because of its ability to soak up money!!!.

Bought new this car has been lovingly serviced by main Renault dealers throughout its warranty (a company car meant no expense was spared).

However, out of warranty and in 24 months it has had,

New discs and pads x 4 @ £900.00

New Inter cooler @ £675.00

New Turbo @ £1,425.00

New Rear Bushes @ £300.00

New Air Flow Sensors @ £219.00


SPONGE VALUE!!! £3,519.00.

In essence, it's a nice car, but be prepared to accept that anytime it ever needs a visit to the garage, it will come out costing. French design and prices combined with the normal levels of British service is a disasterous marriage. Time me thinks to go back to a British Motor (are there any left!!)./


2002 Renault Laguna expression 2.0 16v from Saudi Arabia


This car is astonishing!!


Air condition stopped cooling, but was fixed by the dealer in a day!

General Comments:

This car is excellent, very reliable.

It is extremely comfortable, exceptionally quick and handles like no other.

It looks very distinctive, not much of them are around the streets, so it is very unique!

It has the smoothest manual transmission ever made!

The seats are extremely comfortable and supportive.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2005