1998 Renault Megane RN 1.4 8v from Croatia


Good car for driving up to 100km/h


Well, as soon my father bought it the passenger window handle broke, it was built in error.

Later during the winter, driver doors could not be unlocked because the key would just turn around 360 deg res, funny it fixed itself in spring. Next winter it broke for good.

Apr-ox. after 45000 km one of wheel bearing got broken.

On 130000 km had to change all 4 wheel bearings.

Almost every year we had to change the last exhaust.

General Comments:

This car is very comfortable, but in seriously lack of power. Motor 1,4 8 V is a good motor for smaller car like Clio, but it is too slow for Megan.

I discovered this year that when it rains it leaks inside thru antenna.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2007

1998 Renault Megane RT Alize 1.6 8v from UK and Ireland


Dependable family transport, but nothing special.


Head gasket blew around 60,000 miles, which is common fault with the 8 valve 1.6 petrol. That was annoying and cost around £500 to fix, but this included a new cam belt etc which was due at that mileage anyway.

There's always been a clunk from the front suspension, but as the car has passed three MOT's in my ownership (with the clunk) I guess this is OK!

The exhaust heat shield regularly rattles, and needs tightening up every 4-5 months or so.

The paintwork is fading badly now as the car is 8+ years old, and there are signs of rust around the rear wheel arches and chassis sills.

General Comments:

The car handles nicely, if with a little too much body roll, but there's loads of grip (even with the cheap tyres I tend to buy!).

The interior is comfy and a fairly pleasant place to be, nicely equipped with air con and sunroof, although a little cheap looking. And the back seats are a little bit lacking in leg room, especially behind me as I'm 6'3".

All in all a decent cheap family hatch - much better to drive than Astra's and Escort's of the same era, which I tested at the time I purchased the Megane.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2007

1998 Renault Megane RT Sport 1.6e from UK and Ireland


Nice looking, but reliability was awful


I didn't have the car at this point, but according to the service book, the car had a new engine at 13000 miles.

In my 6 years of ownership, 40k - 126k, I had the following major work done (NB this does not include wear and tear replacements like the exhaust, battery and brakes which needed lots of replacement) :

3 catalytic converters (yes, 3!!)

New alternator

New starter motor

About 6/7 lots of replacement front suspension

New fuel pump thing

And finally, a blown head gasket.

General Comments:

I really like the look of this car, it's nice looking beast. Unfortunately it isn't that reliable and always seems to need something doing to it. MOTs and services were a nightmare, they would frequently cost £300+ once the suspension and/or cat had been replaced.

I was about due to replace it anyway (i'd had enough of being towed home) and then the head gasket blew. I bought a Ford Focus instead. I already like it better.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2006

1998 Renault Megane RT Sport 1.6e from UK and Ireland


1st and last Renault I own


TDC sensor on the blink just after I bought it. Turns out it is faulty wiring. Plastic clips used until it went in for a service with Renault dealer. Cost GBP 110, including labour. This is the third sensor replaced on the car since it was first purchased by the original owner.

Auto gearbox now refuses to change from third to fourth gears in normal mode. Warning light on display. However, will change gears, for now, in 'sports' mode.

General Comments:

Most recent service cost GBP 800. They replaced brake discs (why weren't they machined??) and it took them 45 minutes to replace the brake fluid!!

Apart from the problems the car handles alright and is comfortable to drive.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2006