1999 Renault Megane Liberte E 1.4 8V from UK and Ireland


A solid engine let down by suspect build quality


Exhaust clamp failed the first day I got it. Fixed for free by Kwik Fit.

Numerous exterior bulbs were blown on the first day of ownership.

Seat belt return springs were not returning the seat belts all the way. Fixed with some dash cleaner sprayed on.

Numerous rattles from the interior trim. Still trying to trace some of them.

Engine sometimes idles erratically; goes from 600 RPM to 1000 RPM. Putting my foot down and revving the engine high seems to cure this. Possible sticky throttle body or cable.

Power steering problem; very creaky when the car is first started. Goes away after 10 minutes of driving.

Rust appearing on rear arches and sills. Didn't think Renaults rusted. Have treated it with rust eater until I can get it sorted.

Rear offside passenger door doesn't lock or unlock with the central locking.

Knocking from the front suspension area; probably requires a complete suspension replacement owing to the age of the vehicle.

General Comments:

OK, the faults list does seem extensive, but bear in mind this is a 14 year old car, and it's only had an elderly owner from new, hence its stupidly low 60k mileage.

Generally been a reliable car. I work as a pizza delivery driver, so it does get a bit of a harder life than it was used to with its elderly owner.

The amount of kit you get on a base model car is impressive, but I heard Renault upped the equipment levels in the facelift era to keep these cars competitive. You get electric windows, power steering, a 6 speaker stereo (which sounds amazing), ABS, 6 airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners. No wonder this car was the safest in its time.

The engine is very strong, but just lacks poke. It has to be worked hard to make any sort of reasonable progress.

Handling is great. Renault got the set up just right; not too firm, not too soft, with good grip in the corners. The car will let you know in good time if you're pushing it too hard.

The biggest problem with this car's performance is its gearing. It is awful. It has a really close ratio box, which is great for city driving, but terrible on the motorway. The engine is spinning at 3600 RPM at 70mph, which makes for a noisy motorway cruise. You can't help feeling this car could do with a longer 5th or a sixth gear. My old Astra Merit had a 1.4 8v unit in it, but had a very long fifth gear, so motorway cruising was lovely.

As a result of the poor gearing and the fact it's a big car with a 75bhp engine, fuel economy suffers. I get around 30 MPG doing deliveries and around town. And between 40-45 MPG on the motorway.

Overall I am happy with the car. It's comfortable, safe and generally reliable. The build quality of some of the interior is a little suspect, as is the fact this is the first rusty french car I have seen.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2013

1999 Renault Megane Sport Alize 16 16v from UK and Ireland


The last of the good old Renaults, easy to fix, looks and handles well


N/S drive shaft, including inner and outer CVs.

Rear wheel bearings.

Rear brake cylinders.

CVs slip their boots very easily, catch them and re-fix quickly, causes no problems.

General Comments:

I bought this car back the winter of 2006 for my girlfriend as a stop gap between an old Corsa and a new car. I only expected to keep it for a year at the most, I only expected it to keep going for a year! 3 years later the Megane is still going strong with minimal repairs.

The repairs have been mostly hub repairs (bearings, CV joints etc), which have been very simple to do myself! Other problems have been age related, exhausts and brake disc and pads etc.

My car, I mean my girlfriend's car is very well equipped with air con, electric windows, electric sunroof and comfy seats! You do not find this kind of spec on many new cars under £12k.

It carries four, five at a push people and luggage well.

It looks and goes very well, and normally gives around 38 mpg. Tires last approx 25,000 miles if you buy good ones (Nexens work well and are cheap.)

Steering is a bit vague, but no worse than others in its class. Handling and ride are both OK for a car of its age, but not up to new car standards.

In total, we like our Megane and will be nursing it into its 11th year of use!

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2009