1999 Renault Megane RT 1.6 16v from UK and Ireland


Love my Megane and wouold definately buy Renault again


The rubber rear exhaust bracket went brittle and snapped off. This was replaced during a Major Service for £8.

When the in-car fan is switched from recirculation to fresh air, the motor that operates the flap makes a loud knocking sound for 5 seconds. This is going to cost £380 (with labour) at a Dealership to put right.

As with most cars, the digital read out for external temperature is useless. It fluctuates between 59*c and the actual temperature.

General Comments:

I paid £4,000 for the car which had a full service history, one lady owner from new and had been kept in immaculate condition inside and out.

All the electrics other than mentioned are still in good working order. All original window seals show sign of aging and paintwork/plastics are still in immaculate condition.

The ride is a little firm, but the suspension is geared up for a more sporty ride.

Handling is superb, I have to say. Very responsive steering and does corner exceedingly well.

Braking is sharp and the ABS is well balanced and not too invasive.

Speed is good, I've had 110mph out of the car and it still feels like there is more to come. Feels a little wriggly when you hit the 95+ mark.

Acceleration is smooth and more than capable of out performing most cars of the same engine size on the road. I particularly like breezing past 1.9D Peugeots... The drivers look so upset when you do and they can see the 1.6 badge on the side of the Renault.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2004

1999 Renault Megane rte 1.4 from UK and Ireland


A potentially good car let down by reliability


A fuel sensor light appeared on the dashboard after 65000 miles. I brought it to my local dealer who said they replaced the speedo sensor (I had never heard of that, but took their word for it). The light re-appeared driving down the road and when I went back, they did not appear to have any answers, but I got a refund for the sensor. I took the car to another dealer, and asked them to do whatever neccessary to fix it. All they did was hook it up to their diagnostic tool and verified there was a problem and then did nothing else! The sensor led cropped up after about 30MPH, but I did not notice anything wrong in driving the car, but wanted to get it checked out anyway.

I also had a short at the back light cluster on the drivers side. When the lights were on, and I turned on the indicators, the other lights would flash in sync with the indicators! I have seen this happen on another Renault Megane as well.

General Comments:

The Megane was an extremely comfortable car for its class and was pretty spacious too.

It was an 8V version though and was somewhat sluggish when overtaking.

If the electrical problems were absent, it would be an excellent car, but has turned me off this particular manufacturer.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2004

9th Dec 2007, 20:41

Take the light cluster out spray wd40 on all metal then replace back on and presto will be OK.

1999 Renault Megane coupe e sport 2 1.6 8v from UK and Ireland


Cheap to run - great for posing!


Nothing has gone seriously wrong with the car.

The exhaust needed changing after about 40k miles.

The gears need a lot of wrestling when changing down / up, something I'm used to now.

Roof leaks in heavy rain through sunroof/Map reading lights (this also happened on my old Clio)

General Comments:

The leather seats, are still very much the way they were when I brought it, and back then were not worn at all.

The stalk radio/CD controls are easy and great to use.

The standard speakers are of very high quality.

Heater is very fast and does it's job superbly.

My model is red, looks brilliant when it's waxed, my own little Ferrari!

Very reliable, very classy.

Reached 115mph, beating a 318i BMW!

Insurance is very cheap.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2004