2001 Renault Megane Dynamique 1.6 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


Good to drive, but it has flaws


I have had 2 failed shock absorbers, one front and one rear. The rear shocker failed at 44,000 miles and the front at 60,000. Both were replaced under warranty.

Engine coil failed at 66,000 and was also replaced under warranty. This caused the engine to shake very violently and caused one of the engine mounts to fail, this has still not been repaired.

The boot has been the source of several rattles. It creaks and groans when going round corners at low speed and on rough roads it rattles and vibrates. On one occasion it opened while I was driving at 50MPH.

Within a week of owning it the roof started leaking at the radio aerial. This was easily fixed by the dealer under warranty, but the headliner still has water marks and the inside roof light tends to fail more often than you would think.

The bulbs in the headlamps need replacing every 4 months or so as they fail frequently. I have also had the change the fog lamp units twice are they are broken easily by stone chips.

Over the past 2,000 miles there has been a hum and rumble coming from the front wheels. This has been diagnosed as a worn wheel bearing (which is to be expected at 69,000 miles) and worn drive shaft (which is not to be expected at 69,000 miles. Have not had this repaired yet.

General Comments:

This is my second Renault Megane and I experienced just as many problems with the first one as I have with this one, although these faults were different in nature.

Even though I have had several problems with this car I still enjoy driving it. It is fast and at high speed the suspension copes very well will rough roads. At low speed the suspension does thump over pot holes too much.

The gear box is not to everyones liking, but you do get used to it although the change is rubbery and loose.

The brakes are the most powerful I have felt. They stop the car in no time and the ABS kicks in just at the right time.

The sport seats are much better padded in this Megane than my old one, this makes the car more comfortable over long trips.

I usually return 41 MPG which is very good considering I am a very enthusiastic driver. The service intervals are 18,000 miles and servicing costs are reasonable.

I love the interior and apart from the occasional rattle it is a very nice place to spend time, especially with the excellent sound system. The driving position is still flawed, the steering wheel is set too low even in the highest position it rubs on your legs.

I do enjoy driving this car, just as I did with my last Megane, but there are far too many problems for me to consider buying another. The only saving grace of the ownership experience is the fact I got a 3 year warranty with the car and it has covered a lot of the repair costs. If Renault would improve quality control and testing on their cars before they start selling them they would have a lot more happy customers. This will be the last Renault I buy for a while.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2005

23rd Feb 2011, 14:21

Hi all. Renaults are not that bad, you must have got a bad one.

I bought a Megane DTi Sport with 97k on the clock just for work. I have owned it for 5 years now, doing about 22k a year. The car just turned 202k last week, and still returns 55 mpg, uses no oil between servicing, has a towbar that I pull a car trailer with, so has had heavy use.

In 5 year I have replaced the exhaust (second hand £30), tyres second hand, everything still works perfect, still has the factory clutch in it, passed its MoT in Feb 2011 (only broken spring second hand £5), and last of all, only paid £400 for it 5 years ago. MEGANES RULE?

2001 Renault Megane Dynamique + 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Apart from the annoying faults, an excellent car


Vibration noise from dashboard. After 3 visits to Dealer vibration not repaired. Repaired on 4th visit after writing to Renault Customer Services.

2 coils replaced within 24000 miles, after writing to Renault Customer Services remaining two coils replaced by dealer. Further coil replaced July 2005, 5 coils replaced so far - 48000 miles, would appear to be an annual event.

Leather steering wheel replaced by Dealer after 24000 miles due to leather disintegrating.

Rear spoiler replaced by dealer after 2 years due to bubbling paintwork.

General Comments:

Fuel consumption for a 1600cc engine good at average of 41 miles per gallon.

Performance very good, excellent acceleration in all gears.

Comfort excellent, for a 6 footer I personally find accessing the car a bit tight due to the small front doors.

Interior finish first class.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2005