14th Mar 2010, 08:32

I have a 1.4e RT 1998 Megane and I had problems with the fan/wipers, where the fan switch was working the wipers and the wiper stock didn't work at all, but sorted it now, by connecting a wire from the wiper motor to the earth wire down beside the battery, it now works the way it should be, with wipers working off stock switch and not the fan switch.

However my exhaust rattles like mad, I found that it was hitting off the rear axle, so I tightened the middle clamp on the backbox and was fine for a few days, then it started again, so I cut a length of wider exhaust and put over both ends of the middle section (where it joins), and put a u-bolt clamp at both ends of the wider pipe; it worked for a few days, and again it's rattling like mad, any ideas?


29th Sep 2010, 14:44

I own a 1999 1.4e RT Megane, and the exhaust rattles like mad, but I made a bracket at work, and it stopped it except for when I take a hard right, so now I'm making a bracket to hold it from both sides, to stop it moving, and a bracket to pull it up by the cat. Otherwise, Renaults rock if you look after them.

25th May 2011, 11:48

I own a Renault Megane.

First my rear passenger side won't open. Now the other side won't either?

Any ideas that won't cost the earth? :(

28th Nov 2011, 17:42

Just had to replace a complete exhaust. Not cheap, but could have been worse. 80000 miles done & still runs fine (especially with the new exhaust system). Not bad for nearly 15 years old though.

13th May 2012, 16:38

The leak is probably due to a blocked drain pipe. Remove the wheel arch shrouds and it should be visible. There will be mud etc. Just stick a screw driver up it and it will clear. Also remove the little caps that are supposed to keep road dirt out. Hope this helps.

28th Jun 2012, 12:44

Just bought a Megane Scenic 1999 1.6. If you open the rear doors, the child locks are a little metal switch (bar) in where the doors fit into the locks. Hope this will help future owners.