19th Aug 2004, 12:21

I have just purchased a second hand megane 1.4rt which has the same exhaust rattle, whining engine and gearbox characteristic. I thought I had bought a dud so, I am glad I read these reviews.

24th Aug 2004, 05:05

Nice to know about the rattling exhaust fault as I have been trying to fix this fault for about 3 months.

9th Nov 2004, 13:39

I have a 1998 Megane, It has just developed an exhaust rattle, just passed its MOT so cannot be serious I hope. Also have trouble with first gear, usually when cold.

4th Jan 2005, 10:35

Guess what? Mine also is experiencing an exhaust rattle. I was told that the mid pipe bracket came off from the cars underside. This thus made the whole exhaust unstable and caused the back mounting to snap. Now it has all been fixed, but I still get a rattle. This occurs when pulling off.

26th Jan 2005, 08:02

Yeah I've had the rattling exhaust problem too. My exhaust was pretty rusted so had a new on fitted and as soon as I drove off from the garage it was louder than ever! Took it straight back and they told be there was a broken bracket which holds the exhaust in place. The guy very kindly welded it for me and now the noise had stopped. Only took him 5 minutes and have no further rattling from the exhaust almost one year on. Wish I could say the same for the electrics :- (

22nd Mar 2005, 15:21

I also have a 1.6RT Megane and have had no end of problems including the exhaust rattling. I should have shares in the local garage as my car helps them to stay in business. Would not recommend this model and will probably not buy another Renault.

20th Jan 2006, 06:42

I bought a 1999 megane 1.4 sport --never had any problems with exhaust or noises although both back door buttons have seized in lock position, remote will not unlock neither will pulling buttons up as they don't move -having major problems trying to find how to fix or even open doors as think?? child locks on also PLEASE help!!!

6th Jun 2006, 07:17

I've recently bought a Renault Megane RT 1.6 and had the exhaust rattle, me and my dad took the exhaust cover plate off at where it joins the engine to find that the bracket which joins in to the engine was loose, get some engine grease there and really tighten it up, put the cover back on and hey presto! no more rattles! - have had no other problems with car.

27th Jun 2006, 07:24

Please for the love of god, no one ever buy a Megane. I think the demon was from the bowels of hell that invented the exhaust system of that car. When I first got the car.. not a problem.. now the exhaust is in bits, it is no longer responsive and it has enough electrical problems to have Thomas Edison spinning in his grave.

Unless you are a real 'drive to mass on sundays only' type driver, I would seriously avoid this car. 'Looks great... falls apart even better' :-)

6th Jul 2006, 13:42

Re 1998 Megane Scenic auto. Developed engine oil leak at 13 months old - first told it would cost as out of warranty, but in response to my request for confirmation of when I should expect it to start leaking, they paid for the labour.

Roof (twin sunroofs model) leaks and has done for a few years, water drips out of the light and switch cluster at the front centre of the roof. Probably, though no certainty that it comes in round the aerial...

Gearbox has been bumpy for a couple of years too. Slow down, say for traffic lights then pull away again and the car jerks like it has been hit up the backside by a truck. First of all making sure there was enough coolant cured it. Now it doesn't. Once the engine is good and warm it will jerk frighteningly. Also it is starting to roll backwards downhill when it shouldn't...

Is it possible to check the level of gearbox oil?? Is the gearbox oil the same as the engine oil??

Any good advice???

We like the car and apart from the above and a few other minor annoyances it has been a good workhorse. No other serious problems at 75,000 miles so far...

23rd Sep 2006, 07:34

I have a megane at 42,000 the battery is dead we don't know the cause yet, but, I suspect it has to do with the immobilizer. it also has an annoying rattle when you start it sounds like a deisel.

24th Dec 2006, 08:32

Have also had problems with rear door locks and exhaust rattle. Door lock was not able to unlock and I needed to smash the original lock so the door would open and then replace it with a new one. pretty annoying.

Exhaust problems was due to loose rear bracket causing the exhaust to drop and rattle. Now I have another rattle closer to the front which is quite annoying.. may try the suggestion about tightening the exhaust to manifold bolts solution suggested.

26th Jan 2007, 06:38

My wifes 1999 scenic has also got front exhaust bracket rattle and both back doors perma locked. Kids need to climb over front seats-very inconvenient. ANY solutions please.

6th Mar 2007, 13:22

I have a 1997 Megan. It has had 7 trips to Renault Garages to fix immobiliser problems and always mysteriously works for them? RAC, Greenflag and AA could not start the vehicle when it broke down and towed it to the Renault garage to be fixed.

Also had faulty wiring loom which caused intermittent trip out of the engine management system, usually whilst in the outside lane of the motorway... very unsettling! Problem was wires broken inside the loom that go to the TDC sensor. It took Renault a year with more than 5 visits to find this fault.

I also have a seized rear door and would be grateful for any advice on how to free it. Thankfully I have the diesel and my exhaust is OK.

27th Mar 2007, 03:39

My rear door lock is also stuck, i took the inside door panel off to reveal that the lock has snapped in half, i am about to take it to a renault garage to see how much they are going to charge me for anther one. I will let you know more when I get back!

25th Jun 2007, 04:41

The rattling exhaust is common it is due to the megane 96/99 models having two different exhaust systems. The first was a solid unit one single pipe and box. Unfortunately due to the angle they were prone to snapping in half so they began selling a split section with a main pipe and rear box component.

Unfortunately this means that the two have to be connected with a bracket or brace. When doing this if the back box and pipe have not been correctly aligned it will sit on the suspension arm (this is what causes the rattling noise + loud banging when hitting uneven ground)

When fitting it ensure that there is adequate clearance from the exhaust and the rear passenger suspension arm that it is above.

Hope this helps somebody. Shame it doesn't help me my rubbers have corroded that suspend the back box and I can't find replacements.

3rd Jul 2007, 15:24

TRY KWIK-FIT... they replaced the back exhaust rubbers on my 98 Scenic.