30th Sep 2004, 07:22

From Romania

I own a Megan Sedan from June this year and I have over 7000KM with it.

After 10 days since I bought it the CD-player broke down and I had to wait more than two months for the dealer to be able to replace it. They kept postponing me every week. I e-mailed the Customer Service from Renault twice, but no answer.

After 2000KM the dashboard started to rattle mostly in the its left side (driver's side) and it keeps doing that ever since.

After about 3-4000KM the left front wheel started to rattle mainly on poor roads.

Ever since I got this car I couldn't help noticing that it has an intermittent loss of power when pulling away and sometimes at motorway speeds (feels like fuel starvation).

Today I've noticed that water ingresses in the passenger side door.

Overall, I think it's a shame that this car isn't supported by quality after-sale customer service.

I also owned a corean car and an Opel Astra, but they are way bellow Megane's driving characteristics, comfort and performance.

It's a very good looking car, well equipped, good engine (mine it's a 1.6 16V petrol).

However, next time I'll buy a car it won't be a Renault.

30th Mar 2005, 07:07

I think all written above is from persons from a competitive company, the guys trying to show that there is nothing work, guys try to be more logic an more realistic,I have the car and I have no problem, it is the best choise for a car of it's class, be fair guys and say the truth.


3rd Jan 2006, 10:32

I have a 2003 Megane, and have had various problems with it over the 2 and a half years I've had it. First was the electronic chip for the engine timing going wonky, making the car engine stall in first and second gear. Second was the windows not closing properly. Then we had the airbag light coming on for no apparent reason.

Recently, we've noticed water ingression in the passengers side pocket, and the back wheels being very tail happy over very small objects on the road, ie a small manhole cover. Also the tire wear is atrocious. My last set of Michelins only lasted 7500 miles.

For a car with such a good engine, it's a shame the rest of it doesn't match. I wish I'd bought summat else now as I can't really afford to change cars at the moment...

4th Jan 2006, 13:06

I have a recurring problem with my Renault Megan. The HT leads keep burning through. The local Renault agent has been very good in trying to remedy the problem by replacing the leads several times. I had the coil replaced twice now and I had a new distributor cap. The car has been diagnosed with no fault showing. The problem has not been solved. Renault after sales have not been helpful. I am not in the position to change my car as yet, but when I do get another car it will not be a Renault.

25th Jan 2006, 11:54

I have Megane Dynamic that has worn the rear tyre on the outside edge (like a tracking error on front wheels).Renault say it only a bit out of limit and they are not prepared to change the axle. Its to near the end of the warranty. I had most of the other problems, door pocket full of water, rattles from the sun roof etc which they sorted, but they are not going to shift on the major one. I'm going into severe letter writing to force them to pay out on the warranty

Wish me luck.

12th Mar 2006, 02:03

I am planning to buy a Car. I am confused, which one of the following will be fine for Dubai Climate & Roads. It is a Renault Megana 2006 2.0 ltr Petrol / Ford Mondeo 2.0 ltr (both automatic gear)

If someone can share their views / experiences


17th Jun 2007, 18:39

I have a megane 2003 with 36000 miles on the clock and not a thing has gone wrong with it, but it is a 1.4. I think most of the problems are associated with all the other engines so if you want a megane buy a 1.4.

31st Aug 2007, 10:36

I bought a brand new Megane Dynamique 16V in Sept 2004 - my first ever brand new car and have lived to regret the day ever since! Problems have included clutch sensor breaking, coils needing replacing (heat damage), water ingression in front passenger door pooling in front floor pocket, knocking noise & electrical faults on the sunroof, front offside indicator unit failing, & latest squealing brakes! I have only done 15,000 miles. It is a real pity that Renault have such poor build quality & customer service as the car itself is fun to drive... needless to say now the warranty is due to expire I plan to sell it and replace it with something much more reliable, like a Honda!

24th Jan 2009, 12:25

Okay. Where to start?

HT coils needed replacing 3 times in 3 years.

Electric windows stopped working.

The lights had a host of electrical problem and indicator relay switch went.

The plastic cover on the handbrake broke off, which turned out to be part of the whole handbrake unit and couldn't be bought separately. $$$

The interior had some very dubious build quality; bits of panel came away.

From time to time it just wouldn't start at all, push the start button and just nothing, come back a few hours later and it would work again??

Weird clunking noises.

These are just some of the things that came to mind as I was typing. Have sold it now and I won't be buying any more Renaults, as in my opinion I don't think that the electrics are up to scratch. Nice looking car though.

4th Jan 2010, 06:42

Renault Megane Dynamicx 2005, 1.6.

Water ingress in driver side door since the very day I bought it.

Second time that I had to repair the handbrake as some clip came of (R4500.00).

Electric window switch fixed fixed twice in two years.

Boot switch dropped out of boot recess, fixed it thrice in one year.

Paint or plastic runs on rear bumper.

Key being recoded, and now I was told to purchase a new keycard $$$$$?

Clunking noise in the gearbox when changing to 2nd from third and vice versa, dealer has no explanation for this.

Need to change the brand of cars I am driving, as this is a second Renault that I've experienced problems with.

9th Jan 2010, 10:39

Had my Dynamique 03 for nearly 4 years, and can't wait to get rid. Had coils changed 6 times, 3 new window recesses at £188 a go, two new keys at £180 each, and two weeks wait each time.

Both CV joints went together, but being Renault, had to have two new drive shafts as they don't sell the CV joint separately; £165 each.

It cuts out when my foot comes off gas till it warms up. Makes many strange noises when driving, and customer service is awful.

Would never drive a Renault again. A shame, as it's a lovely looking car.

10th Mar 2010, 07:55

This car is utter crap! For three years I've owned it, it has cost me so much in service and repairs, as if I was owning a Porsche! Almost all electronic components failed. And oh, surprise! You can't just change a single faulty component, because they are either clustered to control several functions (wipers, mirrors, windows, whatsoever) or are embedded directly in mechanics (climate control, fan control, rear window heating). But that's probably expected from a car, that requires a technician to change a bulb.

And the best part is the whole crap occurs because of a well known engineering fault! Drain vents tend to clog up regularly and water just finds its way around. Wet floor? LOL, that's nothing. My wipers got stuck the other day. I could not shift gears before that. All common and well known problems, as I was told by service guys. And you don't really want to know what it costs to fix these. I refused to put one more dime in this piece of junk and will be selling it at first chance at any cost! Nor would I buy another pathetic excuse for a car carrying that brand.