22nd Jul 2010, 03:52

All I can say, is never again!! One thing after another... I have the Megane Dynamique 1.6 convertible... leaky windows, terrible electrics, engine light constantly on, motor in the roof broke!! $$$$ and now the clip on the handbrake has come off!! Anyone got any ideas how I go about getting that done? How much will it cost?? Thanks.

9th Sep 2010, 05:16

Well well well, what can I say! After reading all these other complaints, I have a 2006 Renault Clio dCi diesel, 5 door. The recorded mileage is only 43,000 miles, of which 14,000 miles was by the previous owner, I bought this vehicle from a Renault dealership in 2007. Since owning the car, it has always been fully serviced.

In August 2010 I attempted to drive the car off my driveway in 1st gear, then attempted to engage 2nd gear, but it would not engage at all. I then depressed the clutch fully, but the 2nd gear would not engage at all.

So I then reversed the car onto my drive, & contacted my independent mechanic, who was a senior mechanic of French vehicles for over 12 years for advice. He did a paid exploratory diagnostic report, stating that it was not the linkage, as this can sometimes be the case, & I should return the car to the dealership as the gearbox was broken.

I then contacted Renault UK Ltd customer services, who advised me to take the vehicle to the dealership, and they said they would investigate the problem, but after nearly 3 weeks with no correspondence from the dealership or Renault UK Ltd., without the garage even looking at the car, I was then told by the dealership I would have to pay £500 for a diagnostic report. I thought this was excessive, as I had previously been quoted by Renault UK Ltd £70, then £300, & then finally £500 by the dealership.

Then after discussion, a fee of £150, but this would only be to dismantle my gearbox & leave it in pieces, and I would then have to pay for any repairs and the replacement of the gearbox before having my car returned.

Renault UK Ltd customer services have said they "May" contribute to any repairs, but are totally none committal to what amount.

I have contacted Renault UK Ltd customer services again, as I have now been told by the dealership that the gearbox is merely a "Wear & Tear" component, & also that Renault gearboxes are subject to "Faults", so I assume they mean that after only 43,000 miles this is satisfactory & acceptable, and that any further cost for any repairs would now be at my expense, as the warranty had expired.

I have continually asked Renault UK Ltd customer services & the dealership, if in their opinion, a car having only 43,000 recorded miles, is acceptable to break? But they have not commented.

I have contacted Trading Standards, and they are not of the same opinion as Renault UK Ltd or the Renault dealership, and they have quoted the 1979 Sale Of Goods Act, & also that my Consumer Rights & my Statutory Rights, which have all been breached.

(A persons Consumer Rights & Statutory Rights & the 1979 Sales of Goods Acts are all available online)

I also have in writing from Renault UK Ltd customer services that the diagnostic fee is normally overlooked if the repair is conducted within the dealership.

So now knowing my legal rights & having the support of Trading Standards, I have now given the Renault dealership 7 working days to resolve this problem, or legal action will then take place.

I will update this forum on the outcome, or if I am contacted within the 7 days.

Name & address withheld.

2nd Sep 2011, 23:01

Hello mate, you said your airbag light came on for no reason on your Megane. I have the same problem. Did you get it sorted and how? I need help with the same problem. Thanx.