2003 Renault Megane Dynamique 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Don't bother


Engine management light on - official dealership failed to diagnose, but charged me anyway.

Exhaust back box fell apart.

Discs warped and cracked.

Various front suspension pieces failed.

Driver's door window regulator failed.

Rear nearside window will not open.

Front nearside window opens and shuts on its own.

Alarm sensors got knocked off by my dog - no alarm.

Coil pack on cylinder 3 (I think) failed - rescue services to the rescue as the car was going nowhere.

Regularly cuts out when idling.

Lumpy tickover.

Misfires badly in top gear at approx 75-80mph.

General Comments:

Well, based on this ownership experience, the probability of me buying another Renault is zero.

Appallingly unreliable.

Maybe I got the runt of the litter, but the prices to repair are shocking - over £300 to change a blinking failed wire cable controlling the front window - AKA the window regulator.

You are having a giraffe. The car's probably not worth much more than that.

Was horrified by the state of the discs - extensive cracking and warping. MoT bloke couldn't believe it either.

This car never feels "right" - I'm constantly waiting for it to break down.

The windows are a joke - do an internet search - you'll be kept busy.

The engine stutters, misfires, throws up random engine codes.

The official dealer never gets further than charging me labour and giving me a quick shoulder shrug.

Going back to VAG now - probably a nice and simple diesel Audi A3.

In the Megane's defence, no one has tried to steal it yet.

Plus, over the last 80+ gallons of fuel, it has averaged 41.3 MPG - basically 70 MPG dual carriageway cruising each morning.

I have seen as high as 44 MPG when tickling it up the M1, waiting for the misfire to kick back in.

Would not buy again.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2014

2003 Renault Megane Dynamique 1.6 16v from South Africa


Gorgeous car, but not sure if it is reliable


Fuel pump stopped working (R4500).

A/C is making a knocking noise.

High level brake light keeps falling off the back window.

Battery needed replacing shortly after purchase (R856).

Needed a service (R1150).

Needed two new tyres (R1250).

Needed the brake pads replaced (R690).

Needed the engine belts greased, since they were screeching on pull off.

Central locking motor in the right back door needed replacing (R800).

General Comments:

Lovely car to drive when it works.

Is very light on fuel, but is heavy on everything else.

My Megane is absolutely packed with luxury and safety features, such as curtain airbags, steering mounted audio controls and auto wipers. It looks absolutely stunning.

I am however beginning to regret the purchase, as the car seems to need constant repairs and adjustments. When parts are ordered, they take ages to arrive, and are extremely costly. I think waiting a month and a half for a fuel pump is crazy.

Whilst posting this review, the car is in for repairs again. The fuel pump seems to be giving issues again.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2012

2003 Renault Megane Sedane 1.6 16v from Romania


Not a car to buy twice


Engine RPM sensor fault at about every 15.000 Km.

Alternator burned down.

Engine VVT had to be changed twice.

Electric front windows both failed.

Brake disks failed at 40.000 Km.

Camshaft sensors failed more than 4 times.

Gearbox broke down.

Clutch failed at about 45.000 Km.

Airbag wiring has problems.

Seatbelt does not lock easily.

Doorhandles don't work anymore, they remain stuck when you pull on them.

Steering wheel looks like it's chewed up.

Dashboard squeaks and makes a noise.

All interior plastic looks bad.

General Comments:

The car is fast and has great stability, but the maintenance cost is high. You have to be friends with your mechanic if you want this car to work right.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2011

13th Dec 2011, 21:27

It seems this year bracket has problems.

I have an 05 Megane sedan with 105000km on it, and have put over $2k into the brakes. I have had to also do work to the front suspension, and the auto keeps going into safe mode. Not even the dealers can tell me why it is doing that, but they are keen to recondition the transmission.

I also have problems with the auto headlights, which makes me wary of electrical faults that have lead to other cars catching fire!

I'd pass on buying another Renault again, even though I love the car LOL.

27th Jun 2016, 13:51

I just want to know IF THE problems for manuals are the same with the automatic one?