2003 Renault Megane Authentique 1.5DCi from UK and Ireland


German quality at French prices


Electrical connection between clutch and starter button came adrift. Easily fixed by AA, and not a major issue.

General Comments:

When I purchased this car, I compared it to every other car in this segment, including the Golf, Civic, Focus, and Corolla, and felt that the Megane offered the best combination of looks, value, economy, comfort, performance, and build quality.

Quality is extremely high with superb materials used for the interior and excellent panel fit all round the car.

The dashboard is ergonomically designed, and the standard remote control for the stereo is excellent. When I purchased the car I got the dealer to fit a 6-CD changer in the boot, and the remote controls this as well.

I have never had a diesel before, but have been amazed at how quiet and refined the DCi technology is. This 1.5 is also extremely economical (returning an average of 65mpg on my daily commute) without sacrificing performances which benefits from class leading torque.

The innovative Renault Card system works well and the associated software supports in-car security extremely well. The Renault Anti-Intruder Device, which locks the doors automatically when the car moves is a welcome protection and a feature often available only on more expensive cars.

Renaults major on comfort (I also have a 2001 Clio Dynamique), and although I do 500 miles a week in the Megane I never feel cramped, uncomfortable or bored. I love every minute behind the wheel of this car and am convinced it is by far the best in its class. An excellent purchase.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2004

2003 Renault Megane Dynamique 1.9 Dci from UK and Ireland


Worst build Quality I have ever seen on a vehicle


Water ingress in driver side door.

Won't start with clutch depressed.

Won't start with brake depressed.

Interior lights not working when doors are opened.

Electric window switch not fixed in securely and pulls out of the holder when switch is activated.

Boot switch dropped out of boot recess.

Brakes screeching (there is only 15% wear on them.

Paint or plastic runs on rear bumper.

Intermittent loss of power when pulling away and sometimes at motorway speeds (feels like fuel starvation)

Airbag and service light comes on when going over a bump and then stay one until the vehicle is switched off and restarted.

Warning on dashboard console states " Steering not locked" this only occurs when the airbag light is on after hitting a bump.

Airbag obviously not working.

Clunking noise in the gearbox when changing to 2nd from third and vice versa, told by the dealer to keep monitoring it, so I do, and it's still there.

Very very irritating rattle in the drivers side air vent in the dashboard, told by the Dealer to keep monitoring it, so I do, and it's still there. It goes away with the radio turned up really loud.

Uneven tire wear on passenger side rear trre.

Rain sensing wipers have a mind of there own. They often wipe when there is no rain and don't wipe when there is.

No response to email sent to Renault customer services sent 3 months ago.

General Comments:

Nice car to drive, when it works.

Good engine and stylish looks, pity Renault can't back it up with a little customer service.

Renault customer service and after sales Dealer service have just lost 2 customers.

My wife also has the same vehicle, it's a bit like buying matching jumpers, but they are a different colours. Her vehicle also has a multitude of sins.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2004

4th May 2004, 17:06

I have had 2 Megane saloons. The first one was alright, but clearly had some faults probably with the electronics as the Remote did not work properly all the time I owned it. And early last year it developed serious faults with the automatic gearbox at just 30,000kms. What is worrying is that the Dealer tested this car with Renault's CLIP diagnostic computer, and confirmed it was perfectly OK. A few miles later the car developed serious problems - terminal warning lamps on repeatedly, locking itself into 3rd gear and smoke from the engine bay. The dealer again insisted there was nothing wrong with it, so I traded it in for another one with 12,000km on the clock.

One year later and I have the same warning lamps for the auto gearbox, and once again Renault insist there is nothign wrong with it.

I just escaped a £3000+ bill for a new gearbox last time, and I am fighting hard to get the gearbox replaced this time. BUT Renault are awful to deal with. The car has now been in the garage for two weeks. They will not answer email and seemingly will not honour their warranty.

I am afraid this is the last Renault I shall ever buy. The cars are still typically French - not very well built, and nowhere near as reliable as e.g. my BMW.

Be warned.